How to Leverage Power Words for Social Media Writing Impact

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Words, words, words. Sometimes I feel like my whole life as a writer is wrapped up in words. My home life is too – helping with a struggling eight year old recently diagnosed with dyslexia. Our work with our daughter is focused on helping her decode words in ways that she can understand. Once she figures out these “power words” she can use them to help her figure out other words, and in time her vocabulary and reading strength will grow.

Words that come so easily to me are a struggle for her – and not just because of my age. It’s because she thinks about words differently and sees them differently. She uses the power words and power sounds to help her find familiarity. Once she sees the “at” or “ed” in a word, she can unlock the rest of the meaning of the word. These power words act like signals for her brain.

In many ways, your social media readers are no different. There are power words that they’ve learned to recognize, and when they see them – they know exactly what to do. They are like signposts that indicate “here’s what you need to do.”

No matter what platform you’re publishing on, you can up the impact factor by using these essential power words.

Some of the most useful are:

  • Now
  • Click
  • Free
  • Proven
  • Try
  • Learn
  • Exclusive
  • Bonus
  • You
  • Power
  • Powerful
  • How to
  • Results
  • Increase
  • Guarantee

These words pre-date the advent of social media writing – they are straight out of old school copywriting swipe files. They’ve been around for so long for a reason – they work.

Here’s how to use them in your social media writing.

1. Use power words in your post titles.

Your blog post titles make or break your readability and shareability. Integrating power words into your titles can help you get more clickthroughs from social media as well as through search engines.

Using “how to” in post titles is nothing new (I’ve used one myself in this post) but you can also integrate other power words into your titles to up the impact factor.

“How to Guarantee Your Pool Will Never Smell Like Chemicals”

“7 Ways to Learn from Your Mistakes”

“10 Free Things You Must Do This Summer in Fresno”

You can also use these power words if you craft a custom headline for your social media updates on platforms that allow for more than 140 characters.

2. Use power words in your calls to action.

When you’re posting on Twitter, your title is your call to action – but with other social media platforms you have a bit more room to play with. Creating a call to action on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ posts can help grab attention and move your audience on to the next step.

“Your turn! What do you think are the best ways to beat holiday weight gain?”

“Click here to find out more exclusive tips from our relationship expert.”

“Learn more about what the latest Google update means for your search rankings.”

3. Use power words in your comments.

Social media writing isn’t just about what you post – it’s about how you communicate. You can engage an audience with your comments on social media with power words. Don’t overdo it and make your comments seem too salesy or leading away from the conversation, but you can work in power words to call attention to your contribution.

“You have some great tips! I learned a lot.”

“Interesting point. I’ve found that I can get powerful results from my PPC campaigns by…”

“I’m using this advice right now!”

Power words in comments may be a little less effective than calls to actions and titles, but working them into your conversations can’t hurt!

What are your favorite power words for social media writing?

Courtney Ramirez
This monthly Social Media Writing column is contributed by Courtney Ramirez. Courtney is the Director of Content Strategy for Endurance Marketing, where she helps take B2B brands from boring to breakthrough. She creates strategies that helps businesses tell their story, increase their prospects and convert more customers. She manages content marketing creation and implementation so clients can see the best results from their inbound marketing efforts. She geeks out on content marketing metrics and cat memes. +Courtney Ramirez
Courtney Ramirez
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  1. josephruizjr says

    Great advice Courtney I always have to remember to write in the active voice it is more effective and often takes fewer words.

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