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Raymond Morin contributes a monthly column on Social Media Influence. Author of the books, “Culture Web à la portée des PME” and “Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0.” Raymond has written for several French magazines over the past 15 years. Raymond is a corporate trainer and is regularly invited to give lectures and training workshops to companies and organizations. In collaboration with Intelegia, and Ian Smith, Raymond is preparing for the release of a new book, “Réussir dans les médias sociaux : La clé de l'influence” which will be translate in English and Spanish, and prefaced by Neal Schaffer. +Raymond Morin

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How the Klout Acquisition Affects the Future of Influence Marketing

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To Greater Personalization The last few months have been particularly fertile in social media industry. Mergers and acquisitions have increased which provides greater depth to the major players in social media influence marketing. The self-proclaimed "standard measurement of influence," Klout was acquired by Lithium Technologies, which will certainly have a … [Read more...]

Social Media Influence Marketing : Publish Like a Pro!

social media influence marketing

How to publish like a pro in just a few clicks The automation solution to reach entrepreneurs and professionals The results of a recent study by Balihoo unveiled by eMarketer (via @fondalo Robert Caruso) shows that 78% of local brands attach importance to social media.  At the same time, only 25% of respondents intend to make it a priority in 2014. In … [Read more...]

The Pyramid of Influence on Social Media

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Re-start at the bottom of the pyramid of influence on social media There are many challenges that confront professionals and organizations that cause them to completely rethink their approach to social media in order to meet the expectations of their customers. To achieve  success in social media, businesses should reconsider what they’re trying to achieve … [Read more...]

Is Generation C the Key to Understanding Social Media Influence?

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At the beginning of the year, a journalist from the French magazine Marketing contacted me to offer me an interview on the topic of social media influence, starting by asking me what I thought of measuring tools such as Klout, Kred and PeerIndex. I simply replied that marketing influence in social media is a new science much more complex than the algorithms … [Read more...]

And If The Social Media Trends Continue…

social media trends

2014 The Day After! Each year, when the holiday season approaches , the blogosphere is flooded with all kinds of predictions. Bloggers and agencies rush to announce the scoop on trends to watch for next year.  But, it always is only personal visions. If I am also ready to participate in this exercise, since I'm on social media, I prefer to wait until … [Read more...]

How To Recognize Ambassadors in Social Media

ambassadors in social media

A matter of context, content and synchronicity Now, with the ubiquity of social platforms and mobile technologies, companies and organizations are investing more in social media influence marketing campaigns. The influence power of consumers forced them to adapt their approach, and focus more on the impact of the peer-to-peer recommendations, and the viral … [Read more...]

The Five ¨ C ¨ That Rules The Social Media Influencers (or Ambassadors)

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The contextual science of marketing influence in social media To identify the ambassadors and influencers that will fit the best to a campaign in social media, marketing professionals and business leaders should not rely solely on their social score. This is not because a specialist has a great influence, or a user enjoys a buzz in social media, it may meet … [Read more...]

Social Media Influencers or Ambassadors? How to Identify Them

social media influencers

The power of peer-to-peer recommendations Recently, a new report by Pew Research showed that, for the first time, social media has definitely downgraded other media. According to this study, the viral effect of ¨word-of- mouth¨ and peer- to-peer recommendations now has more impact on users and consumers than traditional advertising. Statistics that just … [Read more...]

Social Media Influence: For the Prosumer, the Context Will Always be the Queen!


In the past few years a number of start-ups, such as Klout, Peerlndex and Kred, have been offering Web applications that make it possible for companies and organisations to identify the most influential social media users. These analytical tools, based on private algorithms, help to identify those users that are the most active within the social networks, … [Read more...]

Social Media Influence Marketing : When the User Becomes the Ambassador


«Cadillac ATS vs. The World» : A Web-TV series and multi-plateforms campaign Through the Cadillac brand, General Motors has been able to build a name for itself based on unwavering leadership and authority. For over a century, Cadillac has been listed as one of the leading brand manufacturers. For consumers, it’s the symbol of quality. “We don’t just make … [Read more...]

Influence Marketing : The Strategic Impact of TOP Charts


The History of TOP Charts If we can credit the music industry for giving birth to the first popular TOP charts, the phenomenon wasn’t unique to the industry for long. Film’s box office results and literature’s list of best-sellers quickly followed suit. These two cultural sectors ended up being among the most successful ones from the 1940’s and 50’s. A … [Read more...]

Why the Year 2013 Will Belong to Influence Marketing

social media influence marketing,social media marketing

No one can predict the future; scientists can’t, the Mayans couldn’t (despite having been the ones to invent the language of binary computing.) On the eve of 2013, one thing is certain: our digital lives will continue to accelerate. Fortunately, the holiday season affords us a much needed break and allows us to take stock of the past year and learn some … [Read more...]

Generation C : Prosumers and Maturialism

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In recent years, several aspects of society have been transformed by new Internet technologies. Today, mobile and almost unlimited access to information coupled with the tremendous potential of media streaming provides connected consumers with a new power to influence. These new user-consumers benefit from the value of their recommendations and the viral … [Read more...]

Generation C : Where The Customer Finally Becomes The King

Social Media Influence

In the era of social media and the socialization of organizations, consumers are now more than ever true kings. While access to an economy of abundance and new technologies promotes online consumerism, brands are nevertheless struggling to find innovative ways to establish new, trusting relationships with their customers. They need to learn to exchange ideas … [Read more...]

How To Define Influence In Social Media


From Machiavelli to Robert Cialdini, the notion of influence has continued to fascinate the general public and professionals alike. Even thought leaders have analyzed and scrutinized the concept hundreds of times over, its definition is always dependent on the context in which it’s being used. From Manipulation to Influence Very early on, in the … [Read more...]

Social Influence Marketing : A New Science To Develop!


Social Influence Marketing : A New Science to Develop! Since 2009 and the lightening-speed emergence of Klout, the concept of online influence has evolved a lot. The approach used by early adopters has rapidly evolved from being quantitative analysis (like Klout and other currently available online tools) to more qualitative metrics (based more on … [Read more...]

Social Media Influencers vs Social Media Ambassadors: What is Their True Value?


At a time when the biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) are starting to make a move towards e-commerce, the subject of influence marketing is more than ever a major issue for most companies. Traditional advertising barely has an impact on purchasing and word of mouth and peer recommendations (P2P) have emerged as the new … [Read more...]

E-REPUTATION: An Achilles Heel for Businesses?

The words What Are They Saying About You? on a website screen to ask about your online Internet reputation, tracking the perceptions other have of your expertise and experience

CORNERSTONE OR STUMBLING BLOCK? In my first article for Windmill Networking, I wrote that new Web technologies made it possible for anyone to become an influencer within their network. I mentioned the case of Canadian guitarist David Carroll and his dispute with United Airlines and his “United Breaks Guitars” viral video that turned him into a celebrity. … [Read more...]

Social Media Influence: Understanding the New Generation ¨C¨


Generation C and User Influence To understand what’s at stake when considering the influence of social media, companies and organizations must first try to understand user motivation. In the era of social networks and mobile communications, new Internet users are taking the reins of a new economic power; this power belongs to Generation C. This new … [Read more...]

Social Media’s Influence: Content is Key!

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HOW A NOBODY CAN BECOME A SOMEBODY Social media’s tremendous power now rests in the hands of those using it. We’ve seen this over the past year with Tahrir Square and the Arab Spring as well as with the Occupy Wall Street movement that escalated to global proportions. Social media users have become major players in social change. In 2009, through the use … [Read more...]