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One of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to your website, is to make sure you offer them something in return, something that they will value and find useful. This is especially the case with social media, where valuable resources will bring you the traffic you are looking for.

Starting a blog gives you a platform that allows you to publish great content on a regular basis that you can then share on social media and link back to your website. Of course, it can be a time consuming task, but it will help you in the end to stand out from the competition, get more social media traffic and to keep your audience interested.

1. Add social sharing buttons

The first step when starting your blog is to make sure that you add social sharing buttons to each of your blog posts. Every time someone shares your article online, their friends and followers will be able to see it, and therefore you will reach a much bigger audience and your social media traffic will grow. Here are a few of the best plugins for adding social sharing buttons to your website:

1. Add This – Free tool that allows you to add both sharing buttons and follow buttons for all the major social networks.

2. Share This – Share This works with various platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.) and you can make various customizations to your buttons and place them wherever you want on the page.

3. Simple Share Buttons – Simple Share Buttons is an easy to use plugin that allows you to add social sharing buttons for all the major social networks.

4. Slick Social Share Buttons – Use this plugin to add social sharing buttons to your blog for a variety of social networks (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and many others)

5. Share Buttons by AddToAny – This useful plugin allows your readers to easily share, bookmark and email your websites’ posts and pages with almost any social network.

2. Catchy title

On social media, and this is especially the case with Twitter, people won’t regularly read updates that are too long, particularly if they come from a business. So when sharing your article on a social network, the title will be very important, as it will be the deciding factor in clicking on the link. Try to create titles that show your post is full of value or that are controversial in some way. Here are a few useful headline templates:

1. How to …

2. 5/10/etc. (Guaranteed, sure-fire, etc.) Ways to …

3. Little known ways to …

4. What everybody ought to know about …

5. 5/10/etc. Proven ways to…

Another way of attracting more attention with titles is to ask questions, which are also more likely to get more engagement.

Whenever appropriate, you can also add hashtags in your titles, so that whenever someone shares your article, it automatically includes the hashtag in their updates. The more hashtags are out these, the better your chances that your updates will be seen by more people, and thus increasing your traffic.

3. Offer value

In order to make sure your blogging efforts pay off, try to create articles that will truly offer value to your audience, and that will be of interest of them. Do some research before hand in social media groups, and by reading other blogs and their comments, to find out what your audience will want to read and learn more about. There are plenty of businesses that have blogs and use social media to promote them, so the best way to stand out among them is by the quality of your blog posts.

4. Post your blog posts in groups and communities

Try to join as many groups and communities as possible on your preferred social networks. Make sure however that they are relevant to the content you provide and check before to see if its members are actively engaging in these groups, otherwise there is not point in posting in there. Whenever you have a blog post that you think might be of interest to a particular group, post it in there. Don’t forget to also engage with other group members; otherwise you may be removed from the group.

5. Ask questions

An engaging question whenever you post a new link to your blog can encourage more responses and therefore, more attention to your blog post and traffic back to your website. Try asking controversial questions or ask for opinions that pertain to your blog post.

6. Use tools to help

There are various tools that you can use to further promote your blog and get more traffic.

Buffer – Buffer is a very useful free tool for bloggers that will schedule and share your content on social media for you. All you have to do is add your posts to Buffer, add your social profiles, and the app will automatically post your articles throughout the day, at the best times.

Triberr – Triberr is a community for bloggers that want to support one another. It’s a great tools for increasing traffic to your website, as other bloggers will share your posts with their own fans and followers on social media.

RSS Graffiti – RSS Graffiti is a Facebook tool that will take your RSS feed and automatically post your articles for you. You can also schedule your posts to go out when you want them to, and personalize your posts with them and embed rich media (photos, videos, animations etc.).


Have you started a blog for your business? Are you sharing your blog posts on social media? Let us know in your comments!

Lilach Bullock
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    Lilach, another great post. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely! Very important to have something valuable to offer your audience, and very important to have solid distribution points that you mention. Also would like to add, what I feel is probably the most important – the relationship you have with your audience. It’s your audience that has the power to distribute your blog post to places you can not reach. Given that you have something of value to offer, and once your blog post distributed through your audience, you have the potential to attract even more visitors to your website.

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    Hi Gary, thanks so much for leaving a comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the importance of a good relationship with your audience. After all, the most important aspect of sharing content is that your audience will not only enjoy it, but will also share it for you, which can help you reach so many more people, and thus helping you grow your traffic even more. And in order to increase your chances of getting your updates shared by more people you have to have a good relationship with them, where you also share their posts and engage with them often. Thanks again Gary!

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