Why Marketers Should Go Rogue with Blogger Outreach

blogger outreach

One of the principals that I follow when it comes to marketing is to not follow any principals. I’m a fan of embracing all aspects of marketing as one giant grey area and I stray away from strategies where people try to assign rules or draw strict black and white lines. Ugh. When I coach clients on their blogger outreach strategies, I certainly give … [Read more...]

5 Design Principles That Drive Social Customer Experience Marketing

social customer experience

Traditional marketing used to be known for its inside out approach. The idea was to create a cumulative series of messages known as brand impressions. Marketers bought media and launched campaign after campaign designed to generate sufficient awareness so the consumer would respond to these messages at the point of purchase and buy the product. Hannah … [Read more...]

The Foolproof Method To Find Alluring Sweepstakes And Contest Prizes


Running a contest or sweepstakes is a great way to reach more people. And attracting fans and collecting email addresses is often an added bonus. But,occasionally, your sweepstakes or contest can attract the wrong people: people who will never buy. And that’s frustrating. Or even infuriating. That said, there is no problem with people wanting to win a … [Read more...]

10 Tools to Help Get More Social Media Traffic

get more social media traffic

In past blog posts, we’ve gone through tips on how to get more traffic from almost all major social networks – this month I’d like to share with you some of my favorite tools that can help you get more social media traffic more easily. 1. Triberr If you keep a regular blog, I recommend you create an account with Triberr and use it regularly, and you can … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Content, Messages and Ideas Stick

make your content

It's a frenzied environment in social media these days. Publishers, brands (anyone, really, who wants to share info, vent or get attention) spew content and updates. We try our best to filter the mess, and focus on the important stuff. The sad fact is, we have all gotten used to quickly flitting from one piece of info to another. But sometimes, just … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Avoid Cheating And Riot At Your Facebook Contest

facebook contests

If you have ever ran a Facebook contest before you know people want to win. And that’s okay, those hungry fans are exactly the reason you are running a Facebook contest in the first place! You exchange the possibility of winning with their contact details and other quality information. However, there can be temptation to cheat, especially in the case … [Read more...]

Embrace the “One to One to Many” Approach by Working with Bloggers

working with bloggers

One to one to many: One person from your brand teams up with one influencer who talks about your brand to their many followers. Working with bloggers not only embraces this strategy through the posts they write, but through their varied social media presences as well. Bloggers can be some of the most effective voices of your brand. Instead of running a … [Read more...]

Evolving From #SoLoMo to Customer Experience Marketing

customer experience marketing

Moving forward, my blog posts will focus on the integration of social into the marketing mix. Why? To create a relevant and compelling customer experience that can turn into a competitive advantage. Some time ago, I noticed the #SoLoMo hashtag and I was intrigued. #SoLoMo is an abbreviation for social, mobile and local marketing. If you would like more of … [Read more...]

How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest

drive traffic from pinterest

For many businesses, Pinterest is an often-disregarded social media traffic source. However, I’ve found that it can be a very reliable and strong source of constant website traffic, if you follow a few steps. I’ve written before about Pinterest, but in the past year in a half, a lot has changed so it seemed warranted to take a new look at the best ways to … [Read more...]

Auto posting Your Way to Fame, Fortune, Health and Weight Loss

auto posting

MSB readers, I have a confession to make. I am an autoposter. Why is this so tough to admit? Auto posting is controversial because it can result in spam if you're not careful (hence the ironic title of this post; sorry, folks I won't be covering fitness tips here). Social media purists often react badly to any kind of automated posting or engagement. … [Read more...]

Some Brands are Thinking Outside the Outbound
Box for Blogger Outreach

blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is like any other digital PR and inbound marketing tactic—it is a strategy that thrives when comprised of creativity and innovation. There are a few goals with blogger outreach and make sure you determine yours before you do anything else. To build brand awareness. To promote a specific product or service. To establish authority. Or to … [Read more...]

How Lowe’s is Sustaining Customer Relationships

sustaining customer relationships

Last month I explained how Lowe's is leveraging an effective #SoLoMo strategy to create an engaging customer experience. I downloaded the app and signed up for the MyLowes program in order to share the experience with you and to highlight some customer experience marketing best practices. I gave Lowe’s high marks for the way they created an engaging … [Read more...]

Newsflash 2014: People Don’t want More Content!!!

content marketing

2013 was a banner year for content marketing. The field came into its own, as more and more companies jumped on board. Major media woke up to the power of content marketing (although not always calling it that), and more successes were reported by companies and organizations of all sizes. But there was one slight problem to all this excitement and uptake: … [Read more...]

A Magnifying Trick That Would Convince Even Sherlock Holmes To Enter your Facebook Contest

facebook contest

This is the scenario: your potential customer is browsing their Facebook News Feed and sees a great sweepstakes that a friend has posted. He has the urge to enter, because he likes and is tempted by the grand prize. However, he stops and starts thinking like a suspicious Sherlock Holmes – searching for the ‘catch’. “Is this a valid promotion? They ask … [Read more...]

Why Content is the Driving Force Behind Social Media Traffic

social media traffic

You’ve probably already heard the expression “Content is king”; and when it comes to social media, this statement couldn’t be more true. While there are, of course, other ways to get traffic from social media, content will usually help you get the most – and the best – traffic. The reason why is simple – content means value, and people want more value. What … [Read more...]

Blogger Outreach Trend of 2014: Transition from Informal to Structure

blogger outreach

As we move in to 2014 with all of our goals in tow and eagerness for the new, as always, digital marketing and PR will morph and modernize while staying true to its traditional relationship building roots. While I think we will see a quite a few new trends in blogger outreach as brands are really starting to see results and witness the effectiveness of … [Read more...]

Your Facebook Ads Can Be Razor-Sharp with Social Contests

facebook ads

I have a feeling that social media managers will have a very hard time soon. Why do I think that? Here is why: Facebook recently admitted that they cut back the organic reach of posts: "We expect organic distribution of an individual page's posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on … [Read more...]

How Lowe’s Is Creating an Engaging Customer Experience

engaging customer experience

The best possible outcome from a social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) strategy is a differentiating customer experience. While this may sound obvious it remains elusive for many businesses. My friend and fellow contributor Craig Jamieson raises the stakes well beyond simply meeting expectations. In fact, several studies reflect a significant gap between the … [Read more...]

Make Your Content Marketing POP with Powerful Images

content marketing

In my post You Should be in Pictures, I discussed the growing importance of visual imagery in content marketing. As I wrote then, we love images because they provide a welcome diversion in a busy social media environment. Further, pictures have been proven to drive more engagement and sharing. Yet it might not be obvious how to put the power of pictures … [Read more...]

Along for the Ride: Social Conversations on the Customer Journey

customer journey

B2B marketers can get so caught up in the process of creating and sharing branded content to feed the social media machine that they sometimes forget about having real, spontaneous conversations with buyers. A brand exists in the heart of the buyer, and the key to that heart is a personal connection. (Yes, even in the B2B world.) Buyers are influenced by … [Read more...]