10 Top Tips for Using Slideshare to Increase Your Social Media Traffic

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Tips for Using Slideshare to Increase Your Social Media Traffic – and Generate Leads

Using social media can be very rewarding: it can get you lots of traffic, it’s a great way to build a community of engaged users and it’s a great marketing tool overall. But what do you do when you can’t find enough of your audience on Facebook or Twitter? The answer is simple: you look at other social networks. They may not have as many users as Facebook’s billion, but often times quantity is not quality. We’ve looked at Reddit and Digg in the past, but here is another great traffic generator: SlideShare – a small, yet highly effective platform that can generate lots of traffic and leads, and is often unfairly disregarded by businesses.

Slideshare has 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, which makes it one of the top 200 websites in the world. It is an online slide hosting service, where anyone can upload a presentation for the world to see. The way it works is quite similar to YouTube – only instead of videos it focuses on presentations (PowerPoint, Word documents, PDF files).

It’s no secret how important content is nowadays: if you want traffic to your website and you want to keep your customers happy, then you needs lots of interesting, up-to-date and educational content. Slideshare is an amazing content marketing tool that lets you publish such content to a wide audience and therefore helps you get more traffic to your website. But how exactly does Slideshare boost traffic? What do you have to do? The principle is simple – users find your presentation, they find it informative and interesting, and they want to hear more from you so they go to your website. The similarity with YouTube translates here as well, as the principles behind getting traffic from the two platforms is very similar.

Here are some top tips on how to use the social platform to get lots of traffic and leads:

1.  Know your audience

Before you start uploading presentations to SlideShare, you should be aware of who will read them. SlideShare’s users are mostly professionals, who already have a lot of knowledge of the particular business they are in or are interested in, so they will be expecting to get lesser-known information when they go through presentations. In this respect, SlideShare has a similar user base to LinkedIn’s.

2.  Title & title page

Although it’s a relatively small platform, SlideShare has a plethora of presentations on the most varied subjects, so if you want to attract audiences your presentations have to have great titles and eye-catching title pages. Use bold colors and fun designs so that users’ eyes are automatically attracted to your presentation – and if the title sounds good to them, you are one step closer to them going through your presentation.

3.  Great content

This could go without saying, but great content is imperative if you want to get traffic from SlideShare. Make sure it is extremely informative and interesting, with easy to understand explanations and how-to guides. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the people who will read your presentations will already have a baggage of knowledge coming in, so they will expect that much more from you.

4.  Amazing presentations

On Slideshare, it’s not just about the content. Content is extremely important, of course, and you should try your best to create interesting and up-to-date presentations, and even more importantly, educational. But once you’ve done that you should also spend some time making the presentation look beautiful – entertaining and visually impressive slides will make you and your business look professional and will make your readers want to see more of what you have to offer. You should make sure that your presentation isn’t mostly text. Wherever possible, try to use visual cues instead of text, to make the presentation more interactive and engaging, and truthfully, not as boring. All of this translates to more traffic to your website! And a great presentation could even get you featured on the home page, or as the “Top Presentation of the Day by Slideshare”, which in turn will lead to tons of traffic.

5.  Optimize your presentations

Optimize your presentations for Slideshare’s search engine, so you make sure that people who are interested in them will find them easily. Just like with Google’s search engine, you should try to add the relevant keywords in the presentations’ title. And the closer they are to the beginning of the title, the better the chances people will find your presentation easily.

6.  Combine with other social networks

You shouldn’t expect to get heaps of traffic just from using SlideShare alone. Rather, you should use a combination of several social networks for really great results. Once you publish your presentation, you should promote it on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts to maximize its potential and reach more people.

7.  Integrate calls to action

Always use calls to action in your presentations. Ask your readers to share them on Twitter, Facebook etc. and to follow you and become a fan of yours on Facebook etc. Slideshare makes it easy for you to do that, as they offer the option to integrate social buttons in your presentation. Chances are they have friends that have the same interests as them, so they in turn might be tempted to read your presentation and visit your website if your readers, their friends, recommend it.

8.  Upload frequently

If you want your ‘slidesharers’ to come back to you and your website regularly, than you should upload presentations regularly. Make it a point to do it at least monthly – after all, it won’t take too much of your time and it is a very cheap and effective way to keep people coming back to your website.

9.  Monitor your presentations

By monitoring the success of your different presentations, you will know which ones get you the most traffic. With this information in mind, you will know what your readers want and what they aren’t particularly interested in, so you will know what other presentations to make in the future to keep your traffic up.

10.  Add links to your presentations

Always add links to your website and to your social networks in your presentations. Don’t make people work for it, because most won’t do it. Make it easy for them to access your website by simply clicking the links you provide them.

It might not be an overnight success, like ads, but if used correctly, over time SlideShare can bring lots of traffic. Like with all social networks, it will help you build a loyal audience (and constant traffic) of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Have you been using SlideShare to get more traffic to your website? What other social networks do you use for your content marketing? Please leave your comments, as I would love to hear from you!

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    Great post, the good thing about slideshare is generally speaking the people veiwing your presentation are an extremely targetted audience.
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