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2014 The Day After!

Each year, when the holiday season approaches , the blogosphere is flooded with all kinds of predictions. Bloggers and agencies rush to announce the scoop on trends to watch for next year.  But, it always is only personal visions.

If I am also ready to participate in this exercise, since I’m on social media, I prefer to wait until the storm passes, and rather to better understand how the situation has evolved during the past year. I analyze the various studies and surveys conducted during the year, and attempts to highlight the main trends that I find most significant in relation to the evolution of connected consumers (Generation C) in the ecosystem of social media and of new technologies. And to show how, ultimately, these new paradigms bring businesses and professionals to change their approach.

And “If the trend continues … “, to paraphrase Bernard Derome and Radio- Canada during the evenings elections, so here’s my personal list of fourteen trends to watch in 2014. You will find all the sources at the end.

With a bonus at the end of my article, the predictions of the USC Business School, as butchered by the ineffable ” storyteller ” of social media, Mark Schaefer.

1 – The Power of Generation C will continue to boost social media

Economic and social power of the new generation C was imposed in 2013, and will continue to force businesses and professionals to adapt to new ways of dealing with them. In this sense, they reveal more than ever the true social media influencers forcing brands to adopt new approaches to marketing.

2 – The influence marketing will be integrated into business strategies

Marketing influence in social media matures and more companies will turn to the ambassadors. Neuroscience will better understand consumer engagement mechanisms, and measurement tools adopt algorithms focus more on contextual analysis. Agencies develop marketing campaigns influence on multiple platforms.

3 – The market will be dominated by social commerce and sharing

Worldwide, online consumers also are maturing, and realize their impact and their influence through social media, forcing brands and organizations to adopt a more social attitude. Sharing values ​​and responsible consumption emerging brands, and transparency is now required.

4 – The brand planning their social presence as Web publishers

To meet the demand for value-added consumer companies will prioritize marketing efforts to curation and publishing.  The visual content will continue to impose through new popular platforms and sites and blogs of companies appear increasingly as new Web publishers. “Storytelling” will become an essential approach to stand out, and content generated by users take an important place.

5 – New technologies offer new opportunities for retailers

Taking advantage of new mobile payment technologies (NFC), virtual currency and the diversity of devices, geo-targeted applications, QR codes and augmented reality will benefit local retailers also adopt virtual displays. Happily, they also enjoy the benefits of these applications to improve their customer relationship management, not only for marketing.

6 – Internet Object and personal datas promote user

Almost everything is now connected and accessible via the Internet. Users learn how to better manage the Internet of the object, the wearable technology and all personal data you get out , and take the opportunity to collect more personalized offers from brands. Conversely, governments lose control of sensitive data and NSA activities. Also, can we can predict other WikiLeaks and Snowden  crisis.

7 – Organizations will rely more on their employees

Now a major challenge for companies is to integrate the various departments of an overall strategy on social media. The rewards influencers and ambassadors also add value to the involvement of employees. Organizations promote better conditions of life and work for their employees, particularly with health programs.

Conference ¨Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0¨8 – Training in Social Media Optimization (SMO) become a “must”

The companies will hard to build political use of social media and to communicate their mission and strategy for all staff. Specialized teams related to social media will be replaced by multi- disciplinary teams. Oriented on the use of social media in business training to become a “must” for professionals in all sectors.

9 – Workplaces gradually adapt to social media

Obviously, these changes will have a major impact on the organization of the workplace. Educational institutions and organizations continue to assess social capital (social score) to recruit new candidates, while companies will rely more on the involvement of their internal resources. BYOD policies naturally integrate in the hiring process.

10 – The organizations will rely more on events to stand out

To reach their customers, companies and organizations will rely even more on public events to stand out, and make direct contact with their customers. During these events, much effort will be focused on customer service in real time (CRM) and crisis management. The contribution of “social influence reporter” will become commonplace, and replace traditional media relations.

11 – The generation will have major social repercussions

In the coming years, boomers will retire gradually, yielding in principle instead of the new Generation Z (born after 1994) who enters the labor market. But the precarious economic situation and task automation will reduce job opportunities for new generations, leading other major protest movements fueled by social media.

Poste de travail Raymond Morin12 – The independent entrepreneurship become a recognized profession

Faced with a difficult economic situation, Generation C opt for alternatives such as independent entrepreneurship will become a normality. E- reputation will be very important for both professionals and businesses.  Teleworking will continue to expand as common practice among professionals, and will arise the “personal clouds ” to better manage trade. LinkedIn become a staple for B2B marketing and ” personal branding .”

13 – Accelerated evolution of technology will result in a “Digital Darwinism”

New technologies will continue to evolve and spread in all facets of our daily lives to the point of being ubiquitous, both personally and professionally. Its evolution will exceed our ability to adapt, causing a form of “digital Darwinism” as advance Brian Solis. The 3-D printing and virtual currency (bitcoin) will have major impacts on companies and organizations, both chains of production and distribution.

14 – New mobile applications will continue to help promote egocasting

However, the development of new social networks on the image (Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat), and the emergence of mobile applications, promote greater spontaneous expression users and egocasting.  The phenomenon Selfie will grow with new generations. YouTube will position itself more than ever as the most popular platform for exchanges and MySpace continue his rehabilitation from major players.

Do you agree with this personal list? Is there any other social media marketing and consumers trends I forgot to mention that should be add to this list?

Ending on a lighter note, here as promised, the predictions of the Marshall School of Business at USC in 2014, shelled by Mark Schaefer : USC Business School Predict Americans Will Stop Working, Eating and Having Sex by 2015. To remind us finally with a touch of humor, life is too fleeting to give too much importance to these predictions.

You will understand why he urges to act.

Good holiday season!


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Raymond Morin
Raymond Morin contributes a monthly column on Social Media Influence. Raymond is a francophone author and speaker who has 20 years experience acting as a senior strategic consultant and coach for organizations, SMBs and independent professionals. Author of the books «Culture Web à la portée des PME» (2001) and «Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0» (2010), he has also contributed to several magazines and bloggers platforms over the years. His upcoming new book in French, entitled «Generation C et l’influence des consommateurs branchés», is prefaced by Neal Schaffer, and will be also published in English and Spanish during the next year. +Raymond Morin
Raymond Morin


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  1. smanaher says

    I think that predictions are fun… I think your focus on ‘The generation will have major social repercussions’ is very true as the next generation in workforce looks for alternative opportunities in job… Mainly online virtual work… Their problem, lack of experience, but if you can get the work done (ROWE if you will) you are good to go!

  2. says

    Raymond, thanks for a great post. I like you top the list with Generation “C,” as it is the key to all success, whether digitally based or brick and mortar.

    I think for early adopters, social media is taken for granted as part of the mix, but even now I come across many (mostly small) businesses that have zero presence in social media, and are befuddled about how to enter the fray. Your comment about Digital Darwinism applies not only to the evolution of technology, but also reflects the people who never jump on board and find themselves or their businesses becoming out of touch with their consumer bases.

  3. says

    There is a part of me that wonders about the possibility of a pull back. I see the Target credit card theft and hear many folks wondering about safety. I hear the NSA revelations and hear many folks concerned about privacy. I suspect your ideas are accurate over the long haul, but I would not be surprised by a bit of swing away briefly for folks to catch their breathe.

  4. says

    I look forward to seeing if these come true…. very interesting article 10/10 :)
    I wonder about the technology and internet security of mobile phone’s with all these change’s on the horizon…. I think it will be a scary journey for many….

  5. statusquomustgo says

    I think a lot of what you are saying is spot on. See ads going away as well as the influence of Facebook dwindling away as new methods of communications networks become stronger.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. says

    In general I agree – for sure one can always discuss the details. There is a clear trend for a ‘social factor’ in business. Companies (no matter which vertical) which ignore this will face heavy losses in the upcoming years.

  7. camountain says

    I think you have a pretty good grasp on what to expect. The only thing I would add is to expect at least one surprise. Sometimes no matter how much insight we have another pinterest pops up.

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