5 Tips for Launching Product Videos in Social Media

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Social media is about connecting and there is no more powerful tool in social media than video.  The question is, how does your company leverage video for your product?

Product video works for large companies and start-ups.  Start-up company, Kinn inc, has been using video to launch their pet care products and to get the attention of retailers by using YouTube and social media.  Because of this, they are finding growing success for their products.

1) Video is a great tool across the whole product life cycle  
Often times, with a new product, there is much more that you can’t talk about than you can talk about.  Don’t let that hinder you! This is still a great time to build interest in the product.  Think of how movie trailers give people just enough information to hook them into seeing the full movie!  In your video and social media posts, make a video trailer of your product to peak their interests.  Chevrolet did this with the launch of the 2014 Corvette.  They posted a video teaser to announce the new product, without showing the new product, which built the buzz around the unveiling of the car at the Detroit auto show.  Your budget may not be the same as Chevrolet, but you can still leverage the power of social video to build excitement.  Remember, video is about emotion.  Print is about information.

2) Pay attention to your target audience.
A few years ago, we were working to help re-launch a product for a client. the video went to all their big box retail partners and to amazon.  We spent some time talking with amazon and learned that they had done a lot of research.  Amazon found that the best product videos are in the 30 second range.  This still holds true!   If you have more to say than you can fit into 30 – 90 seconds, you can create multiple short videos.

3) Talk to your retail partners
Having helped many of our clients put their product videos on the websites of all the national big box websites, our biggest piece of advice is to start the conversation with each of these retail partners before you create a video.  Their requirements are not hard but they tend to vary and it is better to plan for it before you create your videos than to have to go back and make changes after the video is complete.  Usually, the biggest request they make is regarding what kind of contact information is allowed on the screen.

4) Distribution Plan
This is where most product videos fall short.  They fail to plan for what they will do with the video once it is done, beyond just posting the video to YouTube.  Keep in mind that, while no one strategy fits all, it’s a good idea to know what’s out there and know which ones your target audience fits into.  I am excited about the growth of Pinterest as a social media  tool because it brings the increased need to have nice looking images and video.   I am also happy to see that linkedin is now making video easier to post on profiles.  Another social media platform to keep in mind is Pheed.  It’s a free social media app that combines the best of  many different social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.  It allows for unlimited videos.  Keep these places in mind for your distribution strategy.  I talk a lot about YouTube because it is such a great tool but it is only a part of the tool box and it won’t do you any good if you don’t take the necessary steps to build an audience.  This goes back to proper planning.  You should be building your social media community online before your video launches.   Interact with that audience across all of the social media platforms that fit your target.  Side note:  your post shouldn’t be, “Nice video!  Check out this video we just created.”  Your post needs to add to the conversation, not just be self promoting.

5) Measure
Google launched Adwords for video last year.  This tool give your company metrics that traditional TV advertising can’t.  They have continued to improve it, adding new features this year.
This is a tool that can help you build brand awareness, drive conversions, and increase sales.

Jayson Duncan
This monthly Social Media and Video column is contributed by Jayson Duncan. Jayson is an Orange County, California filmmaker and owner of the video production company Miller Farm Media. In 2003, Jayson began using video to help others tell their stories through his video production company, Miller Farm Media. He has created videos for Fortune 50 companies. In his spare time Jayson enjoys playing his guitar, song writing, and spending time with his wife, Gretchin.
Jayson Duncan


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    All points are good and understandable but In last point, You have told about “adword for video” tool, May I know that is it google adword or different tool?

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    I belive video is an exceptionally powerful medium to get your message across. However it’s not for every business. Totally depends on business objective, products, services, and perhaps even the location & culture of your target audience.

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