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Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller contributes a monthly column on Social Media for Internal Communications. Rachel is an Internal Communications and Social Media Strategist. She began her career as a journalist in 1999 and has worked in Internal Communications agency-side and in-house for global companies across the financial, automotive, healthcare and railway sectors. Rachel was named in PR Week’s Top 29 under 29 professional communicators in the UK list. She regularly speaks and writes on internal communication and social media and lives in London, UK. +Rachel Miller

Latest blog posts from Rachel Miller

How Employees Find Their Voice Through Social Media

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Does every employee in your organisation have a voice? Is it encouraged or discouraged via social media and how do you react and respond to the thoughts of your workforce? In this my final column for Windmill Networking, I’m going to look at employee voice and the role social media can play to build communities inside organisations. You will still be able … [Read more...]

Is Your Company Social Media Friendly?

Is-Your-Company-Social-Media-Friendly-V1 copy

Language choice is essential when it comes to internal communication. It’s also critical when communicating social media guidance within organisations. How social media friendly are you? In my last column I wrote about obeying the social media rules of the road and equipping leaders. I’m now going to look at creating social media guidelines for employees … [Read more...]

Obeying The Social Media Rules of the Road

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How do you equip your leaders when it comes to using social media for internal communication? What guidance is in place and what are the boundaries? In previous columns I've looked at 10 Reasons Why Internal Comms Pros Should Participate in Social Media, Why Use Enterprise Social Networks For Internal Communication and Coping With the Digital Evolution. … [Read more...]

Internal Communication: Coping With The Digital Evolution

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How do professional communicators persuade Executive teams to consider social media for internal communication in their organisation? How can employees convince management of the value collaborative communication has and encourage them to participate? What social tools exist for internal communication? Sound familiar? Many companies have moved beyond … [Read more...]

Why Use Enterprise Social Networks For Internal Communication?

Why-Use-Enterprise-Social-Networks-For-Internal-Communication-V1 copy

The lines between internal and external communication continue to blur and social media plays a key part. Internal communication (IC) is the term traditionally given to communication inside an organisation. However, it’s not as black and white as that any more. Last month I examined 10 reasons why internal communication pros should participate in social … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Internal Comms Pros Should Participate in Social Media

10-Reasons-Why-Internal-Comms-Pros-Should-Participate-in-Social-Media-V3 copy

The profession and perception of internal communication (Internal Comms or IC) has undergone many changes over the years, moving from newsletter writers to trusted business advisers. Or at least that’s what we hope. Much work has been done, but there’s still a journey ahead. However, it’s the area of social media and its role for and in internal … [Read more...]