Positioning Executives as Industry Experts via Social Media

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The days of PR carefully controlling the message and acting as the buffer between executives and the media are long gone. After years of focusing on shaping the agenda, managing the outreach, supervising the interview and then generally presiding over the whole process, this is a challenging shift for many PR pros. A recent post from a former VentureBeat … [Read more...]

Boost Credibility on Social Media with Customer Stories

customer stories

  As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to publicity or social media. While talking about your product or services is an important part of your story, the ability to back up your claims with proof is what creates trust and encourages people into your community and sales process. How … [Read more...]

Guest Posting for Backlinks is Dead, Do This Instead with
Social Media


In late January, Google’s Head of the Webspam, Matt Cutts made a big announcement about guest posting that had a lot of PR pros holding their breath. In his post, The Decay and Fall of Guest Posting it initially sounded like guest posting was dead. Within a few hours, clarification was made that what Cutts is talking about is SEO-driven guest posting … [Read more...]

3 Practical Resolutions for PR and Social Media in 2014

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A new year is here, so you likely have a new PR plan full of targets and goals. But is that plan full of the same old thing or are you trying to shift your media relations to embrace the new? The continued rise of content marketing, brand journalism and storytelling alongside new platforms means that this year will change the PR landscape forever. As the … [Read more...]

24 Sphere Bytes Reflect Core Learnings about Social Public Relations


When you are recruited to write a monthly column about a specific area of practice—public relations—relating to maximizing social business, one tends to spend that dedicated time on the big picture, including focusing on matters that impact and resonate with the majority of enterprise leaders, rather than a localized, topical and transient organizational … [Read more...]

Reputation Byte: 3 Taxing Areas Beyond Control in Social Public Relations


I’m convinced the way forward includes social media as an important part of integrated communication, particularly in regards to public relations for business. And yet. And yet. A few things have happened in recent weeks that have left me a bit troubled, regarding a rising tide of skepticism about just how transparent and authentic is the social face of … [Read more...]

Conversations Byte: Extending a PR Association’s Conference Influence through Collaborative Social Media


Why should an association hold a conference these days? What new social PR opportunities exist in the 21st century? A rethink and reboot of a (social) public relations conference The conference model has changed dramatically over the last decade, with unconferences and more independent, for-profit organizations gaining increased profile and … [Read more...]

Fidelity Byte: Distilling Corporate Character in PR 2.0 Minutes


"Character is like a tree; and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." — Abraham Lincoln ♦♦♦ Establishing character and reputation as a (social) business You may opt to experience the words and imagery of the two-minute IBM on Brand video first. A few columns back I provided a definition for social PR … [Read more...]

Power Byte: Utilitarian Influence — Scaling and Managing PR 2.0 Expectations [Ike Pigott Interview]


Scaling and Managing PR 2.0 Expectations A feature interview with Ike Pigott, communication strategist with Alabama Power—a part of Southern Company that serves 1.4-million customers in the lower 3/4 of the state of Alabama. Please provide a brief backgrounder, including your contributions to Alabama Power in building up and scaling its social media … [Read more...]

Definition Byte: Social PR for Business — Relating the Inside Out


Part I: Defining Social PR for Business "If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there."  —Heather Yaxley, co-author, The Public Relations Strategic Toolkit Have you given thought to where you are headed with your organizational social PR efforts? What are the benefits of integrating "social" into your strategic organizational … [Read more...]

Strip Search Byte: Opening the (Social PR) Business Kimono on Your Terms


The age of radical openness for social business Recently I woke up to a CBC Radio conversation between Fresh Air's host Mary Ito and futurist and author Don Tapscott. Tapscott was detailing his long-held beliefs on the benefits of "radical openness" for social business, referring to it as "undressing in public" or "opening the kimono." He indicated how … [Read more...]

Extraction Byte: Mining Social PR Elements from the Masters of Disaster Commandments


"…when responding to a crisis, the mission is to restore trust. The response to the crisis is what is known as crisis management. The tale of what you do to manage the crisis—and, in particular, how fairly you are treated going forward by those audiences who will be judging you—is called damage control." Masters of Disaster: The Ten Commandments of Damage … [Read more...]

Access Byte: Resolve to Make Evident Your Business Connectedness Through Social PR


As 2012 draws to a close, one would think being "social PR" accessible would be a no-brainer for the majority of B2C and B2B businesses, public utilities, charities, non-profits, governments and other formal organizations. There is much to be gained and little of value to lose in adding deliberate, considered social elements and hires into your integrated … [Read more...]

Audacious Byte: McDonald’s Canada Makes “Food Quality” Its Social PR Hero

Audacious-Byte-McDonalds-Canada-Makes-Food-Quality-Its-Social-PR-Hero-V2 copy

I chose to make this an Audacious Byte. But "Work to make food quality the hero" comes courtesy of Joel Yashinsky, CMO and SVP of marketing and consumer business insights of McDonald’s Canada. And one presentation page at his Rotman School of Management breakfast talk to business leaders (per Binary Byte) was titled: What is the key to being … [Read more...]

Binary Byte: Shading Your Online PR; Managing Black and White Imperatives


A binary system is any system that allows only two choices, such as a switch in an electronic system [i.e., on or off] or a simple true or false test. --Wikipedia Evolving into a social business holds so much promise and opportunity from an integrated communications and public relations perspective. The innovative, two-phase (digital and integrated … [Read more...]

Distraction Byte: Weaving Social Snippets into PR Narratives


"The Roman philosopher Seneca may have put it best two thousand years ago, 'To be everywhere is to be nowhere.'" From The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr Competition for attention and loyalty As I’m writing this column I’m distracted by the CBC Radio morning program, The Current, interviewing a Facebook policy and … [Read more...]

Journalist Byte: Five Suggestions for PR 2.0 Relationship Building


My 12th Bytes from the PR Sphere column is the first to address social connections between public relations practitioners and journalists. Media relations remain an important component to effective public relations, particularly related to reputation and issues management. In the PR practitioner's (necessary) skill set is the ability to engender trust and … [Read more...]

Boring Byte: Polishing Dull Stereotypes Into Social PR Gold


The 20-something research scientist and data team lead for Facebook, Jeff Hamerbacher, put it best: "The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads." From Clay A. Johnson’s book, The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption The Age of Boringness for social media I’ve become increasingly frustrated when it comes … [Read more...]

Nutrition Byte: Conscious PR Choices on the Social Media Plate

Apple Bite Social Media Public Relations Relationship Judy Gombita

"An information diet is not about consuming less; it’s about consuming right." The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption Conscious new-age information diet Because social media, especially for business, remains relatively new—be pragmatic, oh ye enthusiasts and detractors, the majority of channels and tools aren’t even a decade old—as a hybrid … [Read more...]

Culture Byte: Social Media Silk Purse or Public Relations Sow’s Ear?


Organizational "social PR" is silkier when representatives are accorded trust and authority about a company’s vision and goals, plus how internal leaders and employees operate and engage; in other words, reflect the true "culture" of the business. Digital "public relations" for an enterprise is much harder and less likely to achieve success if the culture … [Read more...]