10 Ways To Get More Website Traffic From LinkedIn

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Many social networks are often overlooked when talking about website traffic, and many times it’s for completely wrong reasons. I am still often surprised by the traffic I get from different social networks that I never thought would get me any, and this was the case with LinkedIn a few years back, a social network that is still overlooked when it comes to traffic.

At the time I was mainly using LinkedIn for networking and I was surprised to see that traffic was growing steadily even though I had never actively tried to tap into that traffic source. Of course, as soon as I saw the potential I started using it more and tried to see how I can get even more traffic. And, in time (and at times) LinkedIn actually became not only a steady source of traffic, but also one of my number one social media traffic sources!

As we all know, LinkedIn is filled with professionals, businessmen and women and decision makers. And that shows in the traffic stats as well, as I’ve often noticed my LinkedIn traffic has a longer average visit duration as well as a lower bounce rate then many of my other traffic sources. Here are my top ten tips for getting more traffic from LinkedIn:

1. Complete your profile

Many people might overlook the importance of a complete profile. However, when you want to get traffic from any social network your first step should be to have a finished profile, and LinkedIn is no different from the others. Make sure your profile is 100% complete and that you’ve added a beautiful, high quality image that will compel people to spend more time on your profile and therefore be much more likely to visit your website. Try using the Rich Media tool, a feature that allows you to add different types of media to your profile, which could help you create a more beautiful and exciting profile as well as give you that extra edge over the competition. But most importantly, don’t forget to include your website link on your profile page.

2. Grow your connections list

A small connections list will not provide the amount of traffic that you are looking for. The bigger your list of first-degree connections, the better, as they are the ones who see all of your updates and actions on LinkedIn. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new search engine that has an improved algorithm and extra features (such as auto-complete and suggested searches) to find more people to connect with and grow your list. You can also take advantage of the “get introduced” feature that allows you to search through your connections’ connections to find people to connect with and get the initial connection to introduce the two of you.

3. Update your status regularly

Just like with other social networks, it is essential to update your status regularly in order to get more traffic. I would recommend you send out at least one status update a day and that you always promote your latest blog post in order to increase traffic. Try to also include calls to action in your updates as this can be a great traffic-booster. When posting on LinkedIn, you should also consider the fact that it is used mainly by professionals and that they are most active during work hours (9am to 5pm) and especially right before and right after work.

4. Customize your links

As you’ve probably noticed, your LinkedIn profile shows a list of your websites: company website, blog, RSS feed. However, these terms are not the most enticing to the people that are viewing your profile. Fortunately, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to easily customize these links so that they say what you want them to. Try to use this feature to explain what your blog and website is about so that people who are interested in those subjects are more enticed to visit. All you have to do to customize your links is got to the “edit profile” page and you will see “edit” links at the end of each website:


If people know what a website is about, there are more chances that they will click on the link!

5. Create a group

Creating a group should be one of your top priorities on LinkedIn, as it is a very useful feature that can get you lots of traffic. It is the best place to provide other members with your articles, posts and links and not only get more traffic, but you will also be able to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Once you’ve created your group, you have to be prepared to engage constantly, ask questions, comment and answer questions. Don’t be too sales-y and always give your website links, you should rather try to only give links wherever they are actually needed.

6. Join groups and engage with them

As I’ve said earlier, groups are a great source of LinkedIn traffic, so you should try to join as many relevant/niche groups as you can.  LinkedIn has a “groups you may like” feature that makes it very easy to find new relevant groups to join. Try to be very active in these groups, answer people’s questions regularly and whenever you find a question that you’ve written a blog post about, share that link, as it would be much appreciated. And if you notice any questions that go unanswered, why not write an article yourself to answer it?

7. Answer questions

Just like groups, LinkedIn Answers can be a great source of traffic. Browse through questions and try to answer them and whenever possible include a link to a post that you’ve written about and relates to the question. This will also help you build your connections network, as well as help you establish yourself as an expert, which will get more people to visit your website regularly.

8. Use the LinkedIn Recommendations feature

The LinkedIn Recommendations feature allows you to recommend people that you think are great at their job and to get recommendations in return. A recommendation can be a great endorsement, and the more you have, the more people will trust you and your services and they will be much more inclined to visit your website.

9. Use LinkedIn plugins on your website

LinkedIn has a few plugins that, if added to your website, can help you increase your traffic and your connections. The LinkedIn Share button will allow people to easily share your website content with the click of a button, which means that their connections will be able to see it in their home page. If you have a LinkedIn Company Page, it is recommended to get the “follow” plugin so that your website visitors can easily follow you. Another great plugin that can get you lots of traffic is the Recommend button. By embedding the Recommend plugin on your website, your visitors will be able to recommend you and your services and their connections will be able to see it, thus increasing your chances of getting more traffic.

10. Add Work Samples to your profile

This is a new feature that is slowly rolling out to users, and you will only be able to use it if you have already received the promotional email from LinkedIn. Although I haven’t tried it yet it looks like a very useful feature that will really help raise traffic. It basically allows you to add media work samples to your profile in the Summary, Education and Experience sections. The more visually beautiful a profile page is, the better the chance that it will get more clicks and views, and ultimately more traffic to your website.

Are you using LinkedIn to boost your traffic? What other features are you using to increase your website traffic? Please leave your comments and insights in the comments section below.

Lilach Bullock
This monthly Social Media Traffic Generation column is contributed by Lilach Bullock. Lilach is highly regarded on the world speaker circuit and has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street with her presence. In a nutshell, she’s a hugely connected and highly influential serial entrepreneur – the embodiment of Digital Intelligence. Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and likewise as one of the top social media power influencers, she is one of the most dynamic personalities in the social media market, she actively leverages ethical online marketing for her clients and for Comms Axis. A business owner, social media consultant, internet mentor and genuine digital guru, Lilach is consulted by journalists and regularly quoted in newspapers, business publications and marketing magazines. +Lilach Bullock
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  1. says

    I still find that many overlook (or shy away from) LinkedIn. I’m not sure why, but I too can validate your claims about traffic. You’ve shown 10 great ways to make sure your you’re getting LinkedIn traffic to your site. Another, if I may add, is to make sure your profile is constructed correctly so it appears on page 1 of LinkedIn’s search engine results, .

    • says

      Thanks Gary, I completely agree, it’s a shame it’s overlooked as at the moment I’m seeing more traffic (and engagement) from LinkedIn than Facebook. Thanks for the tip about the profile, agree v. important :)

  2. says

    Lilach, I’m really enjoying the (newer) conversations feature on the straight Updates. Not just with you, but I find I’m “meeting” more new people through an Update conversation than even in the Groups (where sometimes the same people dominate the conversations).

    LinkedIn (beta group, 2003) remains my first and my “anchor” professional social network.

    • says

      Hi Judy, great to see. I’m also enjoying meeting new people and I do agree that some people can dominate the conversations lol I actually recently joined some new groups and it’s funny how we tend to stay in the same groups but just by joining some new ones can open many opportunities and it’s always nice to meet new people and get your voice heard :)

  3. says

    I don’t do much with LinkedIn, but in checking my stats the other day, I was surprised to see more LinkedIn connections than I have followers on Pinterest! That’s got me thinking it might be time to revisit LinkedIn, and this post is a great overview.

    • says

      Thanks Felicity, yes I too was surprised to see that. I think it’s key to remember that whilst numbers are aways good it’s also about levels of engagement and quality :)

  4. says

    To sum it all, In order to gain traffic in linkedIn, you have to be an active user. You have participate and give time and I agree completing your profile makes people think you’re credible and real. I very much agree with you Lilach. Great post. :)

    • says

      Thanks Belinda – absolutely. The same principals apply across the board with social media, engage, give value and build relationships. What I’m liking about LinkedIn is just by doing a few additional things like creating your profile can increase the chances of helping you get found but also as you say adds to the credibility and keeps things real :)

  5. says

    Out of all of my social platforms I have the FEWEST connections on LinkedIn, but that’s very deliberate. Generally It’s the last place I connect (socially), because it’s the network I value the most, professionally. (It’s why it drives me crazy to receive a generic invite from someone I don’t even recognize…..)

    Re: your comment about joining new Groups, Lilach, I took Neal Schaffer’s advice and joined the maximum allowed: 50. Recently I had to leave one group in order to join McMaster University’s Journal of Professional Communication Group (per accepting a role on its editorial advisory board). I thought carefully about which group to leave, based on how much I had participated in groups in past, what the dynamics were like and whether I thought I would continue to find much (any?) value.

    • says

      You know it’s interesting because I too have the least amount of connections on LinkedIn over all my other social networks… I guess it just goes to show that numbers isn’t everything:)

      It’s definitely worth spending time every so often reevaluating your groups, many of them can become inactive and sometimes it’s simply a case of moving on and networking with a different bunch of peers…

  6. says

    Linkedin has great value, becz its an authority site. So its very important that you guys get a backlink from ur linkeind profile. Again if u have a great number of connections from some great source then you can have decent traffic in the long run. Google trusts Linkedin more so don’t ignore it. Many are lazy and stick to FACEBOOK :) LOL

  7. says

    Thank you guys, nic epost and awesome tips, i am a newbie on linkedin and i have never thought of using linkedin so far, i am definitely using it through your guidance.

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