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Rebekah Radice contributes a monthly column on Social Media for Real Estate. Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer, speaker and trainer. Rebekah’s goal is to provide insight and inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling them to build a powerful online presence that includes the strategic use of social media marketing. Rebekah was recently named an Inman Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader, as well as one of the Top Social Media Professionals to Follow in 2013. +Rebekah Radice

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Use Google Plus to Create Better Real Estate Connections

Use Google Plus to Create Better Real Estate Connections

Are you a real estate professional eager to tap into the power of Google Plus? Would you like to expand your efforts, but don’t know how? As the connected world continues to evolve, knowing how to make the most of this social powerhouse is essential. Not just a social network, Google Plus is also a key component within the Google ecosystem. From Google … [Read more...]

Facebook Mistakes Your Real Estate Brokerage is Making

Facebook Mistakes Your Real Estate Brokerage is Making

Facebook mistakes. Your real estate brokerage has made them. Whether it’s an unintentional post or an inappropriate comment, mistakes will happen, especially in an environment where content is being shared at lightning speed. However, some of the worst mistakes are the ones that often go unnoticed. They’re the missed opportunities. The chance for … [Read more...]

Optimize Twitter to Maximize Real Estate Results


Integrating Twitter into your overall social media marketing strategy can be an important element to branding your real estate business online. It can also play an essential role in helping customers find you online. As NAR statistics continue to show, the Internet and social media play a significant role in the home buying process. Today, 90% of … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Brokers Build Meaningful Social Media Connections


  Today, simply creating a Facebook page or Twitter handle for your real estate brokerage is not enough. While establishing a presence across social media is important, making lasting relationships is the key to long-term success. And as we know, creating meaningful relationships and winning over todays home buyer and seller across social … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Creating Real Estate Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

create real estate customer loyalty social media

What matters most to potential homebuyers and sellers is constantly evolving. From the anticipation of a new purchase to perceived market and selling limitations, managing consumer expectations is critical. While face-to-face relationships will never fall out of vogue within the real estate community, positively impacting online perception is equally … [Read more...]

Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy is a #Fail. Fix it. Now.


Social media has increased consumer expectation. Not only do they expect, but also require that their real estate broker have a credible social media presence. Homebuyers and sellers utilizing social media within their real estate search are coming to conclusions with the click of a mouse. What does your social media marketing say about you? Fix … [Read more...]

Steps to Take Today to Build Your Brokerages Social Media Strategy

Steps-to-Take-Today-to-Build-Your-Brokerages-Social-Media-Strategy-V3 copy

  As a real estate brokerage, using social media to connect and appeal to agents and consumers is not as easy as it seems. Simply posting or tweeting a random thought without a strategy behind it is a recipe for disaster, and a complete waste of time. In order to make an impact, you must be willing to commit to a long-term strategy. This … [Read more...]

Realtors: Instantly Improve Social Media Results

Realtors-Instantly-Improve-Social-Media-Results-V2 copy

  Wіthоut а doubt, social media hаѕ transformed the way real estate professionals connect and engage with homebuyers and sellers. Frоm Google+, to Facebook, Twitter, аnd LinkedIn, social media mаkеѕ іt easy to promote your local business while creating awareness through increased exposure. Over the last year, I have shared many social media … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways REALTORS® Can Stand Out from the Competition

3-Simple-Ways-REALTORS-V3 copy

We live in a very noisy world.  I said, “WE LIVE IN A VERY NOISY WORLD.”  As real estate professionals, it takes more than just a website, a few social networks, and a business card to stand out and grab the attention of potential homebuyers and sellers. As consumers actively use the Internet for their real estate search, an incredible opportunity to … [Read more...]

Simple Tweaks to Improve Social Media Lead Conversion

Simple-Tweaks-to-Improve-Social-Media-Lead-Conversion-V1-compressor copy

You have taken the time to create and implement social media lead generation strategies. While the hours spent researching and executing feel overwhelming, you know it is worth the time and energy. After all, as a real estate professional, capturing the attention of today’s online buyer and seller is critical. However, since you implemented an online lead … [Read more...]

5 Essential Social Media Tools for Your Real Estate Business

Essential-Social-Media-Tools-V1 copy

Targeting, connecting with and capturing the attention of today’s online real estate buyer and seller can feel like a full-time job. To succeed at maintaining a consistent presence without feeling completely overwhelmed requires a few strategic tools. They are tools that will assist in simplifying the daily management and execution of a social media … [Read more...]

5 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Build Your Real Estate Business

Smart-Ways-to-Use-Twitter-V2 copy

Using Twitter to market your real estate business can be a valuable addition to your current social media strategy. Not only does Twitter offer real estate professionals an opportunity to reach and engage consumers in real-time, it also promotes trust and builds credibility. Freely sharing your knowledge, know-how and expertise goes a long way towards … [Read more...]

Make a Great Online Impression: 3 Tips for Real Estate Pros

Make-a-Great-Online-Impression-V3 copy

Making a great first impression online for real estate pros is critical. What does yours say about you? As tech-savvy homebuyers and sellers look to the web as a research tool, establishing an online presence that says WOW rather than “woah” is not something real estate pros can afford to overlook. In fact, a study by the Missouri University of Science … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Power Up Pinterest in Your Real Estate Biz

Ways-to-Power-Up-Pinterest-V1 copy

Pinterest is an excellent platform for real estate professionals to build buzz, credibility and visibility around their personal brand. While it’s no secret that an online presence and the effective use of social media is a critical component in today’s web driven world, many agents have still been slow to embrace the power behind Pinterest. However, the … [Read more...]

6 Quick Ways Real Estate Pros Can Boost Social Media Engagement

Quick-Ways-Real-Estate-Pros-Can-Boost-V1 copy

It's no secret that crafting compelling tweets and posts will inspire a thriving and active social media community. The challenge as real estate professionals is knowing how to get potential buyers and sellers involved in the conversation. Below are six quick ways to boost social media engagement! How to Engage Your Community   1. Post content other … [Read more...]

7 Ways How Realtors are Using Social Media with Success

Ways-How-Realtors-are-Using-Social-Media-with-Success-V1 copy

How realtors are using social media with success? Successful real estate professionals know that social media is a portal to connect home buyers and sellers with the information they seek. They know that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus offer a rich media experience, allowing potential clients to enjoy videos, articles, photos and … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Using Video in Your Real Estate Business

Steps-to-Using-Video-in-Your-Real-Estate-Business-V1 copy

Matt Singer is a huge advocate of using video to market your real estate business and rightly so. As the Founder and CEO of Videolicious, he is well acquainted with the advantages this marketing medium has to offer. As a featured speaker at a recent conference I attended in Las Vegas, NV, Matt presented on the many benefits of integrating video into an … [Read more...]

How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Real Estate Company


As a broker, owner or manager, overseeing your businesses hard-earned online reputation is imperative. In order to maintain and regulate strict standards around staff and sales agent usage of social media, the development and implementation of a social media policy is a must. Putting a social media policy in place with specific guidelines and requirements … [Read more...]

Social Media Disciplines Real Estate Pros Need To Succeed

Social-Media-Disciplines-Real-Estate-Pros-Need-To-Succeed-V2 copy

Marketing your real estate business is a multifaceted and often overwhelming task. From blogs to social media, navigating the online options can be daunting. While powerful tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ have never been more readily available and easily accessible, developing the daily disciplines needed to successfully intertwine … [Read more...]

Your Google Plus for Real Estate Getting Started Guide

Your-Google-Plus-for-Real-Estate-Getting-Started-Guide-V2 copy

The real estate industry is changing. As the needs, characteristics and demands of today’s buyer and seller continue to evolve, so must the marketing style of any successful real estate professional. What marketing tactics worked yesterday, may not connect with today's sophisticated and ever-changing consumer. According to the 2012 National Association of … [Read more...]