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Joseph Ruiz contributes a monthly column on Social Customer Experience Marketing. Joseph is President of Strategic Marketing Solutions, a full-service marketing and consulting firm specializing in web-based integrated Relationship Marketing. Joseph thrives on the ever-changing nature of marketing in the digital age, embracing interactive opportunities, while applying three decades of hands-on expertise in online and traditional marketing. When he’s not helping business-makers navigate through complex marketing challenges, Joseph enjoys reading, working out and traveling just about anywhere…anywhere you can get a digital signal, that is. +Joseph Ruiz

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5 Ways to Create an Engaging Customer Experience

5 Ways to Create an Engaging Customer Experience

Last month I identified five essential customer-engaging ingredients. This month I’ll show you how to create your own recipe using a case study to illustrate. First I’ll briefly review the five essential ingredients: Utility – Your product or service offering has to have value for your customers, and most important, it must have value from the customer’s … [Read more...]

Creating an Engaging Customer Experience In A Socially Connected Marketplace


What is an Engaging Customer Experience? Engaging has a nice ring to it. Marketers love to use the term frequently, and why not? It’s a noble aspiration, but what does it really mean? Is it Facebook likes? Twitter followers? In my experience, we use the term carelessly. Recently I came across an interesting statistic; 80% of companies believe they … [Read more...]

Initiating the Social Media Path to Purchase Model

Initiating the Social Media Path to Purchase Model #socialmedia #marketing

The traditional buying funnel has evolved to what we now call a buying journey. The new social path to purchase model has a broad range of significant implications along each stage of the buying process. Here are the implications at the beginning of the journey, prior to the purchase. Preparing for the Journey Consumers buy from brands they trust. … [Read more...]

Understanding Social Customer Experience Path to Purchase Behaviors

Understanding Social Customer Experience Path to Purchase Behaviors

One doesn’t have to look far to find data supporting the notion that the marketing landscape is undergoing rapid and significant change. The ubiquitous presence of mobile technology is at the epicenter of the empowered consumer groundswell. This groundswell has significant implications for brands in general and marketers in particular. Not the Same Old … [Read more...]

5 Design Principles That Drive Social Customer Experience Marketing

Design-Principles-That-Drive-Social-Customer-Experience-Marketing-V3 copy

Traditional marketing used to be known for its inside out approach. The idea was to create a cumulative series of messages known as brand impressions. Marketers bought media and launched campaign after campaign designed to generate sufficient awareness so the consumer would respond to these messages at the point of purchase and buy the product. Hannah … [Read more...]

Evolving From #SoLoMo to Customer Experience Marketing

Evolving-From-SoLoMo-to-Customer-Experience-Marketing-V1 copy

Moving forward, my blog posts will focus on the integration of social into the marketing mix. Why? To create a relevant and compelling customer experience that can turn into a competitive advantage. Some time ago, I noticed the #SoLoMo hashtag and I was intrigued. #SoLoMo is an abbreviation for social, mobile and local marketing. If you would like more of … [Read more...]

How Lowe’s is Sustaining Customer Relationships

How-Lowes-is-Sustaining-Customer-Relationships-V3 copy

Last month I explained how Lowe's is leveraging an effective #SoLoMo strategy to create an engaging customer experience. I downloaded the app and signed up for the MyLowes program in order to share the experience with you and to highlight some customer experience marketing best practices. I gave Lowe’s high marks for the way they created an engaging … [Read more...]

How Lowe’s Is Creating an Engaging Customer Experience

How-Lowes-Is-Creating-an-Engaging-Customer-Experience-V2 copy

The best possible outcome from a social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) strategy is a differentiating customer experience. While this may sound obvious it remains elusive for many businesses. My friend and fellow contributor Craig Jamieson raises the stakes well beyond simply meeting expectations. In fact, several studies reflect a significant gap between the … [Read more...]

Can a # SoLoMo Strategy Be an Antidote for Showrooming?

Can-a-SoLoMo-Strategy-Be-an-Antidote-for-Showrooming-V1-compressor copy

It’s no secret that ecommerce has disrupted traditional retailing. Online sales have been growing much to the chagrin of many retailers, large and small. Even large businesses with a presence online and offline have been struggling with the conflict between these two channels. Typically retailers with a physical presence have felt the online channel has a … [Read more...]

SoLoMo Place Based Marketing: Personal Utility or Prying?

SoLoMo-Place-Based-Marketing-V3 copy

Recently I came across a new term: place-based marketing. I am familiar with proximity marketing, location marketing, and even hyper local marketing. I’ll explain place based marketing in more detail next month; for now let’s just say it utilizes indoor mapping technology to allow consumers to navigate a store and receive offers based on their location … [Read more...]

7 Ways A Customer Journey Map Can Improve the SoLoMo Experience

Ways-A-Customer-Journey-Map-V2 copy

One of the outcomes of any successful Social Local Mobile #SoLoMo campaign will be a relevant customer experience. In previous columns I have talked about the need to put the customer first,  often this requires a new mindset. This involves a great deal more than reciting a slogan. It requires organizational leadership and a culture that encourages … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Creating a SoLoMo Perspective

Tips-to-Creating-a-SoLoMo-Perspective-V3 copy

  In my post last month, I focused on the need for a different marketer mindset. While I don’t have anything against tools or tactics, I don’t believe it’s the best way to leverage social, local or mobile. I am increasingly aware that our mindset toward a particular topic plays a significant role in our ability to grasp that topic. As I have … [Read more...]

SoLoMo Tools Alone Can’t Help You

SoLoMo-Tools-Alone-Cant-Help-You-V2 copy

This may seem like an odd title since my last post was Essential SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) Tools and How Walmart is SoLoMo. While I do feel SoLoMo tools are necessary, just as important is a different mindset. Here’s why. Recently I heard Mitch Joel talk about five new movements. He specifically chose the word movement to highlight the stark contrast … [Read more...]

Essential SoLoMo Tools and How Walmart is SoLoMo

Essential-SoLoMo-Tools-and-How-Walmart-is-SoLoMo-V2 copy

I have written a lot about SoLoMo concepts and strategies. This month, I’ll show you: How you can connect tools from each of the three categories (social, local and mobile) to create a SoLoMo customer experience. Ways that major retailer, Walmart, is successfully delivering  SoLoMo marketing, providing the shopping experience today’s customer … [Read more...]

SoLoMo Best Practices – Nike Case Study

SoLoMo-Best-Practices-Nike-Case-Study-V2 copy

Nike is a brand powerhouse… No matter what sport, you’ll probably see the ubiquitous Nike swoosh logo somewhere. So (Social) Lo (Local) Mo (Mobil) is a powerful new way to connect… with a hyper-connected, hyper-informed, empowered consumer (not the first time I’ve referred to today’s consumer with these adjectives!). So why is a top-tier brand like … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Create Relevant (and Avoid Creepy) Marketing #SoLoMo

Tips-to-Create-Relevant-(and-Avoid-Creepy)-Marketing-V1 copy

Marketing to Today’s Empowered Consumer It’s no secret that we are increasingly connected. The penetration of smart devices has now reached a tipping point, globally. Surveys continue to reveal significant changes in consumer behavior and expectations. We have been writing about the evolving Social, Local, Mobile (#SoLoMo) marketing practice requiring a … [Read more...]

SoLoMo or SoMoLo? Does it really matter?

SoLoMo-or-SoMoLo-Does-it-really-matter-V1 copy

What is SoMoLo and why is it important to marketers? I have been writing and speaking on this topic for a while now. Social Local Mobile Most of the time I am making a case for taking advantage of the marketing opportunity that can be found where these three (social, mobile and local) overlap. In this post, I am going to take a slightly different approach. … [Read more...]

12 Common SoLoMo Marketing Mistakes You Can and Should Avoid

12-Common-SoLoMo-Marketing-Mistakes-You-Can-and-Should-Avoid-V2 copy

It is possible to dismiss SoLoMo as just another fad, a cute acronym at best. Critics may counter with: Isn’t it just social, mobile and local marketing; we are on Facebook and we like Linked In. And, our site is mobile ready, I visit there often from my smart phone, so what’s the big deal? While social, mobile and local are all elements of SoLoMo it’s … [Read more...]

2013 SoLoMo Trends

2013-SoLoMo-Trends-V1 copy

2013 Trends: Marketing Requires a Different Mindset During a recent client workshop designed to familiarize a large organization with digital/social marketing, I noticed signs posted on the wall that said “THINK DIFFERENTLY”. How does any organization, large or small, “think differently”? It’s an important question and really goes to the heart of … [Read more...]