4 Ways to Ensure Peace of Mind When You Outsource Social Media

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Coming to the decision to outsource social media isn’t easy. But once your organization decides it’s the right move in order to maintain consistency and grow your presence online, there’s a lot you can do to confidently get the help that your company needs.

When you pay attention to these four areas, you’ll experience better results with outsourced social media and help your outsourcing team provide you with great service.

Establish Benchmarks and Know Where You’re Coming From

Before your company even begins looking for outsourcing solutions, you need to take a clear look at your current social presence and results. A consultant or outsourcing team will need to know how you’re currently performing so they can help you improve your results.

Taking a look at your current results and benchmarks will also help you understand what type of help your company needs. If you’re very active on social media but aren’t seeing the results you expect, you need to bring in a team or consultant that specializes in engagement rather than page or profile launches.

Understand the Contract and Know What Your Responsibilities Are as a Client

Before the project starts, you’re obviously going to read the contract so you understand what services you’ll receive. But as you go over the contract you need to take note of the responsibilities that your organization will have at the start of the project and while the project continues.

All professional consultants will need information and resources in order to get started. They’ll want to know about your goals, your objectives with social, your existing stats and other important benchmarks. This should be outlined in the contract or in the supporting documents that accompany the start of your outsourcing project.

If you and your team are prepared to give the outside social media experts what they need, the launch of your project will be a lot smoother.

Get Your Team on Board with the Social Media Outsourcing

One of the biggest problems with any type of outsourcing, social media outsourcing included, is smoothing the transition between in house and outsourced services. Even if you’re just having consultants come in to refine and perfect your approach to social, there can be some ruffled feathers.

Before the outsourcing service begins, be sure that anyone involved on your side of the fence is fully invested in what you are going to be doing. Share the benefits of the outsourcing service. Help everyone understand how it will increase your company’s success with social and streamline internal resources.

Manage Your Expectations for Outsourcing

When you outsource social media training and begin implementing that training in house, don’t expect the world overnight. It’s very common to have a pent-up demand for social media. Your company may have been waiting for expertise in the area or made limited investments up until the point you decide to outsource.

If either of these is the case, it is going to take time for the social media team and your internal team to get the ball rolling in an efficient and effective way. Don’t try to do too much at once and manage your expectations of how much your team can handle and what results you can expect.

With these four areas, you can make the outsourcing process efficient, effective and as stress free as possible.

Have you outsourced social media training or services? What made the difference between a successful experience and a frightful one?

Courtney Ramirez
This monthly Social Media Writing column is contributed by Courtney Ramirez. Courtney is the Director of Content Strategy for Endurance Marketing, where she helps take B2B brands from boring to breakthrough. She creates strategies that helps businesses tell their story, increase their prospects and convert more customers. She manages content marketing creation and implementation so clients can see the best results from their inbound marketing efforts. She geeks out on content marketing metrics and cat memes. +Courtney Ramirez
Courtney Ramirez


  1. Tammy Kahn Fennell says

    Good article. I think the most important thing if you do any outsourcing is Transparency. If you can see what they are doing for you, and potentially work with the outsourcer to make sure that they stay on brand and keep with the messaging you want to portray, it could work out well. Just remember, social is a direct line to your customers so you want to be very careful who that first point of contact is.

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite:twitter 

  2. says

    Outsourcing is the most practiced method by most firms because of its opportunities it could give. Anyways, thanks for the post. These tips of yours are very helpful to our fellow marketers planning to outsource their social media campaign. Some advices here, before you outsource it is a must that you must outsource to the right one.

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