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There is a famous saying, “A workman is only as good as his tools.”

This is a rather old saying and should be amended to “worker” and “their”.

Anyway, the essence applies to all forms of work, even internet marketers! And most internet marketers would agree.

A rule of thumb: if your browser doesn’t have at least 12 tabs open at all times, you’re not an internet marketer.

These tabs include analytics software, tracking and data management tools, social media schedulers, competitive research tools, content management systems, and more.

Twitter has a plethora of tools, even as concrete as hashtag analytics!

Facebook tools allow us to gauge content and track engagement metrics.

So what about reddit?

There are three “reddit-official” tools (that we find on reddit) and one super user-created tool, known as reddit enhancement suite, that was created by Steve Sobel.

If you’re rather new to reddit, I would suggest learning the ropes before considering add-ons.

However, these tools should feel familiar, especially for anyone in the digital marketing realm.

Let’s jump in!

reddit enhancement suite

This is the ultimate reddit tool.

Not having reddit enhancement suite (‘RES for short) is like a blogger without HootSuite or a digital marketer without Google Analytics.

Getting it set up and running is fairly simple. Head on over to the official res site and download it for your preferred browser.


It will automatically detect your browser:

res chrome

Simply install it (only takes three seconds) and open up reddit.

We’re immediately greeted with a “Tips and Tricks” box like this:

res tips

To familiarize ourselves better with RES features, simply click “Next” to go through each tip.

Features include:

  • User tagging
  • Subreddit tagging
  • Backup data
  • View images on the same page
  • Better comment browsing (with parent tagging and navigation)
  • Filter subreddits by keywords and filter the front page to certain subreddits
  • Customized keyboard navigation
  • Customized style/UI for basic reddit features, such as comment highlighting

I’ve found one of the most useful features is the customizable dashboard:

RES dashboard

This may look daunting at first, but if you spend a few minutes testing things out it becomes very simple.

Basically, we can create a customized feed that is made up of users, subreddits, and mail feeds. In the example above I’ve kept things simple and added one subreddit feed (homebrewing) and one user feed (/u/unidan; one of the few reddit celebrities/power users).

The customizable dashboard makes research and social monitoring incredibly powerful.

If we’re looking to run a targeted sponsored headline in a particular subreddit, we can create a dashboard that pulls in the subreddit feed, along with many of the power users in that feed.

This gives us extraordinary social monitoring power and insights to the most preferred type of content. If we base our content in this research, our sponsored headline has a much better chance of being received in good favor by the subreddit.

reddit companion

This tool makes it incredibly easy to submit articles to reddit as you naturally browse – as opposed to intentionally searching for content to submit.

This is important because most of the time, when we discover content naturally (think of an “aha!” moment) the submission has a better chance of being received well by redditors.

It’s incredibly easy to set up:

First, download the reddit companion.

Second, you’re done!

Easy right?

We’ll notice a little reddit alien (that’s Snoo) in the right side of our URL bar:

reddit companion icon

Whenever we’re on a page and think, “Hmm, this would be a great thing to submit to a certain subreddit” all we have to do is click on Snoo.

Here’s a quick example of what this would look like in action.

I was searching for information about skunks after waking up to an eviscerated trashcan! I stumbled across the expert advice section on Havahart and navigated to the skunks section. I quickly learned that skunks don’t spray us as their initial reaction; in fact, they will growl and shake their tail at us first, hah!

Simply click on Snoo and this bar will appear for us to enter in an appropriate title and hit Submit:

reddit skunk post

After hitting Submit, we’re directed to the submission page:

reddit skunk submission

There is a popular subreddit called “todayilearned” where users submit links to really interesting sources of information. The proper layout for a submission in this subreddit is to start with “TIL” (today I learned) followed by the shortest possible expression of that interesting piece of information.

We may realize our skunk discovery is just mildly interesting and better suited for a subreddit like /r/animals. On the submission page, we can simply change the headline and subreddit.

Also, this is not just limited to text pages. Videos are fine as well – just make sure they’re going to the right subreddit. We can even create our own subreddit; for example, I noticed there isn’t anything geared towards animal control, such as the previous skunk problem, or common roach and mice problems. We could start populating it with expert industry advice and encourage self-posts from experts themselves!

On the pro tips section on Victor Pest we’ll notice a detailed guide with a video:

victor pest pro tips

We can simply open up the video URL and submit the video that way, letting reddit import the video title.

This process is meant to be seamless and only takes a few seconds, so it won’t interfere with our workflow.

Because natural submissions are a fundamental process of reddit communities, this keeps us active as redditors.

Additionally, reddit companion comes packed with features that can help any of our social/content marketing campaigns:

reddit companion options

With desktop notifications, we can respond quicker to anyone who comments on one of our submissions, whether it’s a targeted sponsored headline or just natural submissions.

It’s a great lightweight tool that improves the reddit experience and should definitely be part of a social media marketer’s e-tool belt.

reddit buttons

reddit buttons

This is one of the easiest tools to integrate; however, there is a big consideration we have to make.

Is our content appropriate for a particular subreddit?

Having a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Button is a much different value than a reddit button. Those networks are for promotional and controlled broadcast on a profile that we own. The ‘profile’ in regards to reddit, is the subreddit we submit to.

Think of it this way:

A blog post about a new forum feature on our website is something our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn group members will find interesting. On the other hand, there is no appropriate place for this to be organically submitted on reddit. In a rare scenario, if our forum is designed by a mind-shattering graphics guru, it may get organically submitted to a design-related subreddit for appreciation – but that is like a super low probability.

If our content is corporate/business focused or does not really stop and make people think about what they just read or saw, a reddit button is not a great idea.

Now, let’s say we’re running a quarterly research or interview series on our blog about web hosting. We’re producing some really high-quality and detailed results that attract the attention of people who happen to frequent /r/webhosting. Having a reddit button now increases the chance someone will organically submit our content to the appropriate subreddit.

If we plan our content according to research we’ve collected, and we know it aligns with the rules and content of targeted subreddits, we should integrate a reddit button. This may pick us up some added traffic, subscribers, and leads.

reddit widget

reddit widget

This is your typical feed-integration widget. Just think of how you import your “recent tweets” and how that looks.

The reddit widget has a lot of customization though. We can create feeds according to particular users and subreddits.

Using the web hosting example from above, we can simply grab the code and paste it into a simple text widget. Here’s what this looks like on the sidebar of my personal blog:

webhosting widget

It looks clean and adds a bit of uniqueness to the typical sidebars of most websites.

For those who have no problems getting accustomed to these tools, here’s a more advanced way to customize a widget feed.

Basically, we’re going to create a multireddit, make it public, and then pull the public URL into the widget feed.

Create a multireddit:

create a multireddit button

Next, add all of the subreddits that are relevant to your niche. For this example, I created a new reddit account called “webuniversetest” to show how this works. The URL includes our username, so I would recommend creating a new account to protect your main account being linked with your personal identity.

Start populating the multi with relevant subreddits:

webuniverse multireddit

Make sure you check “public” and add a variety of subreddits.

Next, grab the public URL for the multireddit, which is our username followed by /m/ followed by the name of the subreddit:


Now simply set that URL in the widget feed like we did above and boom, we’re done!

Here’s the full widget code:

webuniverse widget

And here’s the end-result:

webuniverse live widget

Pretty cool, huh?!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these tools and I’ll be happy to help in the comments!

Jesse Aaron
This monthly Reddit column is contributed by Jesse Aaron. Jesse is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. In his spare time Jesse enjoys redditting, brewing beer (as you may have guessed), slowly learning Python, and reading (currently reading Infinite Jest). His biggest inspiration is the satisfaction of building something from scratch. While challenging and time consuming, the rewards are unmatched. +Jesse Aaron
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    Hey Jesse,

    Thanks for sharing. Until date, I am still trying to learn how reddit to work. Had one success with it which was good. At least for a start right?

    Lovely right and thank you! Shared!

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      Hey Reginald, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’ve seen success on reddit – the RES tool should make your browsing/navigational experience on reddit faster and easier to segment. By learning how to customize a dashboard in RES you’ll simultaneously learn more about reddit :)

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