Introducing a New Free Facebook Page Analytics Tool: Komfo

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There are a lot of Facebook Page analytic tools, as well as social media dashboards that are including Facebook analysis, that exist.  One of the problems is that some of these tools try to do so much that it is hard to gain simple to understand meaningful insight about your Facebook content strategy from them. Others just provide a lot of data, some better looking than others, without offering any other handholding as to how that data can be utilized to improve your Facebook engagement. That’s why it was refreshing to find out about a new free Facebook Page analytics tool from a company claiming to be “the leading tool provider in the Nordics within the Social Media Marketing space”: Komfo.

The new Insights has yet to operate properly on the Maximize Social Business Facebook Page, so I can’t compare Komfo’s data with the latest that Facebook is promising to offer. But I can say that Komfo provides analysis – with additional handholding – to help you analyze your Facebook content based on the following types of analytics:

1.) Fan Penetration

In essence, this is Edgerank – a figure which shows what percentage of your fans are your reaching with each post. If the average EdgeRank on Facebook is said to be 16%, you can easily see an average from your last 30 days posts up to a maximum of 100. Of course, you can drill down into each post to see which is working for better or worse. While Reach is shown on Insights, seeing the percentage gives you an easy to understand view of your EdgeRank.

2.) Viral Amplification

Don’t be fooled by comparing this to the “Viral” analytics provided by Facebook Insights: That number only looks at the percentage of People Talking About This compared to your total fan base. While that’s a nice number to know, wouldn’t you like to know the viral reach of each of your posts as compared to its organic reach?  This is exactly what this data shows you for each post, with anything over 1.0 (i.e. more people saw this post in a News Feed via viral reach as composed to organic reach) being considered “viral.” While Facebook does provide a breakdown of organic reach and viral reach by pressing each “Reach” number for a given post, Komfo provides you this information in an easy to understand ratio that is once again provided as a total average as well as for each post.

3.) CTR

Once again, although the total number of click throughs are  provided in Insights as “Engaged Users,” Komfo takes it one step further and gives you a click through ratio for each post as a percentage of how many people saw the post. This is the third figure that is displayed as both an average for the page as well as for each post, with posts that have a CTR over 10% being labeled “Engaging.”

4.) Spam Score

We all know that negative feedback on your posts from your fans can have a heavy impact on your EdgeRank. Unfortunately, with the current implementation of Insights you need to dig deep into seeing the “Engaged Users” for each post and check each post for mention of negative feedback. Komfo’s tool conveniently shows the ratio of negative feedbacks as a percentage of total clicks. Obviously you want to keep this as low to zero as possible, but it’s hard to please everyone all of the time. That’s why Komfo’s tool recommends that you try to stay below 5% for all of your posts.

The tool also includes the “People Talking About This” number, which they call “Stories,” as well as overall Reach. Another welcome feature is the ability to send an email and allow others to access your report online without Facebook authorization. This is a nice touch to make the tool even more useful for large and distributed teams.

Below is an example screenshot from their homepage which shows you how clean and easy-to-understand their tool is:


On the signup page for the new free Facebook Page analytics tool from Komfo, a monthly update subscription is promised to all who signup for the service. Being able to get a monthly calculation for EdgeRank, Virality, and CTR are vital metrics which can help many a social media marketer maximize their Facebook marketing. The addition of the Spam Score will now make it much more efficient to dig down into those posts that are causing people to complain to see how you can rectify the situation for the future.

What do you think of Komfo’s new tool? Is there another Facebook Page analytics tool that you prefer? Please do share your opinions and experience with us!

Neal Schaffer
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    Yet to play with Komfo more to gain additional insights, at first glance, it is very promising compared to other paid tools. Arguably, the only distinguishing factor of Komfo is the “Spam Score”. But it is definitely aesthetically pleasing-big plus, community managers love that. The fact that we’ll get an update monthly on the status of our pages’ social status (so to speak) is also great. Thanks for the heads up on this tool. Keep em’ coming :)

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