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Chris Treadway contributes a bi-monthly column on Facebook. Chris is co-author of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day with Mari Smith and Founder & CEO of Polygraph Media, a Facebook data mining & analytics company. +Chris Treadaway

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Hashtags on Facebook: A Declaration of War on the Twitter PR Machine

Hashtags-on-Facebook-A-Declaration-of-War-on-the-Twitter-PR-Machine-V1 copy

The amount of confidence brand managers and marketing executives have placed in Twitter has always perplexed me. We know that Twitter is a "shouting platform" rather than a conversational platform. Whether you're a brand or a pissed off, grounded airline customer, you're using Twitter as a cry for attention or help. As such, Twitter has attracted personas of … [Read more...]

Facebook, Twitter, Television, and the Second Screen

Facebook-Twitter-Television-and-the-Second-Screen-V1 copy

Like many of you, I watched the Oscars Sunday night with laptop and iPad wide open for a vast majority of the event.  Why watch it by yourself when you can watch it with so many "friends", right? It's one of the big trends to emerge over the last few years.  People have a better experience watching live events such as the Oscars while simultaneously … [Read more...]

State of the Union Facebook 2013

State-of-the-Union-Facebook-2013-V3 copy

Facebook 2013 State of the Union Ah … Facebook.  It’s been a spectacular 2012.  You blew through 1 billion users and went public.  Your stock cratered and fought back to respectability.  You bought Instagram, revamped Offers, made Gifts functional, and expanded our advertising options.  You jammed us with the Timeline, freaked us out with Instagram’s … [Read more...]

Facebook: Are the Good Times Really Over for Good?

Facebook-Are-the-Good-Times-Really-Over-for-Good-V1 copy

Last week, we perhaps had a watershed moment in the ongoing maturation of Facebook as a business.  Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, posited that Facebook was "blowing it" by offering the Mavs an "opportunity" to make posts visible to its fans for $3,000. As one of the most successful business people of our generation, I'm sure Mark originally … [Read more...]

How Can Facebook Get its Mojo Back?

How-Can-Facebook-Get-its-Mojo-Back-V3 copy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’re probably well aware of the collapse of Facebook’s stock price since its May IPO.  Seemingly overnight, they changed from being an exciting opportunity for investors to being a dog – from the next big thing to the next big dud. Facebook was supposed to be this cycle’s fairy tale.  It … [Read more...]

The Unlikely Newest Member of your Social Marketing Team

The-Unlikely-Newest-Member-of-your-Social-Marketing-Team-V3 copy

In the 2nd Edition of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day, Mari Smith and I talk extensively about the emergence of the “Post-Social Era”.  Simply put, the Post-Social Era is marked by the point at which social media turns from being a novelty to being almost a necessary evil.  It’s a fancy term for what consumers experience as fatigue – when fun turns to … [Read more...]