3 Ways To Make Your Tumblr Blog More Social

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Everyone has heard the news (and if you haven’t, I’d love to hear how you managed to avoid it!). The world has gone Tumblr crazy the recent Yahoo! acquisition. I have to admit, it reminded me to take a good look at my forgotten Tumblr blog, and I like what I’m seeing. But, what’s the point in posting if you can’t get the amplification factor of connecting it with social.  Here are 3 ways to get your Tumblr blog socially connected in a flash!

1. Buy a Premium Theme


Theme Forest has no shortage of premium Tumblr themes that are primed for social integrations. The above photo is from a them I particularly like called Affection. These themes aren’t super expensive, usually less than $30, and they are by far the easiest way to get what you need without a lot of coding or tech know-how.

2. Add a Facebook Badge

Let’s say you aren’t ready to make the premium theme plunge. That’s ok, there’s still ways to go social. Adding a Facebook Badge is easy, if you know the steps, and lucky you, I’m about to share them with you 😉

Step 1:

Go to Facebook.com/badges

Step 2:

Select Profile Badges or Page Badges depending on if it’s your personal blog or your company blog, edit the badge, and grab the code.


Step 3:

Open up Tumblr and go into settings and select Customize


Step 4:

Paste the code into the description (don’t change the title unless you want to rename your Tumblr Blog)


Step 5:

Save. That’s it. Your badge is now on your site!


3. Connect Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr

In that same settings section, scroll down toward the bottom and you’ll see a built in option to automatically post your new Tumblr entries to your Facebook profile or Twitter acccount. There’s not a way to hook up your Fan Page yet, but that’s where a handy social media dashboard who supports RSS posting can help.


Are You a Tumblr?

Has the news reinvigorated your interest in the platform? Do you have any other tips for making your Tumblr blog go social? Please share by commenting!

Tammy Kahn Fennell
This monthly Social Media Productivity column is contributed by Tammy Kahn Fennell. Tammy is CEO and co-founder of MarketMeSuite, the leading social media management dashboard for small- and mid-sized businesses. Tammy launched the MarketMeSuite platform in late 2009 after years of experience marketing her own small business online. Recognizing both trends in social media and the needs of SMBs, Tammy realized an opportunity to help others easily manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads, build engagement and measure the ROI of their social marketing activities. Today the easy-to-use, affordable platform has over 30,000 users. As the owner and editor of the community driven blog, WeAreSocialPeople.com, Tammy writes frequently on social media and small business topics and shares her knowledge and advice with thousands of SMBs via radio, Web seminars and live presentations. +Tammy Kahn Fennell
Tammy Kahn Fennell


  1. says

    I was thinking of this too. Thanks for tackling such topic Tammy. This is really helpful in improving tumblr accounts. This will also be useful for visibility purposes. I’ve shared this blog to google plus. I would be also glad if you could share some advantages of tumblr or other social media platforms. :)

    • says

      Hi Belinda,

      I’m still relatively new to tumblr, but I like that it’s really quick and easy blogging. You can almost do it “tweet” style (but longer than 140) because it’s so easy to just post things quickly, and people, to at least some extent, seem to be expecting more ‘updatey’ types of posts rather than really long blog posts. I think it’s definitely a cool one to experiment with, but I don’t see it as a replacement to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, even Google Plus, but just another place to get information out :)

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