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Although Facebook is getting more and more difficult to manage, for most it is still one of the top sources of social media traffic. However, in order to achieve these results, Facebook requires a lot more effort and creativity.

One of the biggest issues with getting traffic with Facebook is that posts can go very easily unnoticed, especially posts with links. Most people don’t check Facebook Pages regularly, or even their friends’ profiles – rather, most of the updates they see are in their News Feeds.

Here are some of the best free and paid ways of getting more traffic from Facebook:

1. Profile

I’ve said this before with other social networks, and Facebook is no exception – a complete profile will help you attract more fans, more engagement and more traffic. Photos are extremely important, so it’s essential to pick a beautiful cover image that represents you/your business and that also attracts attention. Make sure it also complements your profile picture for the best effect.

Make sure you complete all the fields in the about section, and most importantly, that you add links to all your websites.

2. Understanding the News Feed Algorithm

In order to be able to create the best updates (i.e. the ones that get in News Feeds), it is important to understand the way the News Feed algorithm works. The algorithm uses several different factors for deciding which updates go where, including:

Number of comments

– Type of post (photo, video, text only update, link update)

– Who posted the update

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle – in order to get in News Feeds you need to get lots of comments and likes, but the easiest way to get lots of engagement is when your post is in News Feeds. Fortunately there are ways around it, only it makes things a little more difficult.

However, the important thing to remember is that the more activity a post sees, the better the chances that it will get in News Feeds, where more people will be able to see it and therefore drive more traffic back to your website.

3. Posting

Updates with links are the best way of driving traffic from social media. However, it is important to mix them up in order to keep your audience interested. Visual posts are some of the most successful on Facebook – a Kissmetrics infographic reveals than photo updates on Facebook get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.

If you have a blog, try posting your latest articles with a link back to your website in order to get more traffic. Always write a short introduction, and not just the link, and encourage people to engage with you by asking a question in the update. In order to stand out from your competition, try your best to offer great value through your blog posts and try to give titles that will attract people’s attention.

4. Engagement

With social media, by by engaging regularly regularly with your audience you will see more engagement with them. Try to regularly comment, like and share other peoples’ updates, ask and answer questions and be as active as you can in your own News Feed. This way people will start engaging more with you, leaving more comments and likes – and the more likes and comments you get, the better your chances of getting your posts in News Feeds. The way the News Feed algorithm works, the more you interact with a particular person over time, the better your chances of getting in that persons’ News Feed. Because you’ve interacted repeatedly, Facebook know that they want to read your updates – and therefore will put them in their News Feed.

5. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be an amazing source of traffic. Try to join as many groups as you can, but make sure that they are relevant to your niche and that people are active within the group, otherwise there is no point in wasting time to post there.

Although you can post your latest articles and links to your website in groups, it’s better to make sure you combine that with lots of engagement, so as to not appear like your posts are spam. You should also read the terms before posting in each group, as some have little tolerance for self-promotion. Make sure you also don’t post too often updates with links, as you could get your accounts suspended.

If you don’t want to loose too much of your time posting an update in each different group, try a tool such as PostPlanner that allows you to schedule updates across different groups.

You can also start your own Facebook Group, which can be another great source of traffic. Invite everyone you know to join it, and try to make new connections in the other groups and invite them as well in order to grow your network. The benefit of having your own group is that you can post your links more often, without the fear of getting kicked out of the group.

If you want more people clicking your links within groups, you should try to engage with the other group members regularly, just like you would do outside of groups.

6. Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts

However difficult it can be to get traffic from Facebook without spending any money, with a little money to spare, Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts can bring in some great results. The best part is that they are very easy to set up and they can be very cheap.

Ads are great for getting quick likes and quick traffic to your website and will reach more people, while Promoted Posts will only reach a percentage of your fans. Both of them however will help increase your traffic, if only for a limited time. I recommend using Promoted Posts whenever you have a new blog post or whitepaper or other downloads that provide lots of value.

7. Facebook Hashtags

Facebook recently introduced clickable hashtags into their list of features. Whenever you post a new update, try to add one or two hashtags wherever appropriate. This way other people, who are not already your fans, can discover your updates – and therefore drive more traffic. Make sure you don’t use too many hashtags, preferably no more than two on any given post.

8. Contact Forms

A big list means traffic – so why not also use Facebook to grow it? There are lots of easy to use tools that you can use to add a contact form to your Page, such as Contact Form or North Social’s Sign Up app.

At the end of the day, the best way to drive traffic from Facebook is to consistently deliver shareable content that offers real value to your audience.

What other methods do you use to get more traffic from Facebook? Please leave your comments below.

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