My Social Media Marketing Goals for You for 2014

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All year I have been writing about several underlying concepts one should have a grasp on in order to be a more marketable social media professional in 2013. We have covered everything from being flexible, Analytics, SEO, content, and integration of social into a traditional marketing plan and beyond. For a re-cap, read here.

These concepts are not only necessary for today’s marketer, they are almost demanded. By this I mean they may not be  skills that one would encounter in one specific job description. But, they are skills that will over lap from department to department. Having an understanding of  their application to not only your specific role, but others as well will give you a broader view of the overall marketing picture while also making you more desirable, more effective and ultimately more successful. We have made it to the last concept in the series, and perhaps the most basic yet often overlooked and underutilized.

Concept 15: Do you know who the top Influencers are in your sector? Your competitors?  Industry specific trends?

For my Social Media Marketing graduate students,  I suggest that they follow a few Social Media Marketing thought leaders and companies on Twitter, follow a few blogs, and read a few books.  This applies to the seasoned professional as well. Please take a moment to click on the previous links to bookmark, save, share etc. As you browse the internet and search and read about topics of interest, you will notice several names pop up continuously. These will likely be your thought leaders.  By reading related blogs and keeping up to speed via other social channels, you are more able to identify and connect with other like minded professionals, identify industry leaders, identify and track competition, and often identify opportunities.

Be proactive and use social tools to stay informed and relevant even if you are not a social media marketer. For those within the SMM industry, you are likely already doing this. If not, please be sure to take a moment to read “20 Minutes a Week to More Connected and Intelligent You: Are You Ignoring These Basic Social Media 101 Concepts?”.

2013 Coming to a close

As social business progresses, I feel that the departmental lines are getting blurred (see last months post).  Roles and functions are being re-defined and those working in one field that may not seem to be related at all to social media marketing are being impacted by social media in one way or another. Yet another  reason I love the field of social media marketing and subsequently chose it as my  research focus in my doctoral work.

Historically, skills that are valuable in one department were not as valuable in others. In this social age, this is no longer the case. The marketer who has an understanding of SEO and Google Analytics is far more valuable than one only proficient in writing basic content. That is not to say that every marketer will need to address SEO And Analytics, but it does help if everyone is on the same page given marketing projects related to social tend span several departments.  This is not a new concept. Businesses and marketers know that communication between departments is key, but more so now than ever with the all encompassing role of social media.

Today’s ‘real time” business environment makes it necessary for all departments to move quickly and nimbly.  Salesforce Chatter is just one application that can be used to help the process along by being embedded into the business processes and encouraging collaboration. With this increase in social media use for Marketing comes an increase in the need for departments to seamlessly present one brand and communicate in one voice. This consistent image and voice contributes to not only the customer relationship with the brand but also the customer experience.

Let’s make an effort to focus on two things as we close in on 2014:

Collaboration and teamwork across departments, not just Marketing.

Keep the customer relationship / customer experience at the heart of business.

Do you have any business or even personal goals for 2014? Write them down and even better yet share them in the comments below  to make your goals(s) more actionable. Remember, those who write down their goals are shown to have better results!

Suggested reading for the month:

Maximize your Social: A On-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success by Neal Schaffer

Big Data Marketing: Engage your Customers More effectively and Drive Value by Lisa Arthur

Jessica Rogers
This monthly Social Media MBA column is contributed by Jessica Rogers. Jessica is a Dallas based Adjunct Marketing Instructor at Texas A&M University- Commerce and Full time Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University. She is currently working on her PhD in Business with an emphasis on Marketing; her dissertation research is focused on Social Media. Jessica teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Marketing, including Social Media, and has 16 years of field experience in business and marketing before starting her teaching career in 2009. Jessica holds a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Marketing. +Jessica Rogers
Jessica Rogers


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