Facebook Promotions in 2013: Are Your Fans Helping You Recruit New Ones?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of easypromos. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every social media marketer would be foolish not to want to try to leverage the viral aspect of Facebook and achieve greater visibility for their presence on Facebook. When you think about it, that can be done in a number of ways:

  • Promoting your Facebook presence outside of Facebook to invite your present customers, partners, and employees to Like your Facebook Page
  • Writing for engagement with your present Facebook Fans in hopes that the engagement from every Like, Comment or Share will go out into the News Feeds of their friends, helping you attain greater brand awareness
  • Paying for Facebook Ads and targeting Friends of Fans in hopes of reaching out to them
  • Creating promotions or campaigns within Facebook as a type of social media contest in hopes that your fans activity will interest their friends into joining as well

For the purpose of this blog post, I want to concentrate on Facebook Promotions and its ability to help utilize your fans to help recruit new ones to your page. Compared to the other organic forms of viral reach on Facebook, it may just be the easiest way to leverage your fan base – and often the one less utilized.

So how does Facebook Fan Recruitment work?

Facebook Contest Guidelines

One of the first questions to ask before starting a Facebook contest is whether or not it will be compliant with Facebook rules; therefore, it’s important to first look at the contest guidelines provided to ensure that we are in compliance. What does Facebook say about allowing you to utilize your fans to recruit new ones as part of a contest? Facebook prohibits directly encouraging the use of its social channels. However, Facebook does allow you to award participants who have recruited new users through their invitations.

What Contests are Best for Having Fans Recruit New Ones?

There are many ways to implement recruited fans contests, assuming that you use a platform like easypromos that supports the functionality. For instance, you could create any one of these contests which includes this “recruitment” aspect:

  • Contestants compete to recruit the most new fans to the Page
  • A contest where the winner is chosen at random from those that recruit a minimum number of new fans to the Page
  • A sweepstakes contest is created where the number of entries is determined by the number of fans recruited

How Can Fans Recruit Others?

If you are creating a Facebook promotion where you need the functionality to allow your entrants, who are fans or become them through “like-gating,” to recruit others, the most common ways of allowing them to do so are through:

  • Providing a referral link which can be shared throughout social media or even via email, ideally one that includes cookies which allows some time for the referred to join the campaign and still allow the entrant to claim the referred as their recruited fan
  • Posting the link on your Facebook wall for friends of the entrants to see
  • Inviting Facebook friends to join the promotion through notification or private message
  • Directly publishing the link from the Facebook application onto other social networks such as Twitter

What are Best Practices for Creating a Facebook Promotion for New Fan Recruitment?

Every Page will be different in terms of its objectives as well as its fan demographics, but at the end of the day, the following points should be considered when you plan to create your first Facebook Fan Recruitment Campaign:

1) What prize would most excite your fans into wanting to participate?

At the end of the day, in order to facilitate your fans into recruiting new fans on your behalf, you have to create a unique campaign that has some excitement – or incentive – for your present fans to want to join. It shouldn’t come as a secret that the prize offered in the promotion or prize draw is one of the principal factors in influencing participation. What’s best? Try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers: What would they like that would also have relevance for your business?

2) What would make your fans become your Brand Ambassador?

Once you have fans participating, the hard part begins: Why would fans want to help you promote your campaign to their friends? This often comes down to the incentive, or prize, that you plan to offer, that your fans would be invested in wanting to promote. Instead of the boring iPad giveaway, why not consider giving away something that your fans could share with those that they recruit?

3) How to simplify the process of Fan Recruitment?

One thing that experience has taught me is to keep campaigns as simple as possible. Not everyone is as technically savvy as you are, so make sure that your platform provides you the ability to allow your fans to easily recruit others after joining your contest such as in the image below.


Make it easy to allow your fans to recruit friends to your Facebook promotion.

4) How can your fans know how their recruiting efforts are going?

If your fans are going to go out of their way to promote your campaign to their friends both on and off Facebook, doesn’t it make sense to give them access to a dashboard to let them see how they are doing – and allow them to reach out and thank the friends that have accepted their invitation? Make sure whatever Facebook promotions app platform you use has this functionality.


Allow your fans to check on the status of their fan recruitment to encourage them to both thank recruited friends and reach out to new ones.

5) How will you know if you were successful?

Let’s not forget that we need to measure the success of our Facebook promotion, and for that you will need to use a platform that provides you robust analytics not just on the total participants, but specifically breaks down the numbers to participants and recruited.

Make sure your Facebook apps platform gives you detailed information about the success of your recruitment campaign.

Make sure your Facebook apps platform gives you detailed information about the success of your recruitment campaign.

At the end of the day, being able to encourage your present fans to reach out and become your Brand Ambassadors and promote your page to others is one of the most difficult things to do on social media. While this can happen naturally through organic or accelerated through paid activity, you owe it to yourself to create a Facebook Promotion specifically designed to encourage fan recruitment. When you do this, shop around for the Facebook apps platform that provides you the functionality outlined above.

Have you tried a Facebook fan recruitment promotion before? What has your experience been?

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