7 Ways for B2B Salespeople to Use Social Media to Promote & Inform Your Clients

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One of the most wonderful and effective ways that you can engage with your clients via social media is by helping them to build their own businesses. Your efforts in this regard will trump free donuts any day of the week! We can do this by promoting their business to others within our networks and we can also accomplish this task by helping to keep them … [Read more...]

Leveraging Social CRM for B2B Salespeople – 10 Steps to Engagement!

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The way I see it,  there are three major types of folks using social media. “Watchers” rarely if ever share anything and instead prefer to sit on the sidelines. I’m not really sure what they are doing but perhaps they are scanning the internet for information that they may find to be of benefit. While they may not contribute much to the ecosystem, to each … [Read more...]

Leveraging Social CRM for B2B Salespeople – Get Organized!

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Last month we defined Social CRM. Now let’s start leveraging this tool in order to close more sales and the best way to get started on that is to get ourselves organized! Salespeople, by and large, are notoriously bad record keepers. As far as that goes, a lot of salespeople flat hate CRM. Their reasons can vary … “Writing all of this stuff down takes my … [Read more...]

How to Use Video for Social Media in B2B Sales

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I have been in many meetings with B2B companies where , often, the CEO will say something like, “Well, we sell B2B and businesses don’t watch videos online.”  While that might be true of the business itself, the people that work at those companies do watch video.   These people are on social media and they are talking online.  They know what they like and … [Read more...]

Defining Social CRM For B2B Salespeople

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For those of you who may have attended our webinar on August 30 entitled “10 Ways B2B Salespeople Should Be Leveraging Social CRM” … Thank you! For those of you who missed it, over the next several months we will be discussing the methods that were addressed and much much more! In order to accurately define Social CRM, we first need to talk about … [Read more...]

10 Ways B2B Salespeople Should Be Leveraging Social CRM

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I have been a CRM user since the late 80’s having started with a DOS based product called TeleMagic. Back then they were called Contact Managers so let’s call them CM’s for short. I’m really not sure when somebody came up with the brilliant idea to change that moniker to CRM or, Customer Relationship Management. That’s all fine and dandy but, the only … [Read more...]

Four Sources for Finding New B2B Sales in Social Media

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There are at least four major sources at your disposal where you can focus your b2b sales efforts to increase your revenues. They are … Your existing customers Other people who you already know but that you don’t presently do business with People that others know but who you do not Folks that you presently have absolutely no connection to Social … [Read more...]

Case Study: Why Every B2B Business Development Executive Should Blog [INTERVIEW]

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In my work consulting, coaching, and speaking to various organizations on how to leverage social media for their business objectives, I sometimes come across some that I feel can be role models in terms of how they utilize social media for their company. The below interview is with one such individual, Abhishek Mittal (@mumblr on Twitter), who is a B2B … [Read more...]

Social Media for B2B Sales – Establishing and Expanding Your Networks

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Regardless of your choice of social networking sites to utilize for social media for B2B sales, the power of each will lie in your connections and those who are connected to your connections. By expanding our networks, we are effectively able to do the same with our sales territory. In order for any of this to work, we need to first establish our presence … [Read more...]

Social Media for B2B Sales – 11 Tips for Building Better Client Relationships!

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Selling has always been about relationships. Particularly in B2B sales, people buy first from individuals and then from their companies. Social Media presents us with an outstanding opportunity to … Discover potential new relationships Create rapport Establish relationships Maintain, nurture, and expand those relationships You now have, and … [Read more...]

Social Media for B2B Sales – The 16 Rules of Engagement

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Are you ready to become active in social media as part of your B2B sales effort? You need to be aware that, just like any sport, there are rules. If you are preparing to go into battle, and selling is a highly competitive contact sport (maybe even a blood sport), there are always specific rules of engagement. These rules, and you learned most of them in … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Advice: 6 Ways to Touch the Untouchable on LinkedIn

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One of the biggest challenges in sales prospecting on LinkedIn is in how to find and contact those who are difficult to message through the site: The Untouchables.  Luckily, LinkedIn offers several tools to aid in communication with your prospects.  Though LinkedIn is a virtual trade show, there are those who attend industry exhibitions but don’t spend time … [Read more...]

Social Media For B2B Sales – Ready, Set, Slow

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Last month we discussed the importance of proper planning and of setting goals prior to jumping into social media for B2B sales. Today let’s talk about your critical first steps. Call it setting up house. Although we are going to concentrate on LinkedIn, the basics of what we discuss and advice will apply to all of the social networks for B2B sales. Your … [Read more...]

The Changing Social Business Landscape in 2012: Is Your Business Ready?

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In the last few months of 2011 through the beginning of 2012, the social business landscape has proven to be as dynamically changing as ever.  If your business thought you were all caught up because you were beginning to see engagement on your Facebook Page and were equipped with enterprise-grade social media monitoring software, some of these recent events … [Read more...]

Social Media for B2B Sales – What’s Your Plan?

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Plan?! We don’t need no stinkin’ planning! LOL. Three years ago when I made the decision to jump into the waters of social media, I did just that. I jumped in. I had no goals and no plan to reach those goals. I had been given a loaded gun, my finger had been placed on the trigger, and I had no idea as to which end of the device that the bullets would come … [Read more...]

Which Social Networking Sites Are Best Designed for B2B Sales?

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Before we can even begin to explore this topic of which social networking sites are most appropriate for B2B sales, we need to first answer the question … “Why should I be active, and invest my time, on any of these social networking sites to begin with?” If your goals include: Being found by others who are in need of your services Establishing and … [Read more...]

Defining B2B Sales

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Last month we established the focus of this column as being Social Media for B2B Sales. Perhaps, before we go further, it might be best to define B2B. Simply put, B2B is “business to business” and, as much as anything, it defines a company or an individual’s target market. In other words, I am a business and I sell to businesses. Therefore, a company that is … [Read more...]

Social Media For B2B Salespeople? Really?

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I sure hope so! In fact, since I’ve done nothing but B2B sales since 1977, I’m counting on it! First let me say that I am very excited to have been invited by Neal to be a regular contributor to this site! The best way to start with this topic may be to review a few of those things that are most important to B2B sales professionals. They want to: Find … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn just announced their earnings last week for the first time since going public, and it was good to see that their membership (now at 115 million members) and website traffic (#11 in the U.S., #13 in the world) continue to grow.  When I wrote my first LinkedIn book back in early 2009, LI was at 40 million users and had not yet established itself as … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Prospect for New Business on LinkedIn

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While many social media marketers concentrate on Twitter and Facebook, a lot of Business-to-Business (B2B) Business Development professionals already know that LinkedIn is the preferred place to prospect for new business in social media.  With an executive from every Fortune 500 company represented and an average household income of over $100,000, LinkedIn … [Read more...]