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Blogger outreach is known to be a useful tactic in creating brand awareness and pushing a product or service for B2C companies.

But, did you know that B2B companies are finding blogger outreach to be a useful lead generation tactic?

Because I do marketing for B2B, I get to test drive this strategy every day and I’d like to share my tips from experience.

In fact, last month I simultaneously did an email blast and some blogger outreach. The email blast had less than desirable results while the leads from blogger outreach are still streaming in and I’m getting kudos from my boss.

Check In With Your Buyer Personas

On a daily basis, professionals follow blogs to stay up to date with their fields—use your buyer personas to decide what exactly those blogs are that they’re following.

I reached out to bloggers that PR pros would follow. I pictured these PR pros sitting at their desk in the morning and thought about what blogs and what blog topics they would read up on daily. Sounds silly but it works. Think about what topics would perk their interest right now, what problems they may have that your brand could solve, etc.

Make Your List

Hopefully by now, you’ve found the right blogger outreach tool that fits your needs. With said tool, run a search for bloggers by genre.

You then need to narrow down by niche, genre is too broad. The goal is to find niche bloggers and reach out to the handful that falls in to your brands niche on a really personal basis. Thus, you’ll be reaching out to less bloggers than you would if you did it by genre but I promise your response rates will be much better.

It’s easiest to narrow down blogs by niche if you look at their past post topics. You can also look at what tags they give their posts the most often to determine if they’re an active writer in your space.

Read through your list of bloggers and reach out to the ones who are thought leaders, forward thinkers and like to cover trends. Bloggers who recommend products and services are great for lead generation.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Reaching out is always easiest if the blogger has heard of you before. Makes sense, right? Thus, try engaging with them on their posts and social media channels before sending out that initial reach out email so that the blogger recognizes your name when it shows up in their inbox.

By the way, your email address is a professional one, right? (In the event that it’s something like [email protected] please change it now)

Reach out to your target bloggers to form a relationship, do not simply ask for coverage of your product or service.  A friendly introductory email is best and see where the communication takes you.

Once a relationship is formed, propose a product review or sponsored post to get detailed information about your brand in to their blog.

Steer the Post without Seeming Controlling

Make sure that they have thoroughly tried out your product or service so that the post is sincere.

Equip the blogger with case studies, white papers, etc. pertaining to your brand to round out their posts and ensure accuracy.

It also doesn’t hurt to offer to “fact check” their post before it’s up.

Involve a Creative Element

The best campaigns always have a thread of creativity that weave it together, here are some tips you can try:

  • Reach out via one of their social media channels instead of email. Last time I checked, Twitter doesn’t have a spam box that puts legitimate communication in a black hole.
  • Host a product giveaway on the blog where their audience gets something from your brand for free. An entry can consist of anything from a lead capture form to a piece of content to a simple Twitter follow.
  • Approach the blogger to co-create an ebook or other piece of informative content so that the two of you can expose your authority to each other’s networks.
  • Link to the blogger in a blog post of yours and tweet at them that you did so. They’ll be sure to check it out putting you on their radar and hopefully more susceptible to your pitch.
  • Send the blogger a free item or service from your brand with no strings attached. If they like it, it may elicit a sincere post.
Kristen Matthews
This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. Kristen is the marketing and community manager for GroupHigh in Boulder, Colorado. A constant thirst for creativity has driven her in to this profession because it's full of writing and new ideas. Kristen is passionate about content marketing and blogging because of the collaborative aspects these trends in marketing have taken. Kristen on Google+
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Kristen Matthews


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    Great suggestions and thoughts Kristen. I would add it’s a good idea to stay on top of the legal requirements for disclosure, these may apply even if giving promotional products and services. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Joseph, thanks for commenting. That is a great point to make sure that brands are on top of the disclosure requirements. I’ve seen some brands create a pdf to send to all of the bloggers that they work with stating the disclosure requirements.

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