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Social Media Apps for Audio and Podcasts

I have talked about the big channels for podcasts in past blog posts - specifically iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and Tunein. Check out Share Your Podcast on Social Media and Drive Engagement if you want to learn more about those platforms - in this … Continue

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Upcoming Changes to YouTube You MUST Know

Upcoming Changes to YouTube You MUST Know

YouTube recently announced a host of new features, additions and improvements that will be rolled out through the rest of the year. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made these new, exciting changes the focus of her keynote speech at last month’s Vidcon event in … Read Full Article


BEWARE! How To Get Fired For LinkedIn Activities

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?  If so, do you update it regularly?  Do you participate in LinkedIn Group discussions and publish posts on LinkedIn?  Do you perform these activities because YOU want to, or because your employer wants you to?If you are an … Read Full Article