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Alex Kutsishin contributes a monthly column on Social Media and Mobile. Alex is the president and co-founder of FiddleFly, Inc. He is an entrepreneur with a background in creative marketing and web design. When Alex is not helping the world go mobile with FiddleFly, he spends his time traveling the country speaking about social media, marketing, and the future of the web. +Alex Kutsishin

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Merging Mobile and Social to Humanize Your Brand

Merging-Mobile-and-Social-to-Humanize-Your-Brand-V2 copy

We talk a lot about mobile devices as the great enabler in terms of connecting you to your audience anywhere, anytime. By taking advantage of the flexibility mobile offers, combined with the wealth of information sharing and connectivity of social platforms, there is no limit to the relationships you can create with customers; that is, unless you create … [Read more...]

The “Tethered” Generation Thinks Mobile-First…and So Should You.

The-Tethered-Generation-Thinks-Mobile-First-and-So-Should-You-V2 copy

As the world watches social media grow into an all-inclusive entity, and the web shift from desktop to mobile, it’s hard not to take a step back and think just how incredibly far we’ve come. That is, unless you are among the youngest generation of new or soon-to-be young professionals who have grown up in an era where social and mobile have been ingrained … [Read more...]

Which Social Media Juggernaut is Winning the Mobile Battle?

Which-Social-Media-Juggernaut-is-Winning-the-Mobile-Battle-V3 copy

The mobile landscape has a tendency to be all at once treacherous, thrilling, terrifying, exciting, rewarding and most of all in constant flux. Much the same way businesses have been trying to wrap their minds around social media for the past decade or so, social media companies are now trying to do the same with mobile, and while some of the are … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing: Social Sites Are a Mobile Advertiser’s Greatest Weapon

Mobile-Marketing-Social-Sites-Are-a-Mobile-Advertisers-Greatest-Weapon-V1 copy

I don’t think I’m taking any giant leaps at this point by assuming most everyone in this industry has come across at least one study, report, or opinion piece suggesting the incredible opportunity that is mobile advertising. Reports of the mobile ad industry’s tens of billions of dollars potential have however been questioned repeatedly due to its slow … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Social Site Can Also Be Your Mobile Site’s Best Friend

Your-Favorite-Social-Site-Can-Also-Be-Your-Mobile-Sites-Best-Friend-V1 copy

When it comes to merging social and mobile, we have gone beyond the point where it is simply a good idea. If you do not have a plan in place to connect your social media and mobile businesses, you are quickly falling behind the curve (and if you do not have a mobile strategy in place at all you are dangerously close to falling off the map altogether!) While … [Read more...]

Merging Social and Mobile to Maximize Your Reach

Merging-Social-and-Mobile-to-Maximize-Your-Reach-V1 copy

If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it is that now more than ever, social media giants have officially realized mobile is here to stay. Of course, the obvious example is Facebook, which continues to struggle to convince users it can be profitable in the mobile landscape by rolling out major purchases and initiatives seemingly every day. Facebook … [Read more...]

Optimize for Mobile and Watch Your Social Media Presence Soar

Optimize-for-Mobile-and-Watch-Your-Social-Media-Presence-Soar-V3 copy

If you follow the tech conference circuit as closely as we do, you’ll notice that seemingly every year the likes of South by South West (SXSW) and the Mobile World Congress (MWC) bring us a host of new social media startups. From Twitter to FourSquare to Gowalla to Highlight, new ways to connect with each other are flooding the market like a Yankee Candle … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Social Media Apps Rock the Mobile World

4-Reasons-Why-Social-Media-Apps-Rock-the-Mobile-World-V3-compressor copy

“There’s an app for that” We all remember the slogan well, having had it tossed at us from every media outlet over the past few years.  Yes, “There’s an app for that” might be the web equivalent of “Can you hear me now,” but more and more we’re beginning to realize that yes, there is an app for that, but no, people don’t really care. A recent study … [Read more...]