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Jayson Duncan contributes a monthly column on Social Media and Video. Jayson is an Orange County, California filmmaker and owner of the video production company Miller Farm Media. In 2003, Jayson began using video to help others tell their stories through his video production company, Miller Farm Media. He has created videos for Fortune 50 companies. In his spare time Jayson enjoys playing his guitar, song writing, and spending time with his wife, Gretchin.

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Three Tips for Making YouTube the Number 1 Social Media Site


As I mentioned last month, YouTube and Facebook are neck and neck for the top spot in social media in terms of unique traffic. The numbers from July are in, and Facebook is, again, the largest social media site.  However, the numbers are close enough that there looks like there will be some back and forth between the two social media giants for years to … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Online Videos Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Make Your Online Video Stand Out from the Crowd

  Since Google purchased YouTube, those willing to take a risk of creating a video have been rewarded in different ways. In the early days, after the purchase, you could place a video on YouTube and have it show up on the first page of the Google search results for the keyword of your choice within a few hours. It was like an instant rocket to … [Read more...]

Facebook Helps Brands Succeed With Video


YouTube gets a lot of buzz in the online video world since it's  focused on just videos.As a result, it's easy to overlook Facebook as a video platform. Nevertheless, Facebook is rolling out new updates to help marketers with video and is working to help brands measure and test the success of video. Facebook is a great place for your branded content … [Read more...]

Using Customers’ Pain to Create Ideas for Video Content

Using Customers Pain to Create Ideas for Video Content

One of the challenges of creating video content is knowing what kind of video content to create. You should never create content just for content’s sake -- It should always solve a problem that your organization or customers are having. People buy emotionally but they start the purchasing process because they have a need or a perceived need. When we think … [Read more...]

The New YouTube Guide for Brands

new youtube guide for brands

YouTube just released a resource that’s an early Christmas present to marketers: The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. This guide lets businesses know how they can be more successful on YouTube by looking at the ingredients of the secret sauce that has made others successful on the video platform. This is the third playbook that YouTube has created and … [Read more...]

Short Form Video is the New Way to be Social


Last year, video sharing service, Vine, hit the mainstream. Shortly after that, Instagram launched a similar service. The death of Vine was immediately predicted because of the huge user base that Instagram already had. Yet, here we are, and neither platform has been declared the winner of the Short-Form space. These two services are not the only apps with … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Help Make Your Video Work For You

4-Tips-To-Help-Make-Your-Video-Work-For-You-V2 copy

Often times, people are so excited just to be creating videos that they don't think about long term strategies for how they will make their videos work for them. They fail to establish goals and objectives that will make their videos successful. For the most part, companies understand the power of YouTube and know that they should have videos there, but … [Read more...]

How Social Media Has Changed Super Bowl Ads in 2014

1How-Social-Media-Has-Changed-V1 copy

Just like a retail store getting ready for Christmas, it seems like the Super Bowl commercials are being released for public viewing earlier and earlier each year, thanks to YouTube.  YouTube created an official page that allowed viewers to get a sneak peek of the 2014 Super Bowl commercials.  Some brands chose to just post teasers, others posted the full … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn From The Most Shared Videos Of 2013

What-We-Can-Learn-From-V1 copy

YouTube has released its list of most viewed ads of 2013.  Chances are pretty good that you have seen at least one, if not more, of them.  One thing that I find interesting is that YouTube’s list of top viewed ads and Unruly’s list of most shared ads are not exactly the same. I think that one reason for this discrepancy is that, just because a video has a … [Read more...]

Social Video in 2014

Social-Video-in-2014-V1-compressor copy

I saw it again, recently. An article proclaiming 2014 as the ‘year of video’. I have seen similar articles for the last couple of years and there is a good chance that, as 2014 draws to an end, there will be articles about 2015 being the year of video. While I am not sure if 2014 will actually be the year of video, here are some tips that will help your … [Read more...]

Using Animated Video in Social Media

Using-Animated-Video-in-Social-Media-V3 copy

Animated video has become very popular online.  It is a very good tool that your company should consider.  One thing to note about animated videos is that they  should never be a substitute for using real people in your videos.  Using real people in your video gives the viewer someone to connect with. People will often tell me that they don’t want to be on … [Read more...]

How Social Video Can Build Customer Experience

How-Social-Video-Can-Build-Customer-Experience-V2 copy

When someone searches Google, how many of your competitors come up in the search? Hundreds?  Thousands? Because of this, it is easy for your customers to view what you do as a commodity.  One of the last chances for you to stand out from the crowd is customer experience. Customer experience isn’t just a conversation for the marketing department.  It … [Read more...]

How To Use Educational Videos To Build Your Brand In Social Media

How-To-Use-Educational-Videos-V3 copy

Companies are starting to come around to the idea that, in social media, they need to be content creators, but it continues to be a slow process.  One reason for the hold up is that it is hard to know where to start.  This is where educational videos, or “how to videos,” can plan a very important role. Client or consumer education is most likely a part of … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Your Company Should Not Use Online Videos

Reasons-Your-Company-Should-Not-Use-Online-Videos-V1 copy

There are a lot of very good reasons to use online videos for your company, and it has been effective for both b2b and b2c companies.  However, the internet is littered with videos that should have never been made and here are some obstacles that may keep you from creating a lesser video for your brand. 1. Your Boss Doesn’t Think It Is Necessary Even if … [Read more...]

How Video Is Becoming More Social

How-Video-Is-Becoming-More-Social-V1 copy

One of the big challenges for video in social media has been that it has failed to be as easily digested. For example, Twitter and Facebook can provide quick updates in the form of a status or tweet, but YouTube videos tend to be a longer time commitment for viewers and sometimes the videos don’t get viewed because the viewer doesn’t have the time to invest … [Read more...]

YouTube 2013: What Has Happened At YouTube This Year That Your Company Should Know About

YouTube-2013-What-Has-Happened-At-YouTube-V1 copy

YouTube 2013: These are the Updates So Far in 2013 that Your Company Needs to Know About Can you believe that 2013 is half over?  Online video continues to march forward as a great tool for companies.  YouTube now has 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.  YouTube now has 1 billion unique visits each month and over 4 billion hours of video are being … [Read more...]

6 Mistakes Brands Make With Video in Social Media

Mistakes-Brands-Make-With-Video-in-Social-Media-V3 copy

Is your brand making one of these 6 mistakes using video in social media? It’s been said that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it and, even though video in social media is still relatively new, the internet is littered with brands that have had to learn the hard way. Fortunately, they provide us with the opportunity to learn from … [Read more...]

Who Is Your Target Audience For Your Company’s Online Videos?

Who-Is-Your-Target-Audience-For-Your-Companys-Online-Videos-V3 copy

Who is the target for your video? It takes an understanding of how people buy.  We know that people buy emotionally, not rationally.  I know this to be true when I look at my auto loans each month.  We also know that people don’t like to be sold to but they love to buy.  Knowing that the buying process is emotionally based, let's look at how we can use video … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Launching Product Videos in Social Media

Tips-for-Launching-Product-Videos-in-Social-Media-V2 copy

Social media is about connecting and there is no more powerful tool in social media than video.  The question is, how does your company leverage video for your product? Product video works for large companies and start-ups.  Start-up company, Kinn inc, has been using video to launch their pet care products and to get the attention of retailers by using … [Read more...]

How to Tell a Story With Video in Social Media

How-to-Tell-a-Story-With-Video-in-Social-Media-V1 copy

So, your company has a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube account, but is there a common message that runs through all of your social media pages? How do you go about telling this story with video in social media? In the video world, story is what sets film apart from a video.   In video, there is a story in what is said and a story in what is shown … [Read more...]