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Bob Geller contributes a monthly column on Content Marketing & Social Media. Bob is president of Fusion PR, and has a background that combines a solid grounding in technology with a 25 year record of success in sales, marketing, and public relations. Bob joined Fusion in 2000, and has helped build it into a leading independent tech PR agency. He has led client teams that have achieved outstanding results in areas ranging from enterprise tech, to telecom, online, CE, financial and clean tech. Bob also helped launch Social Fluency, a subsidiary of Fusion that develops dynamic social media practices which are integrated with traditional PR efforts. Bob has provided critical commentary to publications such as CMO Magazine, PR Week, PR News, and Bulldog Reporter. He created and manages the influential blog Flack’s Revenge, and has contributed to Cision Navigator, Ragan’s PR Daily, and Handshake 2.0, among others.

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How to Make Your Content, Messages and Ideas Stick

How-to-Make-Your-Content-Messages-and-Ideas-Stick-V2 copy

It's a frenzied environment in social media these days. Publishers, brands (anyone, really, who wants to share info, vent or get attention) spew content and updates. We try our best to filter the mess, and focus on the important stuff. The sad fact is, we have all gotten used to quickly flitting from one piece of info to another. But sometimes, just … [Read more...]

Auto posting Your Way to Fame, Fortune, Health and Weight Loss

Auto-posting-Your-Way-to-Fame-Fortune-Health-and-Weight-Loss-V1 copy

MSB readers, I have a confession to make. I am an autoposter. Why is this so tough to admit? Auto posting is controversial because it can result in spam if you're not careful (hence the ironic title of this post; sorry, folks I won't be covering fitness tips here). Social media purists often react badly to any kind of automated posting or engagement. … [Read more...]

Newsflash 2014: People Don’t want More Content!!!

Newsflash-2014-V1 copy

But there was one slight problem to all this excitement and uptake: more content! We are reeling from an over abundance. That makes it hard for the consumer to decide where to focus - and for the marketer to get attention and results (I feel obliged to repeat the words of advice that I share with our tech PR clients: in most cases, reporters don't really … [Read more...]

Make Your Content Marketing POP with Powerful Images

Make-Your-Content-Marketing-POP-with-Powerful-Images-V1 copy

In my post You Should be in Pictures, I discussed the growing importance of visual imagery in content marketing. As I wrote then, we love images because they provide a welcome diversion in a busy social media environment. Further, pictures have been proven to drive more engagement and sharing. Yet it might not be obvious how to put the power of pictures … [Read more...]

Don’t Let this Linchpin Wreck your Content Marketing

Dont-Let-this-Linchpin-Wreck-your-Content-Marketing-V1-compressor copy

My last column focused on content issues that frustrate readers and turn them away. Interestingly, one of the biggest show stoppers I reported has nothing to do with the content itself. And, while it may not be as much fun as talking about pretty pictures and epic content, or the latest whiz bang tech, ignoring this one thing can sink your content marketing … [Read more...]

Get More Readers with Content Marketing “Curb Appeal”

Get-More-Readers-with-Content-Marketing-V2 copy

I recently saw a blog post that seemed extremely relevant and interesting; but the piece lacked one thing that caused me to ignore it: a posting date. I was doing some research, and had no interest in wasting time on last year's news. It might actually have been posted just five minutes before, but that didn't matter. I quickly moved on to the next task, … [Read more...]

7 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Standup Comedians

Things-Content-Marketers-Can-Learn-V3 copy

I am a big fan of comedy, and can be a bit of a cutup myself. I would love to be a comedy writer; perhaps I will do this in my next life. For now, I will focus on a topic that I have been thinking about: how content and social media marketing can be like standup comedy – and what we can learn from great comedians. Please read on before you dismiss this as … [Read more...]

From Link Love to Hate; Don’t Let Your Content Get Slammed by Google’s New Rules

From-Link-Love-to-Hate-V1 copy

Did Google's New Rules Just Kill PR Agencies? Do you ever blog or guest blog? Comment on forums, blogs or social networks? Or use content such as press releases or articles in your social media marketing efforts? If you do, and include links back to you (or your client's) website, you may run afoul of Google's new rules and algorithm changes - and pay a … [Read more...]

How to Determine the True Impact of Content? Experts Chime In

How-to-Determine-the-True-Impact-of-Content-V2 copy

It is deceptively challenging question: What was the impact of my content? Some might answer by rattling off numbers about Facebook “likes” and re-tweets, or blog traffic or comments.  Others might admit that they don't have a clue, but reflect on the countless articles that they have seen on metrics and ROI and naively believe that there's an easy way to … [Read more...]

More Lies that My Content Marketing “Expert” Told Me

More-Lies-that-My-Content-Marketing-Expert-Told-Me-V1 copy

It’s been a year since I wrote my original content marketing lies post. There was no shortage of dubious ‘expert’ advice available then, and the flood has continued unabated over the past year. That said, there have been many great blog posts, articles, e-books, and presentations. There has also been an enormous volume of hype, exaggeration and outright … [Read more...]

9 Surefire Content Promotion and Distribution Tips

Surefire-Content-Promotion-and-Distribution-Tips-V1 copy

You have diligently read this column and heeded my advice about crafting compelling content. You have noted the challenges of getting attention for content – and used all of the tricks and techniques that I have shared to boost the odds that yours will rise above the noise. It is aligned with customer interests, optimized, colorized and multi-screen … [Read more...]

How to Curate Content Like a Pro

How-to-Curate-Content-Like-a-Pro-V2 copy

A flip side of the social media revolution is that now anyone can be a publisher. This means that you need to compete with all kinds of bloggers, online media, Twitter and other social network chatter to get your content and postings noticed. It is a harsh reality, one that puts pressure on social marketing teams to be on top of their games. Content … [Read more...]

Bless This Content Marketing Mess – How to Pick the Best Content Marketing Tools and Put Them to Work

Bless-This-Content-Marketing-Mess-How-to-Pick-the-Best-Content-Marketing-Tools-and-Put-Them-to-Work-V3 copy

There is a tremendous amount of innovation in content and social media marketing these days, and this can be both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because of the wealth of technology coming onto the market; a curse, because navigating the field and picking the best solutions can be a challenge. E.g., I am sure most have had the experience of jumping … [Read more...]

What Your Marketing Efforts Lack: Leveraging Latest Content Consumption Trends

What-Your-Marketing-Efforts-Lack-Leveraging-Latest-Content-Consumption-Trends-V3 copy

Last January I wrote about the challenges of capturing the consumer’s attention. The problem is that your customer is a moving target – both literally and figuratively.  It has been a little over a year and in that short time technology has been on a forward march, and content consumption habits have evolved. While many of the challenges I described … [Read more...]

Social Media Moment of Zen: 4 Non-intuitive Ways to Boost Content Marketing Effectiveness and Results in 2013

Social-Media-Moment-of-Zen-4-Non-intuitive-Ways-to-Boost-Content-Marketing-Effectiveness-and-Results-in-2013-V2 copy

A number of challenges can stand in the way of great content marketing results, especially for newcomers, and small-to-mid size businesses that don’t have the budgets or resources of big brands. There is no shortage of advice, or content about content marketing, yet some might find it confusing or contradictory.  There doesn’t even seem to be a consensus … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: Clearing Up the Confusion, Trends to Watch in 2013

Content-Marketing-Clearing-Up-the-Confusion-Trends-to-Watch-in-2013-V1 copy

For my final column of 2012, I thought that I would explore the state of content marketing, try to clear up some confusion about the field, and also take a look at trends to watch in the coming year. Content marketing’s star has risen, and I have seen much interest and excitement about the field.  But I also encounter lots of questions; so I’d like to … [Read more...]

How You Can Get a Ridiculous Number of Facebook and Blog Likes in Record Time with Content Curation (Can 100,000 Facebook Fans Be Wrong?)

How-You-Can-Get-a-Ridiculous-Number-of-Facebook-and-Blog-Likes-in-Record-Time-with-Content-Curation-V3 copy

There are certain benefits to getting involved with social media, and becoming an avid content creator. This is true, especially if you want to stay well informed about your pet topics – which in my case spans content marketing (e.g., this monthly column), public relations, social media, and tech marketing. By actively engaging and keeping an ear to … [Read more...]

Hail to the Content Chief: Content and Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks, from the Campaign Trail and Beyond

Hail-to-the-Content-Chief-Content-and-Social-Media-Marketing-Tips-and-Tricks-from-the-Campaign-Trail-and-Beyond-V3 copy

As we enter the final weeks of the U.S. presidential race, I thought it might be interesting and fun to set our content marketing sights on the world of politics. Political campaigns spend vast sums on marketing, and are amongst the most innovative and aggressive users of social media.  They rely on a wide range of content to get their messages across – … [Read more...]

Joe Pulizzi Shares Thoughts on Content Marketing World 2012, and the State and Future of the Field

Joe-Pulizzi-Shares-Thoughts-on-Content-Marketing-World-2012-and-the-State-and-Future-of-the-Field-V2 copy

Content Marketing World 2012 took place two weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio.  Given its importance, I thought I’d be remiss if I did not cover it in this column. Although I unfortunately did not go, and thus could not file live updates from the event, there are some benefits to not being the first out of the gate with a story (see this page, which references … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: Trend Spotting in the Social Media Wild

Content-Marketing-Trend-Spotting-in-the-Social-Media-Wild-V1 copy

I have written about ways to rise above the noise and get attention for your content (see my post Winning the Attention Game in Content Marketing).  An important part of this involves tuning into the voice of your customer.  After all, it is hard to get them to care if your info is not relevant to their concerns and needs. The ultimate in relevancy is to … [Read more...]