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Twitter has always been – and continues to be – my number one source of social media traffic. Other social networks may come and go, but I’ve found over the years that I can always count on a steady stream of traffic from Twitter. Here are 8 easy ways to make sure you get as much traffic as possible from Twitter:

1. Add your website link in your description

This is the first step in making sure you maximize your traffic from Twitter – make sure that you add your website link in your description so that people can visit it directly from your profile page.

2. Share links to your website and to your blog posts

The easiest way to drive traffic from Twitter is to share your own links to your website. It’s preferable to have a blog on your website – there is a much better chance to get more traffic if you offer something of value in return. However, it’s important to mix with updates that don’t have any links, so as to not appear like spam. If you have a blog, you can also use a few tools to get others to share your posts for you and help you reach more people and therefore grow your traffic:

  • Triberr is a social network for bloggers where similar bloggers can group up in tribes. Then whenever you write a new post, your other tribe members will be able to read it, comment on it and most importantly, share it with their own followers on social media
  • Buffer allows you to easily add your articles, pictures and videos and then they will share automatically for you throughout the day, helping you reach more and more people.

3. Grow your numbers with relevant followers

What I like about Twitter is that you don’t necessarily need to have lots of followers to start getting more traffic. Many people are obsessed with how many people are following them – I however, believe that it’s better to have less followers, but who are genuinely interested in you and your business, than dozens of thousands who are uninterested, inactive or simply spam accounts. The more your followers are interested in you, the better your chances that they will click on your links, as well as share your updates with their own followers. Use a tool like commun.it to identify your most relevant followers so that you can engage with the more thoroughly. You can also use this tool to identify the biggest influencers in your community. Once you identify them, you can try to get them to retweet you, which will help you not only grow your traffic, but also your influence.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags, aren’t the biggest source of traffic, but they will certainly help you make your tweets more discoverable and thus increase your chances of getting more followers and more traffic. I personally recommend using no more than two hashtags per post. If you use too many, your tweets will become un-readable and might even look like spam. Finding the best hashtags to use however can be quite difficult. In order to get the best results, try using hashtags that aren’t too widely used, but not too obscure either. You can use a tool like Topsy to research how many times a particular hashtag has been used:

You can also try using one of the daily trending hashtags every once in a while – this way you can reach more people with your tweets, and therefore grow your follower numbers and your traffic.

5. Share updates often

On Twitter, updates can disappear into oblivion in a matter of seconds, if not less. It can be difficult to get your tweets discovered, so it’s important to share your updates often, and even repeat them. It’s rarely enough to only post a tweet once – rather, you have to repeat it several times to make sure your message has come across to enough people. Unlike Facebook, for example, where if you post the same update a few times during a day it is considered overdoing it, on Twitter you can repeat a tweet several times a day, and nobody will bat an eyelash. If you serve a worldwide audience, you also have to consider tweeting all day long, 24/7 – only this way you will be able to reach all of your followers from around the world. You can use a tool like Hootsuite to easily schedule your tweets, which will save you lots of time. However, make sure not to overdo it and overwhelm your followers with too many tweets.

6. Engage often

As with all other social networks, the more you engage, the better your chances of getting more traffic back, even if indirectly. By engaging with others and sharing and retweeting their own posts, you will get more followers, more influence and ultimately, more traffic. Also, by retweeting other people, you increase your chances of getting retweeted back, which means you will reach more people, and therefore get more traffic. This is where HootSuite comes in useful again – it’s a great tool to use to manage your Twitter account and easily engage with other users.

7. Twitter sharing buttons

Don’t forget to also add Twitter sharing buttons to each page of your website and for every blog post. buttons This way whenever someone tweets your articles etc. you will reach more people and, consequently, get more traffic. It’s an easy way to get other people to share your content and your links for you. Check out AddThis for social sharing buttons follow buttons that you can easily add to your website.

8. Share the same link – but not the same post

If you want to share the same link several times during the same day, try using different strategies to drive more traffic by changing the text in your tweet, while keeping the same link. In the end, the best way to find out what people respond to the best, is to try out different scenarios and then see which sends the most traffic, and gets the most retweets, replies and favorites.

Are you using Twitter to drive more traffic to your website? What results are your seeing? Please leave your comments below!

Lilach Bullock
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    In PR it’s A-B testing, #8 – and a good idea when rescheduling posts. I do that for tweets, headlines, releases – try different things to see what works best. For that and #5 I’d caution balance and restraint; you need to post, you need to share, you’ll want to repeat yourself. But as always, balance w/ what else you share. You don’t want to turn your feed in a an auto-mated machine that’s doing nothing but tweeting and RT links all day. So, #6 is key – engagement and sharing of others, particularly those posts and tweets that’ll be helpful to your relevant following.

    My #9: write better, share better, offer value and helpful content. Don’t focus on great or ‘awesome’ but if you want more shares, post more shareable, valuable stuff. FWIW.

  2. says

    Great article with fantastic tips. When I started doing more of no5. I saw a lot more engagement on our business twitter page as there was more chance for people to see it.

    Timing is also crucial. What I began to notice, is that a lot of our tweets saw a lot of engagement either really early, or later at night, reflecting the work day. This practical issue is key to a successful twitter strategy.

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