1. Awesome points, Neal! You nailed it with this line:

    “I bet you that people will wait longer to receive a tweet from you than they do when they are waiting on a phone for you to respond to them!”

    I bet that’s true.

    • Hi Ari, An honor to see you on my website! Yes, companies often think that they need to immediately respond to a tweet, but those who regularly tweet understand that it might take you an hour or two at least to get back to you…with a phone, you can’t put someone on hold that long. I have waited a day after the “please send me a DM with your email address” and felt immediately appeased that there was some response even if it did not immediately resolve anything. With a phone call, you expect results…quickly. Twitter is a realtime paradigm shift, but you don’t necessarily have to respond the same way in realtime to satisfy people. That’s been my experience…

  2. Great article. Companies should not overlook social media platforms like Twitter/facebook. I was having dinner the other day with a group of colleagues at an above average restaurant and the service wasn’t so satisfactory because I waited a long time due to a misplacement of my order. They gave my order to someone else instead. So after a long time, the staff realized her mistake and came apologizing. So the thing is it didn’t cause me great harm and I did let it pass but if I were to tweet it as a form of feedback for my friends who follow me on facebook or twitter, I can see potential damage to the restaurant if they don’t react to it or worse still if they don’t even know about it. Hence I think businesses these days should put effort in implementing their social media strategies.

    • Thanks for the compliment Joo! Yes, experiences like you have, just as you would talk about them with your friends, are slowly finding their way into social media conversations. Companies can’t control word of mouth, but they can try to minimize the potential dangers to their brand by confronting the issues where they are being said, and this is often Twitter.

    • Andy, I read your post, which I thank you for linking to, and agree with your approach. Social media should not be used for spot fixes but instead for long-term relationships. That being said, the way that consumers use and their expectations on social media is very different, and this is where enterprises need to understand and have a strategic approach to engaging with their customers whatever channel they are on, including Twitter.

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