How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Content

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If you want more readers to consume your content, you can’t expect them to find it on their own. You need to get the word out about your latest blog posts! In this post, we’re going to look at the basic ways you need to promote each piece of blog content you publish.

Sharing with Your Social Media Audience

The first and most obvious way to promote your blog content is to share it with your social media audience. But surprisingly, many businesses will just tweet it once OR share it on their Facebook page, and that will be it.

Instead, you want to adopt a more aggressive social sharing process that includes the following.

  • Tweet your blog post 2 – 3 times the first day, then tweet it again the next day, and then maybe again a week later. This way, you have the best potential of catching the majority of your followers. Be sure to modify the title of your post a bit each time so people who have seen it earlier will not feel like you are a broken record.
  • Post an update on Facebook and promote that post. This way you can reach more of your audience. Get people in the company who use their personal profile for business to share it on their profiles as well.
  • Post an update on your Google+ page and get people in the company to share it on their personal profiles.
  • Post an update on your LinkedIn company page and get people in the company to share it on their professional profiles.
  • Pin an image from your post on Pinterest and get people in the company to repine it on their personal profiles.

This covers the top social media networks. If you are a part of any niche social networks, be sure to share on those as well.

The key on networks where you are going to share it only once is to time it right. If you’re targeting an East Coast audience, think about when (and where) they will most likely be monitoring their social newsfeeds and be sure to share it then.

Notifying Your Email List

Want to keep your mailing list subscribers tuned in to your emails? Don’t just send them product sale after product sale. Send them some useful content that they might be interested in. If four out of five of your emails are great content, and one is a sales pitch, then they’ll be more likely to open each email vs. if four out of five are always selling something.

Spreading the Word to Other Bloggers

Bloggers love to link to great content. Especially the ones that create daily, weekly, or monthly content roundups. See if there are any blogs in your industry that curate posts with other blog content, and see if you can suggest your best, most recent post to them.

A simple email or submission of their contact form will be fine. Just let them know that you are fan of their roundup, and based on the type of content they share, you wanted to suggest your latest post because of it’s relevance. Note that relevance is key – if the blog curates posts about social media, and your post is about law enforcement, then you’re probably not going to get in.

Feeling Like It’s Overkill?

After reading this, you might feel like this is a bit overkill. But in reality, it’s not. The reason is because with exception to a few loyal fans, your audience isn’t going to be following your every move on every channel. They won’t see every tweet, every Facebook post, or every email. Most will only see one of the promotional methods you chose.

For those who do see it everywhere, that’s actually a good thing too. Maybe they see your tweet and your post on Facebook, but they don’t click on it. But then it shows up in their inbox. At that point, it’s going to be a hard piece of content to ignore.

What are the standard tactics you use to promote your blog posts? Please share in the comments!

Kristi Hines
This monthly Blogging column is contributed by Kristi Hines. Kristi is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her work has been featured on top marketing blogs including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, Unbounce, and Wordtracker. She enjoys producing content that helps businesses with their online marketing strategy. Whenever she's away from the keyboard, her hobbies include photography, camping, and tennis. +Kristi Hines
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  1. says

    Great Tips for getting your Blog content seen. I’d add in your email contacts too and encourage action with all your connections by them helping pass the message about your blog along!

  2. says

    Regarding the slight change in the title every time we share the content as suggested by you…don’t you think that will lead to bothering the people with lost of promoting. To top up the frustration, we are also sending them to the same post again and again. Yes, they may not click on all the links as you said, but that doesn’t justify the use of over-promotion tactics.

    On the other hand, if you can churn out new content again and again which is quite possible for the seasoned bloggers, then sharing the content will have more meaning and will work in our favor.

  3. says

    I’m actually supportive of amending the title to ensure your content does reach a different audience (timing of your shares is also important) – I would vary the titles and times when re-posting to maximize your exposure.

  4. says

    I do agree with you Kristi. With so many tweets on twitter and it’s fast update, your followers would hardly notice. Sometimes you just have to EMPHASIZE and over do things like the idea of spinning titles or sharing, great tips. What I do with my content is I re-post it on different platforms preferably authority sites. It’s important to reach your target audience. In a way, you get to help them with your tips as well. Just like this blog. Thanks Kristi. :)

  5. says

    Great post Kristi. I do not believe this is overkill. In fact I do not believe it is enough. I believe it is the minimum. You’ve got a world the functions 24×7 and you may as well leverage what you can to tap into those that are awake while you sleep.

  6. says

    It is always pleasure to read your content Kristi, You are jewel for me. I always love to read your neat piece of content. I promote my blog effectively on tribber it is amazing platform for me.

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