How Do I Send a Complaint to LinkedIn?

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If you’ve been reading my blog or my tweets, you should realize that a lot of people are upset about the changes in LinkedIn Group and Inbox functionality that occurred last week.  From the average user perspective the changes may seem minimal, but for those power users and LinkedIn Group Managers who are the best evangelizers for LinkedIn (I love you LinkedIn!) the changes are quite significant.

I am already feeling the pinch.  My next Windmill Networking in Southern California So Cal Sushi LinkedIn Group event is tomorrow.  I used to be able to easily send an email to the subset of group members that RSVPed me that they could attend.  I can now only send out an Announcement OR have to use the very inefficient Inbox to spend a few minutes just to send out an email to multiple contacts.  Composing a message to multiple recipients on Inbox, in essence, sucks.

I sent out an Announcement a few days ago to remind people of the event and basically positioned it as a last call for RSVPs.  Today I got notified from the restaurant that they might put some PR muscle into this to try to get a lot more people to come to the networking event.  Great!  And because the common factor of those who are attending is their LinkedIn membership, it further evangelizes LinkedIn.

But, not so fast.  The Announcement feature, which allows the Group Manager to send out a message to everyone in the group, can only be used once a week.  My last Announcement was a few days ago.  I cannot send out another Announcement.  And it is just too inefficient to send out mass emails…after all, that is why LinkedIn wants you to use the Announcement feature and NOT email the entire group.  So now I only have the option of placing a Discussion on the Discussion Board and hope that everyone sees it in the next 24 hours…I’d be lucky if 5% of my group members happen to be looking at it today.

So now you see how the new restrictions on LinkedIn Groups make it a bad scenario for both the Group Managers and Members.  But what to do about it?  How do I send a complaint to LinkedIn?  And I don’t mean contacting Customer Service as they are the gate keepers and not the decision makers.  I’ve been blogging about this all week, but now someone in Mass Media has come to our rescue.

Patrick Kitano of Social Media Today is to thank for taking the call to action.  He has written a very concise blog post on what the LinkedIn Group issues are, echoing a lot of what I have been saying, and he also says that we should complain to the source of the problem: Reid Hoffman, the CEO of LinkedIn.  He includes Reid’s profile URL and does note that Reid is currently accepting InMails.  Now, you do need to have a Paid account to send an InMail, so this is not an advertisement to upgrade (I am still on the free account, by the way ;-), but even if a fraction of the thousands of people who read this blog every month will send Reid an email, it may make LinkedIn a better place for all of us.  And, I suppose that you can truly now say that paid membership does have its privileges…a chance to directly send an email to the CEO!

Thank you, and Viva La Revolution!

Neal Schaffer
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  1. cecilianell says

    To my surprise one day i saw that i have an profile on linkedin,that i definitely NOT registered myself.I cannot even view my own profile.Pls help me to remove it

  2. says

    As I am not in any way affiliated with LinkedIn, you will need to contact LinkedIn Customer Service and let them know. They have always been very helpful to me, so I am sure they will be able to address your problem for you. Good luck and do let us know if they were able to resolve your problem or not.

    • gerda schwartz says

      LinkedIn does not answer complaints. They sent out over 300 invitations to people I do not know
      and when I finally received a reply to my complaint 10 days later, it was not a response to my complaint. Of course, I quit and the next day I open up face book to see my grand daughters page and there is a message to me from me to join me on LinkedIn. Will I receive another 300 invitations to me from me? How many people did they send the same message to? I am retaining a lawyer just because I am fed up with how they have used and abused my name so many different places.

      • says

        Thanks for your comment, Gerda, and it’s interesting because my wife claims that Facebook does the same thing. I suppose once you give a social networking site access to your address book …

        • alex d says

          The same thing happened to me and i always am very careful not to let any site access to my address book. they just stole my data and sent mails to all my contacts without me giving them the right to do so. AND THIS HAPPENED LAST MONTH!(september 2013)

          • says

            Sorry to hear about that Alex – I believe there is a new lawsuit that is saying that LinkedIn is doing just that. I haven’t had that happen to me in my personal experience, but I have heard of others saying that large social networks engage in this practice. I suppose we’ll have to see what the courts say!

    • Gwen Ariza says

      I signed up for linkedin with my work email and now that has disappeared. it now only works with my home email. Who in the world changed THIS!!

  3. Tim says

    LinkedIn is a terrible company. They misled me regarding getting more traffic on my website and now they are charging my account. Do not give them your credit card info. There customer service is a joke. You may be able to get in touch with a person at 650.687.3555.

    • Michelle says

      I’ll agree with Tim.

      Twice now they’ve deleted my account for no reason at all.

      The first time a bunch of unemployed people took their anger out on me & I kept asking them to stop, but they wouldn’t. The next thing I knew, I was gone after years of building my profile.

      Now I had stalkers from the merchant account industry bullying me in groups & I said so. The next thing I know, I’m removed from the group (blame the victim, not the criminal) & then a week later my account is gone.

      In LinkedIn land they are judge jury & executioner & they don’t even care to ask questions to find out my side of whatever story was given to them.

      And no, there is no way to contact them. They just ignored me the first time after I dealt with a girl who was beyond unintelligent, so I won’t even bother wasting my time now.

  4. Tim says

    LinkedIn is a terrible company. They misled me regarding getting more traffic on my website and now they are charging my account. Do not give them your credit card info. There customer service is a joke. You may be able to get in touch with a person at 650.687.3555.

  5. offthegrid says

    Neal, I am not sure how you were able to reach customer service at Linkedin. I have sent no less than 3 emails to customer service from my primary email address in the last 72 hours because they have restricted my account based on the number of people who have viewed my profile in the last week. This all occurred because I created a new group that has generated alot of interest and is adding members everyday at a high rate. The one phone number found on the linked in page for customer service just leads to voice mail. So to my group members it appears that I have just abandoned the group and to others who have sent me email it looks as though I am not responding.

    I'd love to hear how you found legitimate contacts and talked to real people.

  6. says

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. In fact, I know someone who's account was similarly restricted just because they spent a lot of time organizing the tags of their contacts. Bizarre!

    I have usually gotten pretty quick initial response from LinkedIn, but from there the results have been random. I think that since LinkedIn has so many members now, they really are only giving quick responses to paid members, for which they guarantee a 24-hour response. I would keep trying to contact Customer Service by following the on-screen rules every day until they contact you. In addition, if you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can try to post a message on their “Wall” or tweet at them.

    Other than that my only other suggestion is to create a new LinkedIn Profile using a different email address in order to mitigate the risk. I realize that this will not get your Group back, but at least you can contact Group members to tell them what happened and have them help you in complaining to LinkedIn. Maybe the public knowing will be the best support you can have.

    Best of luck in your situation, and do let us know how it goes.


  7. says

    That is truly a bizarre experience you have had with LinkedIn Michelle – I have heard, and myself been personally, kicked out of a LinkedIn group, but bullying and getting kicked off of LinkedIn just does not make any rational sense. All you can do is to continue to contact LinkedIn Customer Support – I would also use social media to try to contact them through Facebook and Twitter as well…

  8. Mim says

    I agree 100% about LinkedIn being a terrible company, and
    their costumer service should be studied for what NOT to do. Unceremoniously
    after several months of being on LinkedIn and gathering up over 400 contacts I
    was shown the door (without even a warning – my account & profile was simply
    “deleted”) because … now wait for it – I apparently didn’t have my
    REAL name … according to them. The irony is that I did have my real name on
    the profile. How rude is that. What, they don’t like my name so they give me the
    boot – without option of changing it? Lovely! Perhaps what I am hearing is correct and it is an elitist self-serving group of jealous talentless people who don’t
    want you in unless you have a trust fund to show them (and pay their bills
    with) for fear that you will see that there is a bumbling idiot behind the curtain.

  9. Jeffwooller says

    When I login I am asked to link in with a long list of people. The list does not appear to be sorted in any way. Many of the same names appear three or four times. 

    • Pete Sudbury says

      Me too. I can’t say “no” to any of them, and “remove all selected” is greyed out, then becomes “invite all selected” when you click it. Now I have 70 people invited who are completely irrelevant to my business.

  10. Navjot Purewal8 says

    M using internet through my mobile but I cannot sign in to linkedin several times I tried . How is it possible? I also change my password but cannot go in.

  11. says

    With a title of “How do I send a complaint to LinkedIn” I was hoping this article would help me. I deleted my account, yet it keeps spamming me. I cannot contact them until I have an account. Does anyone have a nuclear bomb for them? I would willingly press the button.

    • says

      The CAN-SPAM act would suggest that they give you an opportunity to opt-out of all emails. If not, there could be a potential legal issue there. I would try to contact them on public channels (i.e. TWITTER!) and let them know your issue. Good luck with it!

  12. Candice says

    I have had so many issues with LinkedIn . They are a huge disappointment.  I have people asking me all of the time  why my sons are requesting to be linked in with them.  Some how or another this is either a hacker scam with Linked In to try and show there effectiveness which actually is a great failure  or a huge glitch in their system.

    I was trying to search for someone just now and was forced to take an option to be rerouted to get more information.  I dont want more information about the site nor do I think it is professional of them to force me to route through a page providing more information. I don’t want more information.

    Linked in is a huge failure in trying to capture a market which they have no idea how to do.

    Linked In is continuing to Link up people who have no idea who each other is.  Again, a huge failure and a great lack of proper business operations.

  13. Vera Entwistle says


  14. kchapel says

    I have trying to get an email to reset my password for 6 months.I receive other emails from LinkedIn such as invites which I can’t respond to as my password doesn’t work. I haven’t received any password email.
    I am trying to find employment and LinkedIn is just making it much harder and more frustrating.

    • says

      I’m very sorry to hear about that … if you’ve waited that long I would definitely try to email them again … or you might just want to start over with a new account … not the ideal situation, but I’m sure if you let your old connections know they will understand and accept your invitations.

  15. Jonathan Bevan says

    Your words for security to sign inDO NOT match that expected. I understand security, but after several attempts to sign in it is clear this system is
    rubbish. Blah blah blah…. This may be sufficiently long enough

  16. Bunny Watts says

    I cancelled my subscription 24 hous ago before it ended but still they went ahead and charged me a day later! I wrote to them on their twitter wall, send them complaint through email but still no response. I’m I ever getting my money back!

  17. says

    One may just as well not have a password since it is useless to sign in to your account. One thing for
    sure I am not a robot and I find it offensive that I have to prove this when I have a password that is
    correct and current. I have stopped using it since I have such a problem getting through the safety
    net. I am a real human with a pulse and a mind that functions. How many robots have do you have
    lurking there and do you really believe that you silly system can keep out a smart robot who has a
    password and is willing to go through this sieve which most probably does not keep out smartbots.

    • says

      I’m sorry to hear about that Frank – yes, LinkedIn did start getting more aggressive by using Captcha technology to keep out the bots – but if it’s keeping out real users as well, there’s a big problem ;-(

  18. janet tripodi says

    To linkedin- yesterday, I left a lengthy, detailed, synopsis, to you, linkedin, and to all people you scam. Today, 3:30 am, east coast time, it is ” majically not there” just like your snow job you tryded do on me and why this complaint section does not include my accurate description on why you arecsuch a scam. Bottom line, like I said yesterday, afterbyou make this email majically disappear after the emailbregistered ” accepted” on this site page, consider yourself reported to the proper authorities and not the ceo, breid, bthat your site page suggests to complainb to.nhe is also partnod linkecins scam.nhace a good time wTching vBulletin your companyvcrubble before your eyes!!!!!!!!;;;;;;;;;;; ?????????????? Jjt

  19. says

    Terrible terrible terrible business practices. Someone flagged me and I cannot know who, why, or in any way appeal or resolve it. Anyone can blindly and maliciously flag another person and LinkedIn policy supports this with no recourse foe the flagged party. Ridiculous.

  20. richard crow says

    Joined an alumni group from my former employer (30 years ago) and had to join linkedin. Can not view the member list to see if anyone I remember is on it (out of 3000 employees I knew). Linkedin had no problem hi-jacking my contact list, and flooding their inboxes with spam. A total piece of crap.

    • says

      Sorry to hear about your experience Richard … there are other channels for alumni groups to be created on Facebook or Google Plus … you might want to give that feedback to your former employer!

  21. Fred says

    Linkedin is automatically synchronizing personal information (contacts) stored only on users’ phones via their android application without the consent of the user.
    The linkedin site clearly states that synchronization will never occur without a user’s consent, but that is not the case.
    In addition, linkedin posts the personal contact information obtained from the users’ phones via the android application on their site.
    Linkedin then uses the contact information mined from the users phone to generate fake linkedin accounts in an effort to mislead the user into trying to “connect” with those contacts.
    If the user attempts to “connect” with those contacts linkedin sends an email invitation to that particular contact to create a linkedin account.

    Please stop. This is unethical. Why are you doing this?
    It clearly shows that your business cannot be trusted.

  22. says

    Linked in is the social media site for professionals .The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful .Ifyou have any complaints you can contavt with the Linked in customer care service .

  23. College Student says

    I’m appalled by the comments that I found here! I hated LinkedIn for quite some time now, due to how ineffective it was in helping me obtain a job, but I had NO idea that LinkedIn was THIS bad!

  24. Linda McGilvray says

    I have had problems updating parts of my profile for weeks. I have asked several times to speak to a supervisor or to escalate my complaint, but it doesn’t happen. They have told me to try a mobile application when I have been using a PC. When I am using a mobile app and have the same problem they have told me to use a PC. They have told be to clear the cache and remove cookies, but this has failed to work. My job tile is wrong on the record (it is now someone else’s job) and cannot be updated on any computer. I have rarely (thankfully) come across a company with customer service as apathetic and poor as this one. They are very quick if they think they can elicit money from you, but milk would turn faster than them sorting out a serious problem related to misinformation and a job title that no longer applies.

    To be honest, trying to communicate with them is very frustrating, bordering on sickening.

  25. Jeremy Gutteridge says

    Dear sir / madam,

    I want to make a complaint that I still listed in search engines including my LinkedIn picture! I have updated my privacy settings and sent numerous emails. Due to my work I require my details removed from search engines including my photo immediately before I take it further. It is a breach of my privacy and your policy, so please have this done ASAP! This is not the first request I’ve made to you about this, now it’s a complaint. I like LinkedIn but only to people I am professionally involved and trust. Please have this rectified immediately.

    Kind regards


  26. says


    I can’t connect with someone in my group. That’s the way a lot of connecting happens…from meeting people with similar interests.

    PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM, and please add groups as a category to connect.


  27. says

    Our Group “PMstudy” with 5,000+ members in LinkedIn has been restricted with LinkedIn without any reasons whatsoever! And there is no response from LinkedIn at all about this issue. This is very unsettling – it is difficult to build up membership in groups and then LinkedIn can kick you out for no reason!!!

    I hope that some decision maker in LinkedIn Customer Support reads this message!

  28. Paul Heald says

    I request and require that you unsubscribe me from all Linkedin email forthwith. I have requested this before but I still am getting emails from your site. If you choose to ignore this yet again I will report you to the Spam Police.

    Paul Heald

  29. Chris Emmett says

    I Googled ‘How to ComplaIn about Linkedin,’ and was directed to this self-promoting blog. Singularly unhelpful.

    • says

      Sorry that you found the blog post to be self-promoting, Chris, but I do think you will find value in the comments it has generated and the experiences of others that you can reflect upon. Either way I do wish you the best of luck in resolving your issue.

  30. Hitendra says

    I have been using LinkedIn for longtime and been a premium services takers and paying charges by a credit card. All of sudden the LinkedIn restrcted my account stating I used LinkedIn message to disturb some one… Without telling me which message they are referrinhg. It is really shocking such negligence..can any one help me to provide their complain mail…

  31. Poisoned by LinkedIn says

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Neal. Telling people to contact LinkedIn Customer Service is as helpful as telling them to go in their closet and talk to the walls. Customer Service for LinkedIn is a name with no human beings attached to it. The company is reprehensible, and should be closed down for its “borderline” criminal behavior. They’ve been charging me $30/month for a FREE MONTH — no risk — Premium Service — for over a year. They are like blood-sucking ticks that attach themselves to your bank or credit card accounts, and when you find out that they are there, there is no way to contact them. (I’ve asked American Express to block them from any further contact and to dispute all charges.) Stop telling people to contact their Customer Support, as it will only increase their frustration.

    • says

      In all honesty – they own the platform – so if you want to make any chances, it can’t be done without contacting them. I’ve had great success in dealing with them, so I can only offer advice based on my own experience…

  32. says

    Please fix my Linkedin?
    I get HUNDREDS of rquests which I accept but I am unable to respond to them by sending a message!
    This is extrodinary bad manners so please assist!
    With many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fiona Dorse

  33. Carin says

    I like to know what to do regarding how i name the person as a STALKER just keep on sending you emails with a bunch of useless words and trying to hook up women on this website…….its disgusting – here is a few sentence “. I wonder how God could let you go off heaven so easily, you are like an angel from heaven, seeing you has made me believe that an angel is missing from heaven, WOW ! i never knew that one day i would be privileged to meet the prettiest face in the universe not to think of finding one on linked , i am really impressed with your charming and irresistible look, let get to know each other more It will be a great thing to me knowing that such a pretty like you can be found online, it really makes me feel relief after taking some time to go through your profile, i tell you that i like what i see and will want you to know that i am really interested in meeting you for a very serious relationship, Can we please get to know more about each other ??? please send me your number let me add you on whatsapp lets get to chat and get to know more about each other”. I want a personal email address of one of your consultants so that I can forward you all the emails that I received from this person.

  34. Brenda Frisby says

    I am receiving about 3 emails a day from someone called Rachel Mackenzie. I have never subscribed to her organisation, and also I told Linkedin that i did not wish to receive any more emails from them. Can you stop her?

    • says

      This blog has no affiliation with LinkedIn. In my personal opinion as a blogger, the only way to stop her is either to 1) block her by visiting her profile and choosing block profile and 2) contact LinkedIn Customer Service if you continue to receive unwanted communication from them inside LinkedIn. Best of luck to you.

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