6 Good Reasons to Upgrade to HootSuite Pro

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For many professional social media users, social media dashboards are a personal matter. Sometimes we have no choice and we use whatever dashboard our company has invested in for our business, but sometimes we might use something else for our “private” use. For more and more enterprises implementing standard dashboards, this is sometimes becoming a social media monitoring with added engagement solution such as Radian6 and Sysomos or a “true” dashboard product built for engagement such as Vitrue or Argyle Social. But as I mentioned in my Top Twitter Clients post, HootSuite is currently the social media dashboard used most for tweeting by agencies. In fact, more people use HootSuite to tweet from than tweeting directly from Twitter.com!

I will be honest in saying that I use a variety of Twitter tools to tweet, as I outlined in my Twitter Tools and Apps I Use Everyday post. Right now, for the purpose of purely tweeting, I am using a combination of HootSuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, and Triberr, with an occasional tweet from Commun.it, Pinterest, or even Foursquare or Empire Avenue. However, out of all of these apps, when I think of a social media dashboard that I use most broadly both inside and outside of Twitter, my tool of choice is HootSuite, and that is why I immediately upgraded to HootSuite Pro when it was first introduced.

Based on the statistics, you’re probably already using the free version of HootSuite and have a good idea of what it provides. Monitoring up to five of your social media profiles at once and being able to schedule messages in advance enables you to manage your efforts such that you wouldn’t even attempt social media marketing without it. But as you expand your efforts, it’s possible that HootSuite Pro will be the tool you can’t live without. Go through these six reasons to help decide if you are ready to upgrade to HootSuite Pro – you never know what you might be missing out on for a mere $9.99 a month!

1. You Can Manage Unlimited Social Profiles. The first and most obvious reason to upgrade is quantity. With the free version you’ve learned the benefits of accessing five social profiles from one dashboard, letting you simultaneously update your personal Facebook as well as fan page, your personal and branded Twitter account, as well as your personal LinkedIn profile. But the year is 2012, and with the emergence of Google Plus you’re probably managing more than 5 social profiles. HootSuite Pro gives you the ability to manage unlimited social profiles, which means you can now add your LinkedIn Company Page, Google Plus Brand Page, and even Instagram stream to engage from one single location. Actually, there are some pretty cool things you can do once you can manage unlimited social profiles on HootSuite Pro, such as:

  • Monitor multiple LinkedIn Groups more easily to find engagement opportunities
  • Easily share your MailChimp campaigns on your multiple social profiles
  • Engage with your Instagram commenters from your computer instead of your smart phone!

Every LinkedIn Group counts as a profile, so if you are a member of 50 LinkedIn Groups like me, you can see why you will want to upgrade once you see how much more efficient you can spend your time managing them through HootSuite!


Managing my “Social Media Strategies for Business” LinkedIn Group from HootSuite.

2. You Can Manage Unlimited RSS Feeds. While many question whether or not you should automate your tweets with automatic RSS-fed posts, in strategic moderation it could add value to your followers, especially if they are trusted sources where you are tweeting most of their posts anyway. While the free version let’s you add two RSS feeds, with HootSuite Pro, you get unlimited RSS Feeds, so you never have to worry about adding too many. If you are looking to rev up your content curation efforts through partial RSS automation, this is nice add-on to the other benefits you have of being a Pro user.


Managing multiple RSS feeds for @MSocialBusiness.

3. Two Users Can Manage Your Dashboard, with the Ability to Add More. As you expand your social media marketing efforts, the time you – and your organization – will spend managing conversations will only increase. As a natural extension of this, it is only logical that at a certain point of time there will be a need for multiple people to begin managing your account, even if it is simply the ability to assign a task to someone else seamlessly through a social media dashboard. With HootSuite Pro you are able to create as well as assign posts for more than one user and thus have multiple people managing multiple accounts. This is a must as your organization, and your organization’s role in social media, gets larger.


Easily manage a large social media team with HootSuite Pro.

4. Facebook Insights & Google Analytics are Integrated into Your Dashboard. While HootSuite is merely pulling in the same data that you can see separately on Facebook and Google, the ability to see this information right inside of your social media dashboard is of extreme value if nothing more than to help you make the most efficient use of time – and provide you immediate feedback which you can then utilize in your social media postings.


An example of Facebook Insights integrated into your HootSuite dashboard.

5. You Can Segment Streams by Influence. While there is debate as to the usefulness of Influence Scores such as Klout, the ability to segment streams by Klout scores will seen by some as being a useful way to pinpoint those users that are at least more active in social media – and thus might have a larger social media reach than others.  You can set up your tweets to only display for those users above a certain score, which allows you to potentially pinpoint and engage with these “influencers” if you so choose.


An example of only showing @Mentions of those who have a 60 or higher Klout score.

6. HootSuite University is Available – With HootSuite Pro, you have the added option of HootSuite University for a monthly fee. In addition to helping you learn how to navigate through HootSuite and use the tool more effectively, you can progress to sections that offer general strategy on using social media in your business and learn advanced tactics and strategies to get the greatest impact with your social media efforts. There’s even a certification program – as well as directory – available for those who want to become “certified” social media professionals.


HootSuite University.

In a nutshell, HootSuite Pro provides the added features you need to expand your marketing reach through social media and be able to manage that reach in a time efficient manner.

What do you use for your social media dashboard?

Have you upgraded to Pro? Any other features you like that I missed? Do you prefer a different social media dashboard? Let’s start a discussion for all to learn by!

Neal Schaffer
The Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Maximize Social Business, Neal Schaffer is a leader in helping businesses and professionals strategically maximize their use of social media. Neal is the author of three social media books, including the recently published definitive social media strategy book Maximize Your Social. Forbes lists him as a Top 35 Social Media Power Influencer and AdAge lists his blog, Maximize Social Business (formerly known as Windmill Networking), as a top 100 global marketing blog. Neal provides social media strategy consulting and coaching, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and a Grammy-award winning musician. He has presented worldwide on social media at more than 150 events and also teaches social media marketing at Rutgers University. +Neal Schaffer
Neal Schaffer


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  1. nhr2000 says

    I am currently testing out HootSuite Pro and although it has some nice functionality, I notice that many features (e.g. analytics) require additonal payments beyond the $9.99 / month.

    • says

      You are correct in that some of them require additional $$$, specifically HootSuite University as well as _advanced_ analytics. However, everything else I mentioned was all part of the $9.99 plan, no?

      • nhr2000 says

         Haven’t explored all the Pro features yet, but as soon as I tried to create more than one analytic report, I was told that I needed to spend more $.  Would rather they charge more and include more than charging more for so many individual features.

        • says

          Yes, the analytics reports are tricky, but I understand their thought process as well. If you are using HootSuite to create deep analytical reports for your company or your clients, there is much more potential value in using HootSuite than just $9.99.

          That’s the way I read it, at least.

          Thanks again for the comments!

  2. says

    Very intersting and timely. I just started looking at HootSuite yesterday for the first time in years.

    I just wish they had a full client and not just the browser client.

    Would love your thoughts on their acquiring Seesmic.

    • says

      “in years?” HootSuite was only established by Ryan Holmes in 2008, meaning it’s about four years old.

      BTW, one of the best CaseCamp presentations at Social Media Week Toronto was by Scott Walker from HootSuite – https://twitter.com/hootscott. He spoke about the “enterprise” components to Hootsuite, which is its primary target customer base. 

    • says

      Hi Christopher.

      I actually prefer a web client and not a native client – one thing I disliked about TweetDeck off the bat. Obviously, you see technology different than I do, but I prefer to do everything on my PC in my web browser if at ll possible.

      As for Seesmic, I am not the speculative type 😉 They certainly were able to “buy” themselves new customers through this acquisition, and I’m sure there’s some IP in there that they found attractive as well. But remember, Twitter bought out TweetDeck sometime ago and I haven’t seen that radical of changes in either technology, have you?

      • says

        The TweetDeck acquisition was a bit different. It felt like Twitter was trying to kill off the main channel people were bypassing the website to access the service. The reviews of the post-acquisition versions were pretty poor (at least initially: I haven’t used it for a while).

        And that will be interesting with HootSuite too and the API changes. It seems like Twitter is actively trying to kill off means of access other than the website these days. Presumably to force eyeballs to ads and sponsored tweets.
        Guess we’ll see. I tend to think Twitter is in trouble though, based on the sorts of decisions they’re making.

        • says

          You’re correct about the TweetDeck purchase being on a different level.

          As for Twitter, well, they have their challenges. I don’t think they’re “in trouble,” but they are taking more steps to better monetize their service, and that requires that all eyeballs are on Twitter.com.

          Of course, they could create some mandatory advertising API that social media dashboards like HootSuite would have to use … it’s going to require some creative thinking AND improved relationships with key social media dashboards like HootSuite.

          Interesting times ahead, that’s for sure!

  3. Connor from HootSuite says

    Great article Neal – thanks for the kind words and recommendation! 

    I’m happy to answer any questions you or anyone else may have about HootSuite.

    Hoot On!

    -your friends at HootSuite

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