7 Ways How Realtors are Using Social Media with Success

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How realtors are using social media with success?

Successful real estate professionals know that social media is a portal to connect home buyers and sellers with the information they seek. They know that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus offer a rich media experience, allowing potential clients to enjoy videos, articles, photos and other digital files from the comfort of their own home. Along with that, social media is a conduit to a conversation; opening the door to deeper, more meaningful discussions that extend beyond limitations formerly placed on traditional marketing.

Successful real estate pro’s know that a diverse online presence is key their  overall marketing success. Take a cue from their daily habits with the 7 ways successful real estate professionals use social media to build trust, credibility and a strong personal brand.

  1. Accessibility

Successful agents know how to use social media to open lines of communication and create a new level of accessibility. Gone are the days of sitting by the phone, waiting for potential clients to call. They are now accessing profiles and other important data on the web long before ever picking up the phone. Giving them easy access to you and your business is vital.

On Facebook pages, clickable applications allow visitors to connect with your website, blog and other valuable information. Additional sites such as Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter and YouTube give mobile users easy access to you and your company while on the go.

  2. Active Participants

Social media isn’t just a place where successful agents come to push out information, rather they are there to engage and wholly participate in every perceivable way. They are actively answering customer questions on YouTube, responding to tweets and monitoring Facebook questions.

They take their time creating content that answers everything from lifestyle to home buying questions to boost awareness of their personal brand and build credibility as a local real estate leader.

  3. Mobile Marketing

We are on the verge of a new era in mobile device usage. In just the last two years, mobile search has grown an astounding 500% with 30% of all U.S. adults accessing the internet via their tablet. These numbers coupled with the fact that mobile internet search continues to grow while desktop search is declining at a rapid rate, make it imperative for real estate professionals to stay ahead of competition by ensuring potential clients are able to easily access social profiles across the web.

Social media is yet another way for successful agents to provide local and geographically specific tips about the neighborhood, community and cities they live in.

  4. Referral Traffic

Smart real estate professionals know how to effectively utilize social media as a traffic referring resource to both their website and blog.

Through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, they have seen referral traffic quality improving right into their own main websites and blogs. A lot of traffic is now received with the same visitors from social networking sites spending more time in these websites watching, looking or searching for something. These in turn has made them to generate a lot of business. YouTube presence is key in this, with thousands of videos leading to hundreds of thousands of views that in turn have the potential to convert viewers into homebuyers.

  5. Thought Leadership

Creating an expansive presence across the internet by providing thoughtful, meaningful and relevant content and conversations is a secret successful real estate agents use daily to create awareness and thought leadership within their niche and local market.

Real estate professionals are actively engaging their audience with expert perspectives and knowledge on the industry as compared to alienating their prospective customers with push marketing tactics and useless details. They diversify their presence and consistently analyze their efforts to ensure the right information is getting in front of the right people at all times.

  6. Professional Connections

Real estate professionals are making the most of social media and networking sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus to connect with other experts within the industry. Both LinkedIn and Google Plus offer a professional atmosphere where real estate experts around the world are able to share their expertise and insight.

Joining LinkedIn groups or Google Plus communities specific to niche or region allow like-minded professionals to engage on a unique level only afforded by social media. Instead of the barrier previously created by location, social media knows bounds.

  7. Employee Communication

Connection and communication with employees in past years was through a standard chain of command that typically filtered through email or memos. Today’s real estate professional knows that time is precious and when managing a team, time is also money.

The most time and cost effective solution is communication via social media. Whether it is a project update, motivational pep talk or a training event, social media provides a faster way to connect and share information in a location comfortable for most anyone.

How are you using social media to connect with sellers and buyers, network with industry peers and provide expert advice? I would love to hear what’s working for you in the comments below!

Rebekah Radice
This monthly Visual Social Media Marketing post is contributed by Rebekah Radice. Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer, speaker and trainer. Rebekah’s goal is to provide insight and inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling them to build a powerful online presence that includes the strategic use of social media marketing. Rebekah was recently named an Inman Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader, as well as one of the Top Social Media Professionals to Follow in 2013. +Rebekah Radice
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    I particularly liked the suggestion of developing “thought leadership” Rebekah. A friend’s husband works in global, commercial real estate and I was thinking about what an advantage he could have in this regard. (Forwarded a link to them!)

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    Hey Rebekah just curious as to how you derived these findings? Was there a research conducted on successful real estate agents? I am just curious because I would love to share stats and research findings with the real estate professionals I work with to help them create effective social media strategies. I absolutely agree with the Mobile Marketing integration. It is where we are headed in terms of surpassing PC usage. In addition, social media just surpassed Television with regards to how much time we spend on social media vs. TV. Very telling right? Thank you Rebekah for your contribution to the real estate industry and how social media should effectively be utilized by professionals, lest their competitor learns how before them. ☺

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    Great information Rebekah. Im putting together a marketing ebook for real estate professionals and I may quote you on some of your comments. If I do, Ill circle back around with you.

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