5 Benefits of Using a Third-Party App for Your Next Facebook Contest

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I’m sure by now you are aware of all the benefits that Facebook contests brings for businesses. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from one of our newsletter subscribers from Binkd. Helen is in the jewelry business and had been seeing great engagement on her page.

She had been following our posts for a while and has finally decided to create her own Facebook contest for her business, in her email she asked if she really needed a Facebook contest app as she had noticed some Facebook pages don’t use them.

She wanted to know what are the benefits of using one, since she could simply launch a ‘like to win’ or a ‘share to win’ Facebook contest just like what other pages are doing.

A quick exchange of emails then led Helen to invest in a third-party app for her upcoming contest and here are some of the benefits that I’ve shared with her in the email.

Here are some of the benefits of using a third party app for your next Facebook contest.

1. Comply with Facebook rules

One of the more important reasons to use a Facebook contest app is simply because it complies with Facebook’s rules. We went on discussing how many businesses were doing it without getting caught or likewise getting their pages deleted.

While we may or may not hear about it, it actually does happen. A friend of mine had his page removed one day because of a contest they launched. They lost over 20,000 fans that fateful day and their business on Facebook disappeared overnight. Overnight.

Yes, you may have noticed that some businesses do organize contests without using a third-party app, and yes, some of them do get away with it. But would you risk your business to save up a couple of dollars?

I wouldn’t. Months or years of hard work building your page must not be put at ANY risk especially when Facebook has the authority to vaporize it.

 2. Email captures 

Good third-party apps also exist to get the best out of your contest. Binkd, for example, integrates an email capture form into your contest to capture email leads.


This is beneficial for businesses who are serious about social media marketing. We all know that the money is in the list.

To take it a step further, the money is in the relationship with the list. Email marketing allows businesses to continue to reach out to email subscribers to build relationships, add value and to ultimately sell.

Chris Brogan talks a lot about the value of email lists. Chris mentioned how he sold over 10 times more from his email subscribers despite it having 10 times smaller subscriber count compared to all his social network accounts.

 3. Viral Feature

If you want to increase the virality of your contest, a third-party app will help. Many of them come with share features to help the contest spread.


Fans can share the contest with their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and through email. Sharing the contest will reward participants with extra entries if the people that they had shared it with decided to join the contest as well.

Don’t forget that the more viral your contest is the more brand awareness you raise. In all honesty running a contest may even be cheaper than running advertisements on social media.

4. Fan-gating

A facebook contest app allows page owners to install a Facebook like-gate or fan-gate for their contest too. A like-gate restricts non-fans from viewing the contest unless they hit that like button. This is extremely useful to increase your page likes.


Fan-gates are more effective compared to a homemade ‘like this post’ or ‘share this post’ contest because of its tracking capabilities, which brings me to…

5. Analytics

Included with most third-party contest apps are robust analytics to monitor how effective their Facebook contests are. For Binkd, businesses can monitor which countries people are joining your contest from, the number of entries or votes, and even view the conversion rate of visits to your contest page to the number of entries you receive.

What do you think? Can you afford to run a contest without using a third-party app?

Aaron Lee
This monthly Social Media Contests column is contributed by Aaron Lee. Aaron is the social media manager at Binkd.com, a comprehensive social media promotion platform that allows businesses to build and manage digital promotions and contests. Aaron is also the founder and writer at askaaronlee.com. +Aaron Lee
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