Step Up Your HARO Pitches with Social Media


The world of media relations, especially when including social media, can be challenging. There are countless targets to track along with numerous opportunities to pursue and stories to tell. That’s what makes Help a Reporter Out (HARO) so compelling.  The service matches reporters who need sources for stories with experts in particular fields. It can be an … [Read more...]

Video Marketing: How To Drive Traffic From YouTube

video marketing

It’s no surprise that video marketing is continuing to grow in its popularity.  Every day more than 100 million Internet users watch an online video and 50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week. YouTube stats are clearly impressive – the site now has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month and literally every minute 100 … [Read more...]

US Supreme Court Case Impacts Social Media and Employment Law

U.S. Supreme Court case impacts social media and employment law

Back in February 2013, I wrote about an appellate court that ruled that President Obama's appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) were unconstitutional.  That case was appealed to the United States Supreme Court, and on June 26, 2014, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning.  In a … [Read more...]

Connecting with a Purpose and a Plan for Social Sales

connecting with a purpose and a plan for social sales

As salespeople, every day we are looking to make new connections and we are actively fielding connection requests from others. While some of us may have a plan for maximizing the effectiveness of these activities, I am guessing that most do not. We just … do. In terms of building your social networks, there are probably three different schools of thought … [Read more...]

Is Your Nonprofit Blog Donor-Friendly? 8-Point Checklist

Is your nonprofit blog donor friendly 8 point checklist

Next to email, blogs are the most mature form of social media. They’ve been around the longest, and they’re pretty tried-and-true. As nonprofit leaders Allison Fine and Britt Bravo remind us in Building Better Nonprofit Blogs, they’re an awesome place for ongoing, substantive conversation that builds sustained relationships.  And they're a great place to … [Read more...]

Demographics and Behaviors of Chinese Social Media Users


Every year, for the last few years, we are social has been producing a Global Digital Statistics report that covers social media users' demographics and behaviors. Below is their report for 2014, in the report there is a section on Asia Pacific and on China. Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014) from We Are Social Singapore Asia … [Read more...]

Facebook Helps Brands Succeed With Video


  YouTube gets a lot of buzz in the online video world since it's  focused on just videos.As a result, it's easy to overlook Facebook as a video platform. Nevertheless, Facebook is rolling out new updates to help marketers with video and is working to help brands measure and test the success of video. Facebook is a great place for your branded … [Read more...]

Do Social Contests Build Community?


At Tailwind, we often see that marketers are under intense pressure to generate results quickly. Getting organizational buy-in to support long-term investments can be a challenge. Yet, as the consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, the best strategies for building and sustaining community are becoming longer-term in nature. So, we often find … [Read more...]

Optimize Twitter to Maximize Real Estate Results

Optimize Twitter to Maximize Real Estate Results

Integrating Twitter into your overall social media marketing strategy can be an important element to branding your real estate business online. It can also play an essential role in helping customers find you online. As NAR statistics continue to show, the Internet and social media play a significant role in the home buying process. Today, 90% of … [Read more...]

The New Influence of Points and Voting on reddit

The New Influence of Points and Voting on Reddit

On June 18, reddit announced a change to their traditional voting system and how it's displayed. Before getting into these changes, what this means for redditors, and what this means for marketers and advertisers, we first need to understand how voting systems influence that very nature of social websites. What do Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all have … [Read more...]

4 New Social Productivity Tools For The Workplace

4 New Social Productivity Tools for the Workplace

Last summer, I wrote an article on Social Productivity Hacks For The Workplace. As you know, a lot can change in a year, so I wanted to follow up with some new ways to make the workplace more social, more transparent, and more productive! 1. Slack Slack is a great (free) tool the MarketMeSuite team and I are absolutely loving. It's similar to the … [Read more...]

How B2B Businesses Can Use Instagram

How B2B businesses can use Instagram

I frequently hear from B2B business owners that they want to use Instagram but they just don't know how it translates to their businesses. They don't necessarily have tangible products to sell which can be displayed on Instagram. They don't think they have much visual content to share so they have instead focused on blogging and other content strategies to … [Read more...]

How to Make More Online Sales by Knowing Your Numbers

How to Make More Online Sales by Knowing Your Numbers

Did you know there is a psychology behind all numbers associated with your site?  The end game to most business' online success is to make more online sales.  Affiliate sales can be a good way to make some extra money, however, there are some downfalls to this option. You write the posts, take the time to sign up to an affiliate that you think will be … [Read more...]

6 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Pins on Pinterest

6 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Pins on Pinterest

On Pinterest, pins reign supreme. Before a customer ever goes to your Pinterest account and clicks “Follow All”, they will most likely find out about your company via a pin in their home feed. Pinterest is the ultimate social network for word-of-mouth marketing. People can pin items they want to buy or save for later purchases, and their followers then … [Read more...]

Be One Step Ahead of the Social Customer Service Game

Be One Step Ahead of the Social Customer Service Game

Customers are everywhere, and social media is apparently their go-to source. But, are you handling them the right way? While the buzz around delivering social customer service has been going on for years now, the debate on how exactly people should approach social media as a customer-care channel has evoked a lot of criticism. What leaves most … [Read more...]

Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Brands on Facebook

Valuable Lessons from Successful Brands on Facebook

Lots of brands in the fashion and beauty industries have, not surprisingly, become well-regarded trendsetters in social media marketing. How do I, a thirty-something man know this? Because several women in my office "force" me to look at how businesses are promoting their campaigns -- on Facebook and beyond -- in innovative and exciting ways. Here are … [Read more...]

Five Ways Hotels and Restaurants Can Optimize Social Media

Five Ways Hotels and Restaurants Can Optimize Social Media

  Social media has transformed the traditional notions behind marketing and sales across all industries. Nowhere has this been more dramatic than in the service-driven hospitality sector. Host an Event Invite both locals and visitors to come to your hotel for an exclusive event in which they can first-handedly experience the property and its … [Read more...]

Looking For Talent? Why Not Use YouTube?

Looking for talent? Why not use YouTube? #socialrecruiting

Looking for new talent for your firm? Consider using YouTube in your recruitment strategy. YouTube is on the top 5 most trafficked websites in the world, trailing Google and Facebook. YouTube is the second largest search engine trailing only Google (which happens to own YouTube). In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views, that’s 140 views for … [Read more...]

Generation C: The Nine Spheres of Social Media Influence

Generation C: The Nine Spheres of Social Media Influence #socialmediainfluence

At first glance, after two decades, the utopian dream of the World Wide Web and social media maybe seems to be over. Big Brother returns to haunt our memories, and threaten our digital identity. Information overload and the maelstrom of new technologies confront us with a form of ¨Content Shock¨ and ¨Digital Darwinism,¨ where everything is moving too fast … [Read more...]