Two LinkedIn Updates for This Week You Might Have Missed

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LinkedIn continues to update the functionality of their platform on a regular basis, so I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest LinkedIn updates as well as understand the importance that these two recent enhancements have on how your business can best leverage LinkedIn.

These enhancements are for both LinkedIn Company Pages as well as Profile display, but they can help both social media marketers as well as sales professionals in the following ways:

New LinkedIn Company Page Enhancements for Social Media Marketing

As more companies are getting more serious about their Company Pages and posting status updates on a regular basis, LinkedIn has now added more functionality to bring them closer to par to the experience you have on other social networks.

1.) Comment and Like as Your Page

linkedin updates

Company Page administrators can now finally comment as their company when replying to comments on their Company Page as you can see above. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to like or comment on another Company Page representing my Company Page like you can do on Facebook, but perhaps this feature will be coming soon?

2.) Upload a Custom Photo

linkedin updates

You now have the ability, should you wish to do so, of changing the photo that is associated with the thumbnail of your post and uploading your own. I confirmed that this doesn’t necessarily change the size of your photo display, i.e. it will still appear as a thumbnail. In other words, while it’s similar to your ability to upload and display a larger size photo for your link in Facebook Pages, you do not receive that benefit on LinkedIn – yet.

New LinkedIn Enhancements for Social Selling

While not huge enhancements for sales and business development professionals, these two enhancements will be time-savers for those looking to leverage LinkedIn for social selling:

1) See LinkedIn Company Updates on One Page

linkedin updates

A best practice for those in sales is to follow the company page of not only their customers, but also any prospects in their territory as well as their competitors. Up until now these company page updates were mixed in with your own network updates on your news feed. Now, you can navigate to the “Companies Home” screen and see all of your followed companies updates on the same screen. This will make it easier for you to utilize LinkedIn Companies as a source for business intelligence as well as potential engagement with prospects.

2.) Understand Your Professional Graph Better

linkedin update

This was announced and rolled out to United States users just two days ago, but over time this will become a killer functionality for anyone in sales. As you prospect using Advanced People Search and come across your 2nd degree connections, you are bound to find some where you need to choose which 2nd degree connection to contact to ask for the Introduction. Now, instead of having to go through each 1st degree connection’s profile to understand their connection with their prospect, you can now see that on the profile of that prospect by navigating through each person’s thumbnail photo to better understand their connection. This is the same “How You’re Connected” widget that we’re used to seeing on the righthand sidebar, but LinkedIn has enhanced this by adding more details such as if there was a recommendation between the two as well as where they went to school or worked together at the same time. This information will make it faster and easier for you to select the right person to facilitate the introduction.

While these updates themselves are small enhancements, they do show that LinkedIn is moving their platform in a way that will better help all of us get business done faster and better on the world’s largest social networking platform.

Did you notice these LinkedIn updates? What do you think of them?

Neal Schaffer
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  1. says

    Neal is Linked In still rolling out this functionality? On my Company Home page I only see my updates not those I follow. Have you noticed the new Showcase functionality? That looks interesting. Appreciate the update

    • says

      Like everything else, Joseph, things are rolled out slowly. Yes, the Showcase is something is new – rolled out a few months ago – and is especially relevant for large companies who have multiple brands.

  2. Elissa Penn says

    Is this something I will need to pay for? Also, will this become part of my LinkedIn page? One more thing, would anyone here know why I cannot retrieve my messages on LinkedIn? I’ve been having issues with them anyway as they are IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH and SUCK AT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  3. says

    How does the upload custom photo feature work? For months, when I enter in my URL to share, LinkedIn will go out and grab images from my post and if there’s more than one image grabbed, I can select which one to post.

    How does the new feature work? Can I now substitute another photo to associate with my Status Update?

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