5 Tips On Job Transitions and Social Media Profile Management

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Advice for Employers and Employees on Social Media Profile Management when Changing Jobs Last month, I wrote about some social media issues employees and employers face concerning non-solicitation agreements when an employee leaves one company and joins another.  In those situations, the departing employee is typically excited about his or her new job, and … [Read more...]

BrandYourself Brings Personal SEO Benefits to Every Professional

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In an online marketing world where SEO is critical, businesses and bloggers pay close attention to optimizing content for SEO and strategically choosing keywords to increase their chances of showing up high on Google search results.  But what about the rest of us?  You know, us professionals, who also want to put our best foot forward and make sure that … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Integrating Social Media and LinkedIn in to Your Job Search in 2011


I recently had a chance to meet the younger sister of a high school friend who was in transition for the first time since college graduation.  "I used to always have jobs lined up for me and never had a challenge finding work." Heard that one before, right?  How about, "I received all of these LinkedIn invites, but I thought they were such a nuisance!" … [Read more...]

Job Seekers, Forget About LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide for Your Twitter Job Search

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I hope that the title to this blog post knocked you out of your comfort zone, because that was my intention in writing this guide.  Don't get me wrong: LinkedIn is still an essential part of your job search, and having an optimized LinkedIn profile and networking with others on that platform is still a prerequisite in helping you land your next job.  But … [Read more...]

How Much Time Should You Spend in Social Media?

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Whenever I speak to a large group or consult with a client on social media, I have a tendency to overwhelm my audience with the so many things that they could be using it for.  That leads to a growing fear for those that aren't active in social media that it will become a total time suck.  On the other hand, for those that start to get active and see its … [Read more...]

Social Media and Your Job Search Strategy: 5 Ways to Stop Broadcasting and Start Contributing

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There is no doubt that the current recession continues to have an impact on the growth of social media.  Job seekers are now looking for networking opportunities by embracing social media and joining and then becoming active on sites like LinkedIn as part of their job search strategy.  This make sense because social media is also where recruiters may find … [Read more...]

I’m Unemployed…What Should I Blog About?

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Whenever I speak about social media and the job search to those that are unemployed, I always have a few attendees who "see the light" and get excited about blogging.  They see the advantages of blogging to start sharing information through social media and establishing their personal brand as part of their job search strategy.  The problem is that they … [Read more...]

The New LinkedIn for College Students and Job Search Tips

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I was recently interviewed by Her Campus, the premier source of information for female students and "a collegiette's guide to life," about the topic of LinkedIn for the college student and advice for those who are getting ready to graduate and need help with their job search.  In the past I had written a post on LinkedIn for the College Student with the … [Read more...]

Questions on Your Job Search? Come Join Me on Twitter on #JobChat!


What is #JobChat?  JobChat was created by Perri Gorman (@BeTheButterfly) and Neal Schaffer (@NealSchaffer) to serve the need of professionals and job seekers looking for advice on professional networking as well as how professionals can better utilize social media as part of their career management, personal branding and job search. Perri and Neal bring a … [Read more...]

Social Media for Job Search Advice: Stop Fondling the Hammer!


The inspiration for this blog post comes from someone I consider to be a true thought leader in social media, someone who I had a chance to finally meet in person recently: Jeremiah Owyang.  He wrote a blog post back in 2008 entitled "Stop Fondling the Hammer, and Focus on the House," and I didn't even read this obscure post until my friend who has taught me … [Read more...]

Looking for a Job? Only Twitter Applicants Need Apply.

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As social media begins to envelop every part of a corporate organization, it becomes important that every employee begins to have a certain level of literacy in using social media tools.  This becomes even more important in outward-facing rules where "social business" is changing the way companies engage with present and potential customers over Twitter, … [Read more...]

Jobseekers: Start Thinking Like a Social Media Strategist


In 2010, the landscape for jobseekers continues to change as the world around us changes.  As social media begins to envelop almost every part of a corporate organization, and as more corporate employees are required to use it as part of their professional jobs, the impact it has on the jobseeker is tremendous.  However, most companies are still trying to … [Read more...]

5 Ways How I Can Help You Find a Job on LinkedIn


As you probably already know, I am very active on LinkedIn as a LinkedIn Open Networker or LION.  I accept all invitations, and I respond to each invitation with asking my new connections how I might be able to help them.  I often get the following response, which I again received just this week: Hi Neal, I do have a question you may be able to help … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Tweet Your Way to Finding a Job on Twitter


I have given many presentations on social media and your job search.  Everybody is finally "getting" LinkedIn, but few are looking at Twitter or even Facebook as platforms which could aid those in transition in their job search.  Today I want to talk about one strategy that I discuss on Twitter and your job search, and a story of how one Windmill Networker … [Read more...]

Jobseeker in 2010? Why LinkedIn for Your Job Search will Become the New Monster.


It's no surprise that jobseekers flocked to LinkedIn with this past recession after realizing that most recruiters were already heavy LinkedIn users and were using the social networking platform to find new talent.  So many jobseekers are utilizing LinkedIn that some are calling it less of a professional networking site and more of a jobseeker's networking … [Read more...]

Goodbye Job Boards, Hello Twitter! How to Use Twitter for Your Job Search.


I just finished giving a presentation on utilizing Twitter for your job search today to an audience of in-transition professionals.  While most of the professionals had a LinkedIn account (albeit half of them joined LinkedIn while being in transition), only a handful of them were on Twitter.  There is still a lot of confusion and fear about Twitter, and it … [Read more...]

Your LinkedIn Profile Name – Active Job Seeker. The Right Strategy for the Unemployed?


LinkedIn continues to be flooded by the unemployed and executive job seekers.  This is not a new phenomenon, as everyone knows that all of the headhunters and recruiters are active on LinkedIn: establishing an intelligent LinkedIn presence with a consistent brand is free and invaluable career insurance that you can never have enough of.  I'd like to write … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Use LinkedIn for Executive Job Search (Part 2) – The Windmill Networking Approach to Maximizing LinkedIn


(This is the second in a two-part blog post on how to utilize LinkedIn for Executive Job Search.  This first part looked at using LinkedIn in the “traditional” manner of utilizing Jobs Boards and searching out Hiring Managers.  This second part will take a Windmill Networking approach to utilizing LinkedIn for Executive Job Search through a deeper … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Use LinkedIn for Executive Job Search (Part 1) – The Traditional Approach of Attacking the Hidden Job Market


(This is the first in a two-part blog post on how to utilize LinkedIn for Executive Job Search.  This first part will look at using LinkedIn in the "traditional" manner of utilizing Jobs Boards and searching out Hiring Managers, while the second part will take a Windmill Networking approach to utilizing LinkedIn for Executive Job Search through a deeper … [Read more...]

3 Social Networking Tips for the Unemployed (Part 2) – Leverage LinkedIn & Connect


In Part 1 of 3 Social Networking Tips for the Unemployed, I mentioned how it is never too late to Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty and explained the attitude that will help you network while looking for your next job.  This is important in interfacing with the physical network that you already have.  In Part 2 I would like to provide some social … [Read more...]