How to Generate Social Traffic Using StumbleUpon

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Almost 2 years ago, a small website with only 12 million users managed to surpass Facebook, the social media king that had 600 million users at the time, as the number one traffic generating social media network. In the meantime, Facebook got a billion users and with this incredible rise it also regained its place as the number 1 traffic generator. Yet … [Read more...]

Expand Your Business Quickly Through These StumbleUpon Marketing Strategies (with Infographic)

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For those of you who still don't "get" StumbleUpon, let me put it to you simply: On multiple occasions I have become a new customer for different companies simply because I stumbled into them on SU and liked what I saw. So, if you haven’t heard of StumbleUpon, you could be missing out on one of the best and easiest opportunities to grow and promote your … [Read more...]

Do You Know the History of Your Favorite Social Media Websites?

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Social media is fascinating in that businesses and professionals are often using all of these websites for things they were never intended for. Although it feels as if Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest have been around forever, believe it or not quite a few of these sites came from humble beginnings with very different intents.  From dorm rooms to … [Read more...]

StumbleUpon Marketing: 5 Ways to Get More StumbleUpon Traffic to Your Website

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Social bookmarking websites always confuse my social media strategy customers.  There seems to be an aura that somehow just posting all of your own content to these sites will somehow magically drive massive traffic to your website.  Of course, it doesn't work that way.  And unless you have a certain objective or niche demographic that tends to find a large … [Read more...]

Why StumbleUpon for the iPhone Delivers on the Mobile Web Potential

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If you've been reading my blog and following my tweets, you'll know that I am a huge evangelizer of StumbleUpon for marketing and professional use.  I consume my media a little different than other people.  I'm not an RSS person.  I know the blogs and websites that I find resourceful and will visit them.  I search for the latest conversations on Twitter to … [Read more...]

My Favorite 6 Social Media Sites for B2B Social Media Marketing

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While everyone knows that Facebook is the default choice for any business-to-consumer (B2C) social media marketing, what social media channels are important for businesses hoping to engage with other businesses (B2B)?  How can these types of businesses use social media to engage with their potential clients, gain mindshare and be perceived as a thought … [Read more...]

StumbleUpon: It’s NOT About the SEO! 4 Compelling Reasons to Become a Heavy StumbleUpon User.


O.K., I am going to admit that I first joined StumbleUpon as part of a strategy that the "SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Gurus" recommend to create backlinks to your blog content from social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit.  The idea being that the more links you have from other sites, the higher your SEO will be.  And, as anyone who has ever used … [Read more...]