4 Steps to Using Video in Your Real Estate Business

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Matt Singer is a huge advocate of using video to market your real estate business and rightly so. As the Founder and CEO of Videolicious, he is well acquainted with the advantages this marketing medium has to offer.

As a featured speaker at a recent conference I attended in Las Vegas, NV, Matt presented on the many benefits of integrating video into an online marketing plan.

I agreed wholeheartedly with his overview and was in fact so excited by the possibilities he discussed that I eagerly put together an introductory getting started guide to using video in your real estate business without breaking the bank!

Why Use Video to Market Your Business

Video is an incredibly powerful way to emotionally connect with homebuyers and sellers through storytelling. You are able to visually share the “what” and “who” behind your personal brand in a very convincing, authentic and effective way.

Unfortunately for many real estate professionals, the myth that video is costly to produce hinders them from moving forward. While professionally produced videos can be expensive, I will hopefully eliminate that barrier by offering tips and tools that allow you to see how accessible video marketing truly is!

A 4 Step Video Getting Started Guide

  1. Video Preparation

First, get yourself prepped by consciously lifting your energy. Viewers will feel and respond to your positive persona. While the real estate market has had more than its fair share of challenges over the last several years, being negative, downtrodden and overly grumpy never translates well in real life or on video.

Put a smile on your face when you start recording. Remember you are an actor, be a little theatrical, and enjoy the information you are sharing. Your passion for the topic will connect with the right audience.

  2. Content Creation

Keep it to one tip per video. Any more can be overwhelming. Stick to 45 second videos and change-up the look and feel by adding 4 or 5, 10-second shots.

As you consider your content, remember to mix it up.  There is no reason it all needs to be real estate focused. Make some of your videos personal, some funny, some serious and some about business. This approach keeps the videos fresh and interesting for your viewers and also gives them a peek inside your personality and sense of humor.

This video from Kelly Johnston was fun, entertaining and targeted any agent or broker looking to make a move to an office with a fresh and innovative approach.

Whether you work with first-time homebuyers, luxury homeowners or are eager to connect with top real estate recruits within your market, the amount of topics you can discuss are endless. This quick video from Sean Carpenter proves that you don’t have to write a lengthy script to get your point across!

As I stated above, keep your video short. We are all moving at lightning speed these days so be sensitive to short attention spans.

Another great way to gain the attention of your target market is to get local! Maura Carey Neill does a great job showcasing all of the wonderful (and delicious) reasons someone would want to live in beautiful Atlanta, GA.

Finally, always issue a call to action! Determine what action you want your viewers to take. Do you want them to opt-in for a free e-book, sign-up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog or add their name to your video distribution list? Whatever the action, make your CTA powerful enough to drive them to take action immediately.

  3. Recording Video

You now need to consider what camera you will use. While your iPhone will work just fine, there are additional, higher quality options that won’t break your budget:

  • Webcam – normally comes with the computer.
  • A digital camera –simple cameras with a video function. They’re inexpensive at $40-$50.

Next you will want to ensure that your video is shot with the proper lighting. This does not mean that you need to invest in expensive lights, but you do want to make sure that people can see you.

Watch out for shadows and dark locations. Good lighting and good audio are what make the difference between people watching your video and clicking away.

If you choose to film outside, be aware of your surroundings and the weather. Wind can be very distracting when you’re using a microphone. Likewise, cars driving by or loud noises in the background can turn someone off quickly no matter how great your message.

  4. Edit Your Video

There are multiple applications (both free and at a small monthly cost) that can be used to edit your videos:

  • Videolicious –Use Videolicious to make and edit professional-quality video, automatically. Just choose your shots and Videolicious does the rest. It’s easy and FREE to use. Download it now and you can see how easy it is!
  • Animoto – An easy way to create and share extraordinary videos through a simple to use online video maker. Upload your photos, video clips and music and Animoto will magically combine them into a shareable video in minutes.
  • Masher – Masher lets you easily create a video by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos all for FREE!

As you begin to explore how you might use video in your real estate business, it is always beneficial to view how others are using them.

Here are a few additional examples to get your creative juices flowing!

One Last Reminder

Two important words that you must always remember in your video marketing are copyright and permission. Make sure to ask for permission if you are using anyone’s personal property such as his or her home in your video or images/video that belongs to someone else.

You will also need to obtain permission from the owner if you are using video or images found on the Internet. Surprisingly, many believe anything found online is up for grabs. This is not the case and can land you in a lot of hot water. Videos and images online are copyrighted by the creator. You will need to ask for permission prior to using it in any of your videos.

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