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5 Signs Your Company’s Blog Is Failing

5 Signs Your Company’s Blog Is Failing

You’ve probably heard about this new thing called content marketing. It seems to be all the rage as of late, given that 89% of companies using content marketing say it works.So chances are you’ve started a blog. The problem is, we’re business … Continue

45+ Reasons to Attend the Social Tools Summit Boston 2015 #SocialTools15

45+ Reasons to Attend the Social Tools Summit

Next month is going to be the first time a social media conference will be held centered exclusively around the theme of social media tools: Which types of tools exist, how they can be (and are being) leveraged to help with the various issues that … Continue

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Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media Sharing

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social sales

In Search of Social Salespeople

It's been a lot of years since I last hired and ran a sales team which was in … 2005. Yikes! That long ago!? Still, over 80% of my career was spent doing just that. Finding and selecting the right salesperson for your company is one of the most critical, and … Read Full Article

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What Causes People To Click On Social Media?

The brain is a wondrous piece of work.Have you ever done something without thinking about it?Have you ever said something out loud that you were thinking in your head?HA!Sure you have. We all have done that at one time or another. Although … Read Full Article

customer centricity

Customer Centricity Slogan or Experience?

When CMO’s were surveyed, 73% said that customer centricity was critical to their business strategy. Of this group only 14% indicated that customer centricity was a hallmark of their brand. Most telling, only 11% believe their customers would agree that their … Read Full Article