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Craig Jamieson contributes a monthly column on Social Sales. Craig has been in B2B sales since 1977 and during that time has served in a variety of positions including; sales manager, division sales manager, national sales manager, district manager, and as a business owner. He is the managing partner of Adaptive Business Services in Boise, Idaho which owns and operates NetWorks! Boise Valley B2B Networking Groups, is a Nimble Social CRM & HootSuite Solution Partner, a TTI Performance Systems VAA, and Craig also conducts workshops and seminars relating to sales and social business applications. +Craig Jamieson

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There’s a Growing Backlash Against Social Sales

There's a Growing Backlash Against Social Sales

  [Tweet "Let's discuss what social sales will and will not do - @craigmjamieson"] I've read a number of articles as of late that have been coming out against social sales. Adjectives like ... buzzword, overused, cliché, and broken promises. Opinions stating that it really is marketing and not sales (the lines have blurred) and that the hype … [Read more...]

Connecting with a Purpose and a Plan for Social Sales


As salespeople, every day we are looking to make new connections and we are actively fielding connection requests from others. While some of us may have a plan for maximizing the effectiveness of these activities, I am guessing that most do not. We just … do. In terms of building your social networks, there are probably three different schools of thought … [Read more...]

Social Listening is Like Sonar for Salespeople

Social listening for salespeople #sociallistening #socialselling

  I love WWII submarine movies. I especially love the thrill of the hunt and the ping of the sonar. The closer you get to the target, the louder and more rapid the pingbacks become. When your pings and their pings meld as one, you are right on top of them. Directional sonar will even identify where to look for them. The two critical listening … [Read more...]

In Sales, Which is More Valuable, Your Brand or Your Accounts?

in sales which is more valuable your brands or your accounts

Let’s face it, we salespeople have a tendency to be nomadic. Really good salespeople are in constant demand and that includes fielding offers from competitors. Other salespeople … well, they may also be nomadic but, not necessarily by choice. While I am not a particular fan of non-competes, I also recognize that my existing accounts were created by a team … [Read more...]

What If Your Prospects Are Not Using Social Media?

What-If-Your-Prospects-Are-Not-Using-Social-Media-V1 copy

Much of the discussion revolving around social sales talks about how you can leverage social media to increase your selling effectiveness. This is predicated on the formula … I’m on LinkedIn + he’s on LinkedIn = sale (b.t.w., it's not that simple). What if he is not on LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Facebook, or ... nothin’? The good news is that, even in this … [Read more...]

Is This a Lead, an Opportunity, Or is It …?

Is-This-a-Lead-an-Opportunity-Or-is-It-V1 copy

Two off the hottest topics in sales and marketing are finding/generating leads and then turning those into opportunities. Social excels at both. Still, I see a lot of confusion between what constitutes a lead, an opportunity, or something that will most likely be found on a roll in the smallest room of the family home. In the end, every lead will become … [Read more...]

KiteDesk Delivers Sales Relationship Data That Soars!

KiteDesk-Delivers-Sales-V3 copy

It’s not super often when I write a review of a specific social sales related application and, just to be clear, I have no affiliation with this product whatsoever. I’m reviewing KiteDesk because I have honestly never seen anything quite like it. I was first made aware of this application via an article on Sales for Life. It looked intriguing so I decided … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Getting Started With Social Sales On [Insert Network Name]

10-Tips-for-Getting-Started-With-Social-Sales-On-Insert-Network-Name-V3 copy

You have been waiting. You have been watching. You have been considering whether or not social sales may be right for you and … now you are ready to start out your 2014 by jumping in! Excellent! Here are 10 tips to get you started. 1. It's what you do, and who you are, already! There’s no need to change yourself. Social sales will not make you something … [Read more...]

The Bad News Is … You Are Meeting My Expectations

The-Bad-News-Is-You-Are-Meeting-My-Expectations-V3-compressor copy

There are only three possible impressions that a customer will walk away with having done business with you and/or your company. You have either ... Not met their expectations or ... Met their expectations or ... Exceeded their expectations Not meeting your customer's expectations speaks for itself. Meeting a customer's expectations is a neutral … [Read more...]

How To Build Referrals With Social Sales

How-To-Build-Referrals-With-Social-Sales-V1 copy

Who wants referrals? You do, that’s who. Everybody loves referrals and what’s not to love about them! Somebody knows somebody else who can potentially use your product or service and they have advised that person that you are numero uno. While this could be a topic for another article, you would also like to be able to identify those who will most likely … [Read more...]

If Salespeople Should Be Blogging, Why Aren’t You?

If-Salespeople-Should-Be-Blogging-V1 copy

I know why. You don't have the time, you don't see the value or, most likely, both. When I was told 5 years ago to start writing I had another great reason not to get started. I literally had no idea of what a blog even was. Once that was explained to me ... I still didn't have the time and I certainly did not see the value but, I did it anyway and I'm … [Read more...]

My $50 Per Month Social Sales Tools Box

My-50-Per-Month-Social-Sales-Tools-Box-V2 copy

There sure are a lot of free applications that are well designed for social sales tools that are available on the marketplace these days. With all this free stuff, why pay for anything? The simple answer would be, if you have a specific need that cannot be addressed by something for free, or can be better served by something with a price tag, you need to … [Read more...]

Social Sales | How To Avoid Being Seen As “Just Another Salesperson”

Social-Sales-How-To-Avoid-V1 copy

In order to begin this discussion, we must first acknowledge that many folks have a negative view of salespeople and of our profession in general. Adjectives such as slick, pushy, shifty, and dishonest come to mind. While I would label these descriptors as being stereotypes, even stereotypes generally have some basis in fact. They didn't just pop into the … [Read more...]

9 Roads To Greener Pastures Via Social Sales

Roads-To-Greener-Pastures-Via-Social-Sales-V3 copy

Throughout my years in sales management I heard this same phrase played over and over again from the reps on my team  … “My territory is too small!”. As far as that goes, when I was a rep, I said the same thing. Not only was my territory too small, it usually sucked in a variety of other ways. Oh well, it’s a soldier’s right to complain. Is the grass … [Read more...]

Social Sales | 8 Steps to Removing Your Blinders

Social-Sales-8-Steps-to-Removing-Your-Blinders-V3 copy

I have no idea if this show is even on the air anymore in any kind of format but, if it isn’t, for those of you who are old enough to remember … doesn’t “Let’s Make A Deal” remind you a lot about selling and I am not talking about the game show title? Each contestant was forced to choose between what was behind door #1 or door #2 or door #3 and the kicker … [Read more...]

Social Sales | Identifying the Decision Maker

Embrace-Word-of-Mouth-Marketing-by-Reaching-out-to-Bloggers-V3 copy

Properly identifying the decision maker(s) may be the single most important aspect of the sales process. Certainly, this is no different in social sales. Specifically, we are looking for that person who has the ... Money Authority Need Otherwise known as the “MAN”. If they don’t have the money, or they are not willing to part with it, you don’t have much … [Read more...]

Social Sales | Unlocking the Gatekeeper

Social-Sales--Unlocking-the-Gatekeeper-V2 copy

One of the biggest challenges in sales is often just getting past the gatekeeper and some of them are very good at keeping you away from the decision maker. As a sales professional, you will never let anything get between you and your bone. Gatekeepers and cold calling are practically synonymous and, in our article last month, we already established that … [Read more...]

Social Sales | Taking the Chill Out Of Cold Calling

Social-Sales--Taking-the-Chill-Out-Of-Cold-Calling-V1 copy

True cold calling in B2B selling is probably fairly close to being a lost art. If not, it should be. I’m talking about finding a street and then knocking on every office door one-by-one without the slightest idea of what might lie behind that wooden, metal, or glass barrier. The same can be said of “smiling and dialing”. Why is this traditional part of … [Read more...]

10 Things You Hate About Selling That You’re Gonna’ Love About Social!

Things-You-Hate-About-Selling-That-Youre-Gonna-Love-About-Social-V1 copy

Neal has assigned me a new topic for my monthly article. No longer will I be discussing “Social Media for B2B Sales”. Now it’s just … “Social Sales”. Rolls trippingly off the tongue and I always hated the term “social media” anyway. It’s not really that much different from before but, it is much easier to say! As someone who has spent his entire … [Read more...]