4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Daily Social Media Workflow

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We’re busy people. There’s only so many hours in a day and so many things to get done, and sometimes, we get beat by the clock.  And even though it may seem like it, the fact that we are all so connected, so real time, doesn’t always create the magic formula for productivity, or effectiveness for that matter.  Here are 4 easy ways you can improve your daily social media workflow, and reallocate some of that time to other important stuff!

 1. Turn off social notifications.

What???! Is she f****ing kidding me?  These thoughts may be passing through your head, but I’d rather like you to read this entire piece, so I thought I’d start with a shocking one!

Just because Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest… the list goes on, can ping you at any time with that latest photo shared, or a retweet, doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time to check it at that exact moment. Since it’s human nature to want to see something once we’ve been teased with a little information followed by “…” it is actually MORE productive to turn many of these notifications off.  I do not have any notification from social pinging me on my phone with the exception of private messages on Facebook.

iphone notification center

Now, this doesn’t mean ignore your social completely, but rather schedule times in your day that you put on your social hat, and engage with your head on straight. Replies don’t have to be instant, so if you’re on the train it isn’t necessary that you shoot off a half thought out Facebook message to all your fans. Instead, allocate some time for your engagement each day.  We live in such a cluttered world that it is so difficult to be present in any task we do. By shutting off notifications to only the most necessary, you can stop being pulled in a zillion different directions and focus on the task at hand.

2. Sync photos across devices.


So much of social sharing is visual, and most if it is captured through the lens of our mobile device.  By using a cloud service to sync your photos across your mobile and your desktop, you can catch the moment on the go, but not feel compelled to post it at that moment. The next time you are at your desktop ready to share, you will have all of your magical moments synced up, and you can carefully curate the moments you want to share.

3.  Turn off unimportant email from social networks.

do you know these people on twitter?

If you are devoting a couple of times a day to checking your social, let’s be honest, you don’t also need to be reminded of it on email.  Twitter, Faccebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, they all have email settings that you can enable or disable, and most of them are turned on by default.  Think about which emails are important to you and disable the ones that aren’t, for example, I don’t want an email every time I get a new follower.  Using MarketMeSuite Mail inside of MarketMeSuite will provide with a daily digest of your most important stuff, which I encourage you to try, but generally, just be thoughtful about what you allow to grab your attention in your email inbox. Make sure it’s totally relevant and necessary.

4. Reduce the noise.

man covering ears

In my last post, I went into the importance of a good social media management dashboard, which helps explain this one even more, but simply put: cut through the clutter.  Create a flow that works for you so you are seeing the most important stuff first, and dealing with some of the noise later. Think of how you approach your email inbox, and apply this concept to social. Link to above image.

What Do You Think?

Have you implemented any of these strategies to increase productivity? What were you results? Is there anything I should add to the list?  Let me know by commenting, tweeting, etc. In the spirit of this post, I won’t be notified immediately that you tweeted, but I will reply 😉

Tammy Kahn Fennell
This monthly Social Media Productivity column is contributed by Tammy Kahn Fennell. Tammy is CEO and co-founder of MarketMeSuite, the leading social media management dashboard for small- and mid-sized businesses. Tammy launched the MarketMeSuite platform in late 2009 after years of experience marketing her own small business online. Recognizing both trends in social media and the needs of SMBs, Tammy realized an opportunity to help others easily manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads, build engagement and measure the ROI of their social marketing activities. Today the easy-to-use, affordable platform has over 30,000 users. As the owner and editor of the community driven blog, WeAreSocialPeople.com, Tammy writes frequently on social media and small business topics and shares her knowledge and advice with thousands of SMBs via radio, Web seminars and live presentations. +Tammy Kahn Fennell
Tammy Kahn Fennell


  1. says

    I totally agree with the concept of reducing the noise. It’s impossible to get anything done with constant interruptions. Have you ever heard the pomodoro technique (http://pomodorotechnique.com/) basically you take 20 minutes and focus exclusively on a task. You may find it really boosts your productivity. Also, your “reduce the noise” mustache man is hilarious!

  2. says

    Hi Tammy, “Turn it Off!” is the best advice in the world. :) Switch it on selectively and for short periods is a close second. The sharing tool I have to turn off for hours at a time is Skype as the groups canbe distracting (even though they are highly useful). Good stuff, Tammy!

  3. says

    All 4 of these tips are great. I also believe that you need to develop good working habits to “shut out the noise”. I know it’s radical, but for example if you need to complete some work online that does not involve social media, then simply shut down your social media sessions – completely, not just the the notification. Turn your smartphone off too. You can only do 1 thing at a time anyway. Thanks for sharing this with us Tammy.

    • says

      Gary I agree, you really can only do one thing at a time, for the most part anyway (I say this as I eat a sandwich and type 😉

      Anyone else secretly relieved when their phone runs out of battery?!

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