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Joel Don contributes a monthly column on Social Business Trends. Joel is principal of Comm Strategies, a consultancy that leverages public relations strategies, reputation enhancement and social media tools to maximize business success. Joel has worked for several PR and marketing agencies, and previously served as a public information officer at UCLA and UC Irvine. He also directed business and financial communications at a Fortune 500 computer manufacturer. Formally trained as a journalist, he has written for daily newspapers and national magazines throughout the country. In addition, Joel developed a digital solution for measuring the readership of company news prior to the advent of today’s link-tracking systems. +Joel Don

Latest blog posts from Joel Don

What is the Best Time to Post Social Media Updates?

What-is-the-Best-Time-to-Post-Social-Media-Updates-V1 copy

A lot of time and words are spent emphasizing the quality of your social media content.  Great, well-written text plus strong imagery drives traffic, generates subscribers and brings in the bucks, or as the social media lexicographers euphemistically call it, conversions.  Once you compose that scintillating Blog Opus No. 6 in D Minor, a Facebook revelation … [Read more...]

Where Does Information Disclosure Start and End in Social Media?

Where-Does-Information-Disclosure-Start-and-End-in-Social-Media-V3 copy

Social media is driving more content to virtually every digital nook and cranny around the globe, with the velocity of a fire hose on a lit match.  So it’s only ironic that the U.S. government recently called a well-known corporate executive on the carpet for disclosing (actually more like gushing) some positive news on Facebook to his quarter-million … [Read more...]

How You Can Find Security in an Insecure Social World

How-You-Can-Find-Security-in-an-Insecure-Social-World-V2 copy

Last month I examined whether social media has dispensed with privacy.  Since influencers in the social spaces suggest that success in new media increasingly will be enhanced by your willingness to extend your personality into the Great Wide Open, privacy probably has been disrupted – as the social thought leaders are wont to say – forever. If there is a … [Read more...]

Should Social Media Marketers Worry About Privacy?

Should-Social-Media-Marketers-Worry-About-Privacy-V2 copy

“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.” – Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable I recently mentioned the word privacy to a social media business colleague while researching the topic of this post.  My friend Rachel Strella, who caters to the small business market, responded with a shrug.  I wasn’t surprised.  As participation in social … [Read more...]

Will Your Social Media Service Tell You When It Hits The Iceberg?

Will-Your-Social-Media-Service-Tell-You-When-It-Hits-The-Iceberg-V2 copy

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin Unless a venture succeeds, in the business of social media we are probably obliged to only one of Ben Franklin’s certainties.  And in that case, the operative expression might be Domain Not Found, rather than death. Anyone who invested a lot of time, energy … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing: Is There A Generation Gap?

Social-Media-Marketing-Is-There-A-Generation-Gap-V1 copy

I recently had the opportunity to attend my high school reunion; a rare and, as it turned out, a delightful chance to reconnect with people who, by and large, haven’t seen each other in decades.  Some of you might grimace at the thought (was your high school experience really that bad?) or fondly recall those formative, hormone-infused years.  From my view, … [Read more...]

The Evocative Visual Approach to Social Media Marketing

The-Evocative-Visual-Approach-to-Social-Media-Marketing-V3 copy

The great cathedrals, churches and basilicas of Europe are treasured for their exquisite stained glass windows, which for a millennium have been viewed with awe and inspired spiritual reflection.  The high aesthetic of colored glass and lead depicts icons, saints and biblical narratives for a once largely illiterate audience in a world where books were the … [Read more...]

The Big Data Impact on Social Media Marketing

The-Big-Data-Impact-on-Social-Media-Marketing-V1 copy

Space is really, really big.  As it turns out, data is going to be even bigger.  The content we actively create, exchange, curate and archive represents a veritable unending avalanche of digital wealth.  The information deluge is fed by corporations, businesses, institutions and non-profits.  Then add to that content from the vast array of social networks … [Read more...]

Time to Write Off Your Company Blog?

Time-to-Write-Off-Your-Company-Blog-V3 copy

Just when you thought it was safe to fire up your company blog and reap the highly touted social business dividends, the marketplace seems to be sending mixed signals.  Recent posts by social media influencers have challenged a University of Massachusetts study showing a decline in corporate blogging by rhetorically asking whether it’s possibly time to … [Read more...]

What’s in a domain? Establishing your social business brand

Whats-in-a-domain-Establishing-your-social-business-brand-V1-compressor copy

Businesses come and go.  But your personal name, that’s another matter altogether.  In the social business world, your name can be leveraged as your personal identifier across myriad social media sites as well as your monetized business brand.  In creating a new business or online presence, one of the toughest decisions you may make is whether to establish … [Read more...]

My Dirty Little Social Media Secret? Content Hoarding Tools.

My-Dirty-Little-Social-Media-Secret-Content-Hoarding-Tools-V3-compressor copy

I have a confession to make.  I don’t usually share this sordid obsession, but I feel it’s long overdue.  A cathartic moment is good for the soul, and it doesn’t hurt one’s Google page view rankings either.  So please let me unburden myself, step into my tawdry, secret pixelated world. I am a hoarder.  I collect things.  Lots of things.  But please do not … [Read more...]

Much Ado About Social Media Followers Who (May) Turn Into Customers

Much-Ado-About-Social-Media-Followers-Who-(May)-Turn-Into-Customers-V3-compressor copy

Business was so much easier during the Middle Ages.  Establish your fiefdom, keep the serfs happy, collect taxes and fend off the occasional barbarian hoard or the jealous younger sibling.  Oftentimes a monarch with a large domain to protect couldn’t afford a standing army or a well-stocked armory.  Thus was born just-in-time defense and the invention of the … [Read more...]