How to Find Bloggers Who Already Want to Write About Your Brand

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How do you find bloggers that want to write about your brand?

What if you could reach out to less bloggers but get more brand coverage? It’s easier than it sounds and it starts with doing good research before pitching as opposed to mass emailing a giant list of bloggers who you “think” might be a good fit.

Think About Their Audience

When you’re brainstorming who to reach out to, don’t think about the bloggers who would like your brand, think about the audience first. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the following things:

-Is there a pain point they experience? Can you offer a solution?

-What types of blogs do they read?

-What questions might they have about the niche your brand falls in to?

-What post titles/topics would catch their attention?

-Would they be intrigued more by a special offer or an honest product review?

When you put yourself in your buyer’s desk chair instead of the bloggers, you are going to have better luck finding bloggers who can actually move your campaign forward.

Contextual Searching

Instead of thinking of keywords that encompass a genre of bloggers, try making a list of really specific topics. For instance, I want to market my four star resort in New Zealand that doesn’t allow children. I don’t want to simply search for “travel bloggers” or even “New Zealand travel bloggers” and reach out to a ton of them.

I want to search more specifically than that and make contextual choices not general choices. Instead, I would start by searching for travel bloggers who write about luxury travel and vacationing for couples/adults only. I would eliminate any blogger who writes about backpacking and travel on a budget because this would be a waste of everyone’s time. Catch my drift?

Have They Written About a Brand in the Past?

Bloggers are a great representation of how gray the digital world is. There is no set of rules, no broad applications we can apply to all bloggers.

There are some bloggers who write about brands for money and make some side money from it.

There are other bloggers who refuse to take money for posts because they think it takes away from their integrity.

There are bloggers who fall somewhere in the middle and only write about brands they love and will accept payment from said brands.

Read the blog and find out where the bloggers on your list fall. Chances are if they don’t have any posts labeled “sponsored posts” or don’t have any product reviews on their blog, they’re not interested in working with you.

You can also check their “about me” page and “contact me” page to see if they state any sort of policy about working with brands. Many are upfront about whether or not they do and the types of criteria and requirements they have in place.

If a blogger doesn’t look like they want to work with you, please take them off your list to avoid wasting your time and the blogger’s.

Pitch Them the Right Way

The majority of bloggers have a limited amount of time because they keep up with their blog while often working a full time job.

Thus they obviously want to work with brands/marketers/PRs who respect this fact. That means keeping your pitch short and sweet and to the point. This can sometimes be difficult for those who are just starting out with blogger outreach so I created this ebook containing real life awesome blogger outreach pitches.

When you are developing a list of bloggers to contact for a campaign, what do you look for to determine whether or not the blogger is a good fit? 

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