Simple Tweaks to Improve Social Media Lead Conversion

Improve Social Media Lead Conversion

Improve social media lead conversion with these easy steps.

You have taken the time to create and implement social media lead generation strategies. While the hours spent researching and executing feel overwhelming, you know it is worth the time and energy. After all, as a real estate professional, capturing the attention of today’s online buyer and seller is critical.

However, since you implemented an online lead capture strategy, your efforts are less than fruitful. Your tracking proves that conversion is low and the potential clients that do interact don’t stick around and certainly don’t produce a sale.

So how can you improve your social media lead capture and turn looky-lou’s into clients?

5 Ways to Improve Social Media Lead Conversion

1. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Want to stand out among your competition? Clearly spell out who you are and what specific qualities define your personal brand.

Do you leverage social media during the listing transaction? Are you an expert at utilizing Google Plus to promote your clients home to an extended audience? Share that information.

Whatever it is that defines who you are, including your special skills, areas of expertise, and know-how are all details potential clients need in order to determine whether they work with you or your competition.

2. Stay Alert and Responsive

Given the fact that the average consumer will complete 3-5 online lead forms before deciding on a real estate professional, response time is critical

Did a potential buyer respond to your latest tweet with a question? Did a seller reach out via your Facebook page?

Make sure you have listening systems in place that notify you when these conversations transpire.

Responding in a timely manner gives you the competitive edge. And while it’s secret that a fast response increases the chance of a sale, a consistent message also plays into your success. This means that no matter whom you are responding to or on what social network, your goal should always be to provide useful and valuable information.

3. Establish Your Expertise

According to a recent survey, 90 percent of potential buyers  are using the Internet when searching for a new home. While providing a website that offers a user-friendly home search experience, you also need to use social media to establish thought leadership.

This requires that you share your insight and knowledge surrounding your local market. Tweet it out, post it and pin it. Let buyers and sellers know how long you have been in the area, why you are committed to its overall health, and how you are consistently giving back to the community.

4. Share What You Know and Share it Freely

Social media offers real estate professionals an easy and affordable way to connect with potential consumers.

Do not hesitate in sharing what you know and how they can best navigate a transaction.

There is still a lot of fear in the market. Help them understand why now is the time to buy or sell by sharing. Today’s consumer wants information and guidance. Become a valued resource by giving them is exactly what they are looking for.

5. Stay Top of Mind

Consistency in social media is key. Once you have a potential clients attention, you never want to lose it.

Set aside time every day to tweet and post to your various social media channels.

Use your past marketing collateral, blog posts and videos to repurpose and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus in new and unique ways.

Did you create a video about first-time homebuyer do’s and don’t’s? Turn it into an Infographic that you pin on Pinterest and share within a new blog post.

The key is to breathe new life into old content, keeping you relevant and top of mind.

What one thing can you do today to create better social media lead generation results?

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Rebekah Radice

This monthly Social Media for Real Estate column is contributed by Rebekah Radice. Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer and trainer that has been actively involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 17 years. Rebekah is the Manager of Industry Engagement for Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate and serves as “the voice” behind the brand. As someone that manages social media on a daily basis, her goal is to help you stop those time sucking activities and maximize, prioritize and monetize your online efforts! +Rebekah Radice

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  1. says

    Apparently the lessons in social media lead generation today just differ in titles and in words but the thoughts are all the same so I guess, it’s a wise say to utilized old content that does not go out of date. There are just some basic tips that don’t fade and should be shared to give constant reminder to our customers. Great thoughts Rebekah. :)

  2. says

    Great post & points on lead generation on social media. I tend to be proactive on lead generation & always asking people pointed questions. Depending on the answers I may segment that person into a list or even mentally keep track of them, so I can later move them through the sales funnel. This works well in my business, but not sure how well it would work in the real estate business,

  3. says

    I think consistency is the key to social media success. Even if you have each of the other factors under control–posting great content, sharing it across different platforms–if you don’t post consistently and stay “top of mind” for consumers, you will be an afterthought. You have to get social and stay social if you want to be a player in social media these days.

    Great article Rebekah! Thank you for sharing.

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