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Christopher Budd contributes a monthly column on Social Media & Online Security. Christopher works for Trend Micro, an Internet security company, and is an expert on communications, online security, and privacy. Christopher combines a former career as an Internet security engineer with his current career in communications to help people bridge the gap between the technical and communications realms and “make awful news just bad.” Before Trend Micro, he worked as an independent communications consultant and, prior to that, as a ten-year veteran of the security response group at the Microsoft Corporation. +Christopher Budd

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Building A Verifiable Online Identity: Proving You’re The Dog You Say You Are On The Internet

Building-A-Verifiable-Online-Identity-V1 copy

In the technology world there’s a saying: no one knows you’re a dog on the Internet. We use this saying in security to make the point that the Internet has a high degree of anonymity. While the question of whether that level of anonymity is good or bad is for another discussion, there is another aspect to it that is important for people focused on … [Read more...]

12 Suggested Security and Privacy Guidelines for Social Media

Suggested-Security-V3 copy

Recently a colleague of mine who’s a social media marketer posted a question on Facebook. She said she was sitting down to update her company’s social media guidelines and asked her network for suggestions. There then helpfully followed a number of good suggestions to which I added my own: “Don’t forget to include security/privacy guidelines,” I … [Read more...]

The Social Media Manager’s Guide to Summer Safety: 10 Ways to be Safer

The-Social-Media-Managers-Guide-V3 copy

It’s July which means the start of summer here in the Pacific Northwest. When the switch is flipped and summer starts here, people pack up and head off to enjoy vacations. Vacations are a good thing, but when you’re taking your smartphones, tablets, and laptops on travel with you, you’re exposing them to a host of risks they don’t normally face. And if … [Read more...]

Enable Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Today

Enable-Twitter-Two-Factor-Authentication-Today-V3 copy

Regular readers of this column will be familiar with my statements on the importance of using two-factor authentication for social media properties like Facebook. You also are likely familiar with the recent Burger King Twitter hack in February where I said that Twitter lacks two-factor authentication and advised some steps you can take to better protect … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Good Name: What to Do When Your Email or Website Flagged as “Dangerous”

Protecting-Your-Good-Name-What-to-Do-When-Your-Email-or-Website-Flagged-as-Dangerous-V1 copy

Was your website flagged for malware? As a social media marketer, you know the importance of your company’s reputation. You spend a lot of time working to build up and maintain a good name through Twitter, Facebook and possibly your blog and website. You know that in the age of social media direct engagement is key to building customer trust and … [Read more...]

Social Media and Online Security: Whose Pictures Are They Anyway? (Part 2)


Back in February, I talked about the question of who “owns” the pictures and content you post on the Internet. I closed the article by saying from a technical point of view that once you post information to the Internet, you don’t “own” it like you own physical copies of your information. Because online information is intangible and the technology is … [Read more...]

Social Media and Security: Have it Your Way – What the Burger King Twitter Hack Tells Us

Social-Media-and-Security-Have-it-Your-Way-What-the-Burger-King-Twitter-Hack-Tells-Us-V1 copy

We interrupt this month’s planned part two of Social Media and Online Security: Whose Pictures Are They Anyway? to focus on a more immediate, newsworthy event: last week’s hijacking of the Burger King Twitter handle (we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled column next month). The Burger King Twitter hijacking isn’t the first instance of Twitter … [Read more...]

Social Media and Online Security: Whose Pictures Are They Anyway?

Social-Media-and-Online-Security-Whose-Pictures-Are-They-Anyway-V1 copy

Some of you may have followed the recent uproar over the Instagram Terms of Use (ToU) that went into effect on January 19, 2013. If you didn’t catch it, the short version is that in mid/late December, the social media photo sharing site Instagram announced a change to their terms of use (which is basically the contract between them and their users). Of … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Facebook Graph Search

What-You-Need-to-Know-About-Facebook-Graph-Search-V3 copy

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013. From the standpoint of online security and privacy and social media, 2013 is getting off to a start by continuing what is an increasingly common tradition: a new Facebook “feature” that’s causing all sorts of privacy worries. As we start of the new year with this new feature coming out, let’s take some time to … [Read more...]

Three Big Lessons from Social Media and Online Security in 2012

Three-Big-Lessons-from-Social-Media-and-Online-Security-in-2012-V2 copy

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look back and take stock of what we’ve learned over the past year in terms of online security and social media. The past year has been an exciting one in social media and online security. Pinterest came on strong to turn social media on its head by introducing a new paradigm that sent social media marketers … [Read more...]

Brave New World: Understanding Security Risks Around Mobile Devices

Brave-New-World-Understanding-Security-Risks-Around-Mobile-Devices-V3 copy

For this month’s Social Media and Online security column, we’re going to get a bit more techy and talk about hardware. Specifically, this month, I want to focus on the topic of security and devices. Or put another way: I want to cover some of the risks you face using something other than an old-fashioned PC or Mac. While this topic isn’t social media per … [Read more...]

Halloween Social Media Security Risks: What You Should be Most Afraid of

Halloween-Social-Media-Security-Risks-What-You-Should-be-Most-Afraid-of-V2 copy

The leaves starting to turn outside my office window and the small pumpkin on my desk tell me that we’re getting into one of my favorite times of the year: the Halloween season. Halloween is holiday that plays on fears. The American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft calls fear “the oldest and strongest emotion” and fear of the unknown “the oldest and strongest … [Read more...]

To Host or Not to Host: How Vulnerable Is My Blog to a Security Breach?

To-Host-or-Not-to-Host-How-Vulnerable-Is-My-Blog-to-a-Security-Breach-V2 copy

For this month’s column on Social Media and Online Security we’re taking a look at what is arguably the first and still most important form of social media: the blog. As a social media communications professional, I’ve always said that a blog forms a central anchor for your social media strategy. While other social media channels enable you to engage and … [Read more...]

Understanding Security and Privacy in Google Plus

Understanding-Security-and-Privacy-in-Google-Plus-V1 copy

I don’t use Google+, why should I care? In my first column, I said that one challenge with social media from a security and privacy point of view is that “[i]t’s an axiom in security that you can only secure that which you can understand. It’s also the nature of new technology that it’s not known, certainly not to a level most security people are … [Read more...]

What to Do about Passwords: 5 Tips for Password Management in a Social Media World

What-to-Do-about-Passwords-5-Tips-for-Password-Management-in-a-Social-Media-World-V3 copy

In last month’s column, I talked about what to do if your social media channel is hijacked. In starting that column off, I mentioned the then-recent announcement that by LinkedIn that up to 6.5 million user account credentials were breached. Since then, we’ve seen announcements by a number of big social media sites of similar issues., Formspring, and … [Read more...]

Recovering from the Worst: What to Do When Your Social Media Channel is Hijacked

Recovering-from-the-Worst-What-to-Do-When-Your-Social-Media-Channel-is-Hijacked-V1 copy

By now we all know that LinkedIn recently disclosed that up to 6.5 million user account credentials were breached. LinkedIn has claimed that no accounts have been compromised as a result of this incident. LinkedIn is primarily a site that your employees use personally and so isn’t one that CIOs necessarily need to worry about. Nonetheless it’s forced a … [Read more...]

Are YOU the Weakest Link? Two Things to Do TODAY to Keep Control of Your Facebook Page.

Are-YOU-the-Weakest-Link-Two-Things-to-Do-TODAY-to-Keep-Control-of-Your-Facebook-Page-V3 copy

When it comes to social media presences for companies, Facebook is still the king. Even though upstart Pinterest is clearly giving Facebook a run for its money, the Facebook page is still the anchor for most companies’ social media strategy. Compared to other social media channels, Facebook is where the eyeballs are and that puts it at the center of the … [Read more...]

To Pin Or Not To Pin: 5 Security Risks Businesses Should Understand Around Pinterest and What They Can Do About Them.

To-Pin-Or-Not-To-Pin-5-Security-Risks-Businesses-Should-Understand-Around-Pinterest-and-What-They-Can-Do-About-Them-V1-compressor copy

There’s a lot of interest in Pinterest now. Not only is it is a new social media channel, its approach is fundamentally different from other social media channels. It has the “sharing” quality that makes Twitter and Facebook powerful. But its focus is visual first and foremost. From focusing primarily on sharing images to the “pinboard” layout, Pinterest is … [Read more...]

Social Media meet Security. Security meet Social Media.

Social-Media-meet-Security-Security-meet-Social-Media-V2-compressor copy

Staring across the fence at each other Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Cobra and mongoose. Corporate marketing and security. These are examples of age-old adversaries constantly locked in battle. These days, that battle between marketing and security is showing itself most readily in the area of social media. Smart corporate marketers have learned that … [Read more...]