If Marketers Can’t Figure Google Plus Out, Let Your IT Department Manage It

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Establishing a business presence on Google Plus, however minor it might be, is seriously one of the biggest no-brainers in social media marketing. Some of you reading this might still not “get it,” so let me reflect upon two recent speaking engagements I did and the reactions in the room to help you understand why you might just want to let your IT folks run … [Read more...]

Google Plus New +1 Recommendations: What They Are and How to Use Them

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In early July Google+ rolled out the most significant change to it's signature +1 since it was introduced over two years ago. Now "plussing" a post on Google+ can result in it becoming a "recommended" post that might be shown to selected people who follow you on the network.   As you can see in the above screen capture, the recommended post … [Read more...]

How Hospitality Brands Can Get The Most From Google Plus

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Utilizing Google+ business pages is extremely important for a number of reasons. In addition to recently merging Google+ and Google pages, we all know Google is the leading search engine, and therefore the integration of Google+ with search engine marketing is critical. Windmill Networking’s Google+ columnist Mark Traphagen points out: Google+ represents … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic from Google Plus

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How can one generate more social media traffic from Google Plus? While with Facebook it seems to be getting harder and harder to get traffic back, Google+ is slowly growing into one of the top social media traffic generators, especially with the latest updates and design changes that show even more promise. I’ve often found that many people are still … [Read more...]

Google Plus Redesign: What It Means for Business Users

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In mid-May 2013 we woke up one morning to find the biggest Google Plus redesign since the social network was introduced in June of 2011. Let's review the major changes to the interface, and then we'll talk about their ramifications for business and marketing users of Google+. 1. New Google+ Homepage Layout The first and most striking change is to the … [Read more...]

Google Author Rank and Authorship: What We Know So Far

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By now (I hope!) most businesses realize that Google Plus is not only here to stay but offers a number of distinct benefits from a marketing standpoint. Many will mention the effect of Google+ on SEO (Google Search). Or they'll bring up Hangouts and Hangouts On Air as useful, free communication and broadcasting tools. And more and more brands are … [Read more...]

Google Plus SEO: Everybody Talks About It – How Do You DO It?

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  Not too long ago I was looking at at thread in a popular LinkedIn group. Someone had asked whether Google+ has any relevancy for business. Many people tried to answer, but the following two were pretty typical of the positive answers given: Do you notice a commonality in these answers? It's what I see time and again when such a … [Read more...]

How You Can Make an Impact with Google Plus Writing

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In the last column I covered some of the basic differences between Google Plus and other social platforms – namely, post length, formatting, targeted publishing and keyword usage. Now it’s time to get advanced. Getting active on Google+ is an advanced marketing move to begin with. It’s not just a social network – it’s a social layer on the entire online … [Read more...]

Advanced Google Plus Strategy for Networking

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Google Plus Strategy for Networking: Creating and growing the influence of your Google Plus network, which is more powerful than you know. I don't think anything I've ever written online has received as much attention as last month's "Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know" on this blog. So many people have told me that the post opened … [Read more...]

Google Plus for Business: Does It Matter If Your Friends Use It or Not?

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This Google Plus for business blog post has been a long time coming, and today I was reminded once again of the general misunderstanding that the public has regarding Google Plus with a tweet like this: Now, I'm not trying to pick on anyone in particular here, because social media is all about communication and the exchanging of ideas and information. … [Read more...]

How to Write for the Google Plus Audience – The Basics

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My worlds are finally colliding. This week, as I prepared to write this post, one of my local friends and Facebook contacts asked a question about Google+. Specifically, she wondered if the platform was worth her time as a homeschool podcaster since she noticed a lot of active groups in her niche. I answered with a resounding yes!  And I’m willing to bet … [Read more...]

Your Google Plus for Real Estate Getting Started Guide

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The real estate industry is changing. As the needs, characteristics and demands of today’s buyer and seller continue to evolve, so must the marketing style of any successful real estate professional. What marketing tactics worked yesterday, may not connect with today's sophisticated and ever-changing consumer. According to the 2012 National Association of … [Read more...]

Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know

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A couple of weeks ago fellow Windmill Networking blogger Courtney Ramirez shared the following with me on Google+: Here is why I love G+ - I'm researching Quora for an article, and since I'm connected to Mark Traphagen, I see a terrific post, and a board he and AJ Kohn created, that was posted in October. Not only was it informative, but now I am … [Read more...]

Google Plus Communities: Connect Your Brand Like Never Before

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In its relatively brief history, Google+ has rolled out more new features faster than any other social network. Many are small changes; some are game changing (one word: Hangouts). But few have had the potential impact for businesses that the latest update promises. Google+ now has a groups feature called Communities. And here's some really great news: … [Read more...]

Google Authorship: Are Top Social Media Influencers Using It?

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As excited as I have been about the rise of Google Plus, I've been even more pumped about a Google feature intimately tied in to Google's social network: Google Authorship. Authorship was rolled out about the same time as Google+ last year. It allows content creators to connect their blog posts, articles, videos, and other content to their Google+ profiles. … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Plus for Personal Branding and Establishing Author Rank

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If you haven't noticed, Windmill Networking has become a community blogging platform with contributions from those that I consider true thought leaders in their fields.  Take our Google Plus contributor, Mark Traphagen, for example.  When Mark and I first "met" online, I was already impressed with his content and the early coverage he was receiving in the … [Read more...]

Guy Kawasaki and 10 Experts Chime in on the Value of Google Plus – and How You Can Start to Leverage It

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To look at Google Plus today is to look at the Twitter of yesteryear - and that is where our journey begins to understand the value of G+ - and how you can start to leverage it for your business or yourself. I remember joining Twitter in late 2008 and entering a community of acronyms that I didn't understand and an atmosphere that, to be honest with you, … [Read more...]

Google Plus Hangouts for Business: Customer Contact on Steroids

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Hangouts are almost without a doubt the most touted feature of Google Plus, especially when it comes to business use of the platform. So if you follow my Google+ for Business column here, you might be wondering why it's taken me so long to write about them. I've had two reasons for holding off until now: I wanted to bring you vital tips and information that … [Read more...]

Build Your Google Plus Page Following with Topical Pages

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Among the many beautiful gifts that modern day marketing via the Internet gives us is the ability to segment and micro-target. Back in the Mad Men days of mass TV ads and junk mail campaigns, you threw your promotions up against a huge wall and hoped they stuck to some of the bricks. Now thanks to personal profiles and all kinds of tracking and … [Read more...]

Understanding Security and Privacy in Google Plus

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I don’t use Google+, why should I care? In my first column, I said that one challenge with social media from a security and privacy point of view is that “[i]t’s an axiom in security that you can only secure that which you can understand. It’s also the nature of new technology that it’s not known, certainly not to a level most security people are … [Read more...]