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Wіthоut а doubt, social media hаѕ transformed the way real estate professionals connect and engage with homebuyers and sellers.

Frоm Google+, to Facebook, Twitter, аnd LinkedIn, social media mаkеѕ іt easy to promote your local business while creating awareness through increased exposure.

Over the last year, I have shared many social media tips that real estate professionals have used to take advantage of the enormous opportunity social media presents.

Below is a roundup of my top tips that you can implement now to instantly improve social media results!

  1. Give your audience the content they crave

While much has been written about increasing social media engagement, one basic fundamental will always stand. Providing valuable content to a group of eager and hungry consumers will boost conversation and amplify your message.

Consistently analyze your analytics to assess what content resonates best. Do pictures, videos or links perform better? Adjust your strategy and your content when appropriate to keep your social media content fresh and your information relevant.

  2. Offer valuable information

The single most effective way to build loyalty and trust is by sharing valuable and useful information with no strings attached.

Make use of your expertise by giving away a series of useful tips.

Fluff is nice, but information that can be used to save money, make money, and win in negotiations will keep your audience tuned in and coming back for more.

  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords specific to your expertise and location.  For example, if you specialize in short sales in Lexington, KY, your keywords would be “Short Sale Specialist Lexington Kentucky.”

These are searchable terms that allow people to quickly find you when searching real estate professionals in your area.

  4. Leveragethe power behind Google+

Create a powerful online presence through the optimization and consistent use of Google+. Get started with these quick tips:

  • Create a complete and optimized keyword-rich profile with links to your website(s)
  • Add your authorship attribution tags to websites and blogs to obtain a significant ranking in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) pushing your Google+ profile higher in the results page
  • Include future prospects, past clientele, appraisers, property inspectors, referral networks’ members and local area real estate experts to your circles
  • Use your new Google+ business page and create a Local Google citation to show the actual business location
  • Host hangouts with past clients or potential clients to answer FAQ
  • Create and physically attend real life hangouts or Meetups
  • Make use of the Google+ private messaging and video chat features to communicate with clients
  • Go deep by listening, learning, engaging and making new relationships similar to those in other social networks

  5. Incorporate eye-catching images and video

Homebuyers and sellers are visual.  If you want to quickly capture their attention, add images that are eye-catching and pleasing to the eye.

Include real estate Infographics, beautiful photographs of homes or local attractions within your area, charts explaining market trends, industry news and video tips. Each option will allow consumers to obtain the message in a visual format, allowing for a richer media experience.

  6. Ask thought-provoking questions

Engaging social media fans and followers requires that you branch out from only posting listings, market reports and local events. People want more and in order to connect with you, they will require that you give more.

In order to get your audience involved, you will need to ask questions, offer advice and give valuable insight.  Your goal is not to simply entertain, but to make your audience think and want to respond.

Ask questions that inspire, ignite and fuel conversation.

  7. Monitor your reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is an incredibly important part of your strategy.

Stay on top of what is being said about you and your business and respond proactively.

Social media should not be a bullhorn, used only to attract and convert leads. Instead, use your social media channels to listen in on conversations and maintain the established offline reputation you have worked so hard to build.

  8. Use Twitter to Drive Website and Blog Traffic

Twitter can be used to increase traffic to your website or blog through thoughtful and strategic sharing.  Two strategies to increase website visibility:

  • Tweet Your Latest Post: Notify your Twitter followers of your latest post by tweeting it as soon as you hit publish.
  • Hashtags: Identify relevant hashtags based on industry, niche and location. Use hashtags within your tweets to place your content in front of a larger audience.

  9. Create an integrated social media campaign

As a real estate professional, social media should complement your overall marketing strategy. This means weaving traditional marketing and online or social marketing into a long-term plan and allowing each to support one another.

The best way to go about this is by adopting an integrated social media campaign for your business. Creating an integrated social media marketing campaign means linking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube accounts so that no matter where your potential client might be, they are able to find and connect with you.

Accomplish this by adding social media links to your Facebook fan page; including all social links within your email signature and adding social buttons to your website and blog.

10. Use an Editorial Calendar

Tired of staring blankly at the computer screen, agonizing over what to post to your social media channels? You need an editorial calendar!

An editorial calendar is an incredibly useful social media tool that creates consistency by acting as your posting roadmap.

Taking the time to create a calendar allows you to post on purpose, rather than using social media in a hit-or-miss way.

Rebekah Radice
This monthly Visual Social Media Marketing post is contributed by Rebekah Radice. Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer, speaker and trainer. Rebekah’s goal is to provide insight and inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling them to build a powerful online presence that includes the strategic use of social media marketing. Rebekah was recently named an Inman Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader, as well as one of the Top Social Media Professionals to Follow in 2013. +Rebekah Radice
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